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Bakery - DineDelish


Copenhagen Pastry – Danish Baking Perfected

by Franklin on January 28, 2015

Copenhagen Pastry is an authentic Danish pastry shop. They use the best ingredients and their technique is so refined. This creates pastries that are flaky, light, and delicate. Their fillings are traditionally almond paste and custard, and got to try a variety of their treats. My favorite was the Kringle. It was the sweetest of the bunch, but not too sweet. The flaky crust and the custard, almond paste mixture was perfect. I’m not fond of almond extract or the taste of almond in pastries, but theirs was delicate and used sparingly. The Crown and Spandauer was similar the the Kringle, but just in various ratios of custard and almond paste.

I can’t wait to go back and try their other pastries and their rye bread!
The Kringle – almond paste, custard, sugar

The Spandauer – almond paste, sugar

The Nougat Crown – almond paste, custard, hazelnut cream


Semi Sweet Bakery – The Crullant

by Franklin on November 11, 2014

Semi Sweet Bakery in Downtown is one of the many places to get cronuts in Los Angeles. Dubbed the name, “crullant”, theirs was more of a hybrid between a croissant and a French cruller. Behind Semi Sweet Bakery is Sharlena Fong, a New York based pastry chef. The cafe bakery was small, chic, and filled with so many baked goodies.

The Crullant was quite nice, and one of the best “cronut” renditions I have had. It was delicate and not too sweet. I liked the fact that this tasted clean and more like a pastry, not oil. A lot of cronuts have that fried oil taste, and I appreciated that this one didn’t have that taste. The glaze was not too much, and gave the crullant a perfect sweet taste. I also liked that there was a lot of layers from the pastry. It gave it a nice texture and flavor.

The Peanut Butter Ding a Ling was tasty. A spin on the Hostess Ding Dong, this one was quite decadent. The peanut butter filling combined with the rich chocolate flavor went so well together. I’m not really a ding dong fan, but this rendition was quite delicious.

Semi Sweet Bakery is almost a perfect bakery. They have some top quality pastries and nothing is too over the top. The ode to the ding dong was nostalgic and the crullant is nearly perfect. Next time, I must try the maple bacon sticky bun.

Semi Sweet Bakery on Urbanspoon


Superba Food + Bread – Missed My Kouign Amann

by Franklin on October 17, 2014

I came to Superba Food + Bread for a cup of latte and their famous Kouign Amann. I was looking forward to eating that sweet sweet, burnt sugar crusted bread with a nice cup of latte. I did get my latte, but instead of something sweet I got something savory. Sadly, they were out of the Kouign Amann. Instead of leaving, I decided it was a sign to eat healthier and went with the avocado toast.

The cup of latte was really nice. From the latte art to the coffee, everything was as expected. Honestly though, I don’t like lattes by itself. I needed something sweet. Heck, even a donut sounded perfect at that moment. Still though, the avocado toast and latte

The avocado toast was quite delicious. This being just snack time, we didn’t want to get anything heavy. The toast had a spread of avocado that so ripe and perfect. I liked the addition of the cilantro as an ode to the ever so popular guacamole. The zing of the chilies gave a nice heat and zap to the tongue — otherwise, this dish would have just been much too boring. I liked the addition of sprouts on top — it gave an element of healthy greens and texture. The bread used was quite nice as well — firm and crusty, but not dry.

I wish I could have tried more things, but we really just came here for the Kouign Amann. I hope to get here a little earlier as the bakery closes at around 3PM. The restaurant is a bit interesting though. It’s a casual coffee and pastry shop, yet its high end dining with wine glasses and Sunday supper — and you can eat outside on the benches. I really think their pastries are where they shine. From the Kouign Amann to the everything croissant, they are highly sought after and sell out quickly. More than dinner or lunch service, I am excited to finally get my pastries. Some day.

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Payard Pâtisserie & Bistro is located inside Caesars Palace, right across from Bacchanal Buffet. French pastry master and chef François Payard is behind all of the treats and confections. The small shop offers everything from pastries, drinks, ice creams, and sandwiches. Known for their chocolates and candies as well, the patisserie satisfies everyone’s needs, especially with the bistro next door. This would be a great place to have breakfast or brunch if you don’t want to wait in that line for Bacchanal.

We just got the almond croissant. It was sweet, flakey, and had a sweet filling inside. The almonds on the outside were toasted perfectly and the crunch from this thing was unbelievable. Im sure I had powdered sugar all over and bits of almonds stuck to my face. This was perfect to hold me over until late lunch.

Payard Pâtisserie & Bistro is a nice spot to just relax and have whatever you feel like. You can have a pastry and coffee. You can have eggs and toast or a sandwich, or you may just want some ice cream. Whatever it is, the beautifully furnished bistro has it all. I hope next time to try their dishes and breakfast/brunch menus. Until then, I guess.

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Ina ve been hearing such good things about Cafe Dulce, and seeing all the yummy looking photos, I had to give it a visit. During my dreaded two day jury duty visit, my 1.5 hour lunches made it a time to urban hike the crap out of downtown. Mindlessly walking, I ended up in Little Tokyo. It was either Spitz (the safe choice, and the choice I should have made), or elsewhere. Of course my curiosity led me to Cafe Dulce.

I ordered the Spicy Korean Cheesesteak. I don’t know why I ordered it. It. Just sounded good and though it would be. The marinated beef, homemade slaw, kimchi, provolone cheese, and their secret hot sauce between a stale roll was my lunch. The beef was thin, tasteless, and there wasn’t much of it. The house made slaw was not crunchy or tasty, and the kimchi somehow worked against the sandwich. I was definitely regretting not going to Spitz as I took each bite.

To cheer myself up, and to try their baked goods, I ordered a bacon donut hole. Honestly, this wasn’t that bad. It was soft, sweet, salty, and gave satisfied my craving of something at least somewhat tasty. I guess I was a better off not ordering lunch here but just getting some donuts and baked goods. Lesson learned.

Café Dulcé on Urbanspoon


Cake Mix – Duff Goldman Makes it Our Own

by Franklin on May 20, 2014

This event was an experience all on its own. Not only did I get to eat some wonderful cake, but I got to design my own as well. Once I entered Cake Mix, I was greeted with specialty cocktails. Red velvet cake martini? Yes please! Entering Cake Mix, I felt like I was inside Duff Goldman’s brain. The colors and the smells of the sweet treats was a sensory overload. As we stood around the gorgeous cakes, we got to try some of Duff’s new creations. Delicious as always.

We were then seated around already decorated cakes. We were then given materials to decorate our own cake. We rolled fondant, piped frosting, and sprinkled sprinkles. The winner, the best designed mini cake got to take the center cake home. I would like to state that this whole cake decorating business is hard business. I had a good concept (a macaron cake), but the execution was horrible. Nonethelss, I had a blast decorating the cake. I felt like a kid again.

Duff Goldman came around and judged our creations. I of course, did not win. After a trip to the photo booth, and a quick sticker placement on the cake, I was all ready to go home. Not of course without my swag bag filled with wonderful creations and eats. Twas indeed a sweet night.


Little Next Door – Parisian Brunch

by Franklin on February 15, 2014

Find your passport, grab a plane, and fly over to Paris. Grab brunch at your local brasserie, and there is your European/French breakfast with freshly baked bread and all the classics. Instead, drive down 3rd Street near Crescent Heights and you will be at Little Next Door. The French inspired brasserie is spot on with the colors, cuisine and bakery selections. I enjoyed the food and Little Next Door is a great contender amongst the many breakfast spots in this area.

We started things off with a caramel latte. Doctors say, drink water in the morning to jump start your internal organs. Well, caffeine does the same, except really fast. Coffee Latte over water always! We missed the latte art, but this large cup of caramel latte was delicious. Not too sweet, the coffee flavor was pure and delightful. It was creamy, delicious, and all I could wish was to have had this last with our dessert.

We were treated with some delicious bread. One could only assume this was all made in house. It was light, airy and perfect with the olive oil and balsamic mix. The mixture was sweet, acidic, and was zesty from the herbs and garlic inside. I was glad there wasn’t a lot of bread that was served — that would have been bad.

The Croque Madame is almost the perfect breakfast. It is cheesy, has ham, and of course, a runny egg on top. The grilled ham in this one was really nice in quality. You could taste the freshness and the actual pork flavor came out. This open faced sandwich made with whole wheat bread was a covered in amazingly melted and toasted cheese. The combination with the simple vinaigrette salad was satisfying. The simplicity of this dish is what made me enjoy it.

Eggs Benedict is another one of those classic brunch menu items. We opted for the Wild Mushroom Eggs Benedict. I appreciated the lightness and delicate Hollandaise sauce. It usually is a bit on the sour side or rich with too much butter. Theirs was just a compliment to this dish. The mushrooms were the star — it had a good bite to it with an earthy flavor. The egg was poached perfectly, and the egg yolk was warm and running. I appreciated that the bread was toast with crust cut off instead of an English muffin. This made it easy to cut and eat with a fork. The side house green salad went well with this dish.

Of course, we had to finish things off with macarons. My favorite was the caramel, something the waiter picked out for us. The other 3 were total misses. I tried a bunch of macarons in my day, and these were just so-so. The inside was moist, but a little too moist, almost wet. The outside crust was nice, but the inside was a bit off. A good macaron has a nice firm outer crust, and the inside should be light, then dense as you chew. Their flavors were ok, but the texture was a bit off. I wish I had a chance to try some of their other pastries and baked goods.

Little Next Door does a good job in bringing France to 3rd Street. The decor is on point, and the food items are delicious. I could only imagine food in France to be only slightly better (maybe a little more than slightly). It was relaxing eating brunch outside, people watching and seeing the cars wiz by on the street. They serve breakfast, lunch, and dinner, but it is safe to say breakfast is king here.

Little Next Door on Urbanspoon


Bouchon is an Icon. Having been to the restaurant in Las Vegas and in Los Angeles, and the bakery at the Venetian, going to the bakery in Los Angeles was on my final to do list. Not that anything is different, but the conqueror of all food in me wanted to just go. Directly below the Bouchon restaurant right across the Montage courtyard is the small Bouchon Bakery. There, a display of cakes and endless colorful macarons catch your eye immediately. With eyes bigger than my stomach, I started to order.

The Boston Cream doughnut was my first bite. All the chocolate got on the bag and left me with a mess…and not enough chocolate. The doughnut was a bit greasy and each bite filled my mouth with oil. I mean, a donut from a pink box is pretty perfect, a glazed donut from Krispy Kreme, even better. This “gourmet” doughnut, on the other hand didn’t have any qualities of a good donut.

Macarons are a must at Bouchon. I ordered the caramel and pistachio flavored macaron. Both were exceptional as always. The caramel had a nice burnt caramel taste. It was sweet and delicious. The pistachio was good and had a nice rounded out flavor. If ordering macarons these two flavors are a must.

Another item to consider is the pain au chocolate. A classic for sure at any French bakery, this chocolate filled croissant was flakey to the max. You don’t want to eat this in your friends new car. What was even more flakey and sweet was their kouign amann. This was amazing. This pastry was filled with layers of butter and sugar. I was almost too sweet, but in a good way.

Did I eat all of these pastries in one sitting? Maybe. Was it an awesome day with perfect weather at the courtyard? Yes! Whenever I go to Bouchon Bakery, I need to get as many things as possible. That way, I can try them all. Most other bakeries, I would just get one item and be happy with it. Here, it’s like I’m at a candy shop and get an assortment of things. Bouchon Bakery is always a good idea. Always.

Bouchon Bakery on Urbanspoon


You pull up into Alicia’s parking lot and you immediately as yourself, “there’s a restaurant here”? I know it seems like the last place for a restaurant. Among some random businesses and factories sits a quaint restaurant serving up some great breakfast items and sandwiches. Alicia’s is a down to earth restaurant cafe. More along the lines of Panera Bread, the feeling you get inside the place is “Grandma’s Kitchen”. Whatever you order, it makes you feel good inside — it just tastes fresh and delicious and you don’t feel guilty afterwards.

Their signature sandwich, and one of my favorites is the pink cloud. It is a turkey sandwich that is whiped up with a mix of cream cheese and cranberry. The cream cheese and cranberry mix makes a pink like shmeer, thus forming, pink cloud. The taste is so familiar and clean — the turkey is of the highest quality, and mixed in the the cream cheese and cranberries give it that Thanksgiving essence. Every turkey sandwich should have this concoction of cream cheese and cranberry mix — a perfect turkey sandwich.

I typically do not enjoy tuna sandwiches. Tuna should always be eaten as a steak or better yet, raw. The tuna sandwich to me is a bit boring, and actually, a bit too fishy for me. Alicia’s though, it wasn’t fishy at all. The tuna was clean tasting and wasn’t mayo heavy — a good thing! My favorite topping of all time on a sandwich is sprouts. The sprouts went well with the tuna salad and the addition of pickles was a life saver. As far as tuna sandwiches go, it was decent — decent enough for a tuna sandwich hater like me to enjoy.

I had a walnut strawberry salad with vinaigrette to share. There’s nothing tastier and of course healthier than having a fresh salad with your sandwich. Potato chips are boring and greasy — salads are the way to go. Their walnut strawberry salad was refreshing and perfectly balanced. The vinaigrette wasn’t too sweet, but had the perfect acidity. The red onions and walnuts with the strawberry made for a nice complex flavor and texture — delicious!

The best part about ordering a sandwich at Alicia’s is that you get free treats! For dessert, you don’t get to pick and choose, but we got a whole variety of cookies and tarts. Not a fan a lemon anything in desserts, their lemon tart might have been my favorite. The brownie was chocolaty and addicting and their while chocolate macadamia cookie was near perfect. My all time favorite cookie, the snicker doodle was definitely my favorite. It was chewy and butter and of course, sugary. Alicia’s could might as well be a bakery of desserts, and business would be booming.

Alicia’s is a bit hard to find. Hidden in the “business” center, blended with all of the offices nearby, Alicia’s is definitely a gem. Most of their items are simple and healthy with an affordable feel. The service is friendly and down to earth. Nothing about Alicia’s is pretentious. I always come back when I want something down to earth that’s a little different — and by different, I mean something you wouldn’t expect. They pack the perfect to-go sandwich sack lunches. In the brown back, you get your pink cloud, an apple for health, and cookies like mom makes. This is definitely the sack lunch you wish you had as a kid. Whoever you are Alicia, your kids are lucky.

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Brea has some of the “best” stuff around. I use this term because, well, they claim it on their restaurant name. You have Brea’s Best, which blatantly claims to have the best burgers in Brea. Now, we have Beverly’s Best. Though technically in Fullerton, it is practically in Brea. Known for their grandeur specialty cakes, I was more interested in their pastries and dessert items. After lunch, I made it a treat to come here for something sweet.

I must say, our dessert was much larger than our actual lunch. We had the fruit tart, cherry scone, chocolate cupcake, and Key lime bar.

The fruit tart had mandarin oranges, blueberries pineapple, kiwi, strawberry, and a raspberry. The custard inside was perfectly sweet and creamy, but the best part was the crust. It wasn’t too buttery or cookie like, but had the perfect balance of crisp and density. This was a solid fruit tart, and something to consider if you are only going to get “not a cake”.

If you do want a cake, but not a whole cake, their cupcakes can be something to consider. Though you get the whole cake experience without getting the whole thing, their cupcakes to me were average. Nothing really stood out. Their chocolate cupcake was light and fluffy, but the frosting was nothing spectacular. I tend to like more dense cakes, especially in cupcakes, and I like more dense frosting, like icing. Theirs was more in the middle. It wasn’t really sweet, it wasn’t really dense, it was just average.

The cherry scone was a surprise, taste wise and in other ways. The scone was dense and almost bready, and the fruit inside was flavorful. I ate this inside of a movie theatre and a dark one at that. I did not know there was a filling inside, and a lot, if not, most of the filling fell on my shirt. Luckily, I was wearing a black shirt, and I just wiped it off. I’m sure nobody saw. It was dark…it was dark. Nobody saw. Though messy, their scones are something to consider.

The Key lime bar was interesting. The texture was that of cheesecake, but the taste was totally different. With a definite sour, citrus profile, it was indeed tart. The lime flavor was very prevalent in this and although it was sour, it didn’t make me pucker intensely. I feel the Key lime bar could have used a bit more sour to balance out the sweet. I like sour flavors, and if this made me pucker just a little bit more, it would have been perfect.

Beverly’s Best was an interesting experience. The boutique shop of pastries and specialty cakes had a upscale feel with a down to earth attitude. Rare to find the two in the same category, I found that this bakery was unique it its own way. Hidden away in a strip mall nest to a video store (yes they still exists), this is truly a gem. I was there just to get some snacks, and people just kept coming to pick up their jazzed up cakes. In the short time I was there, 3 different people were there to pick up their cake. I’m not all about fancy cakes with all the color and designs, but this is really making me consider. Maybe next time for someone’s birthday, someone will get a nice surprise. 🙂

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Sometimes, I want plan a day and become a tourist in my own city. I want to sign up for The Price is Right, be an audience member of The Tonight Show with Jay Leno, hit the beach, and go eat at all of the popular restaurants. A day in LA would’t be complete without a nice start of a hearty breakfast. In need of an early breakfast before my Los Angeles adventure, Toast on 3rd street was a perfect spot for this. Located in the Mid-Wilshire district, it was central to all of our popular destinations. This also meant that Toast is a celebrity hot spot, or used to be at least. Though we didn’t see anyone famous, a quiet breakfast was more enjoyed.

In the mood for something creamy, I ordered the Eggs Florentine. The bottom of the dish was sourdough bread — layered on top was sauteed spinach and poached eggs. This was then topped with mushroom spinach cream sauce. The spinach scream sauce was piping hot and nearly burned my tongue. The creamy mixture with the rich egg was a treat, but the whole dish was kind boring — it was single noted. In hind sight, I think a bit of hot sauce would have jazzed up the dish a bid. The side of sweet potato fries helped with the crunch factor. Toast is known for their sweet potato fries, and they somewhat met their reputation. It was crispy and flavorful, and not too overly sweet. I don’t know if that is a good thing or not, but I liked that it was more savory than sweet.

With all this savory, we needed something sweet. The perfect remedy for this was their stuffed french toast. Layered with banana pudding and topped with caramelized bananas, and walnuts. Possibly eating the best french toast ever, this was more of a dessert than a traditional french toast. Eating this in the morning, I knew I was doing something wrong. It was rich, sweet, but not too sweet. Decadent, yes. The banana pudding was perfect with this. Having the taste of banana cream pie from the pudding and fresh bananas was amazing. The caramelized bananas gave it a nice brulee flavoring. The walnuts were much needed as it gave it a nice textural crunch and were my favorite part. This dish would have failed if it wasn’t for the walnuts. Syrup is not needed at all either. Any regular french toast with syrup just doesn’t seem special anymore. This is the real deal.

No, I didn’t try the toast at Toast. We didn’t to do any of the Los Angeles stuff either like going to the Price is Right. We didn’t see any stars, witness any gang activity, or an earthquake. What we did do was experience Toast. It had the right amount of casual dining and upscale service. The food was delicious and at times, exceeded my expectations. I do want to try their brunch on the weekends though. I heard great things, and if it is anything like their normal menu, I have no doubts about it. As for the whole LA tourist experience, we will leave that for the visitors.

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When we all go to Vegas, we go because it makes us feel a certain way. The sights, the sounds, even the smells all give us a feeling of excitement and fun. One place that always give me the happy juices flowing is Jean-Philippe Pâtisserie. Something about the design and the colors of this bakery shop makes me happy. I have been to the Jean-Philippe Pâtisserie in Bellagio, and was pleased with the one in Aria as well. Their amazing concoctions of sweets and pastries wowed me the first time around. The one in Aria though, they had a mildly different approach. Serving more food like items, including sandwiches and pastries, they had more of a variety here. Not only were their pastries and desserts delicious, their sandwiches were amazing as well.

We ordered the prosciutto mozzarella sandwich. I am a self proclaimed lover of salted cured meats, and prosciutto might be one of my favorite. This sandwich, though it could have used a lot more prosciutto, was a favorite. Don’t let my greediness for more meet fool you — it had plenty of it. The saltiness along with the mild and creamy mozzarella was a match so perfect and clean. The bread was a bit crusy for my liking, but it was still fresh and had a nice texture to it. The touch of basil inside was a perfect addition and made everything come together — a good snack to share.

We can’t go to Jean-Philippe Pâtisserie and not get something for our sweet tooth. The white chocolate cheesecake was calling my name. It looked so nice and professionally made — I didn’t want to break the shell. Once broken into, the creaminess of the inside and the sweetness of the outside made for a nice treat. The round chocolate ball on top was the best.  It had a deep chocolate flavor and resembled something of a truffle and a moose.  It was a very delicious dessert and a nice indulgence.

The Jean-Philippe Pâtisserie in Aria seemed more toned down.  Being more of a regular coffee and dessert shop, their sandwiches were a nice addition to the menu. Though it was larger than the one in Bellagio, it didn’t seem like it had the glitz and the glam — it surely didn’t have the chocolate fountain of all chocolate fountains.  Still, Jean-Philippe seems to draw in all the crowds.  Having prime location right next to the elevators and main casino floor, this is a popular spot for anyone looking for a sweet snack. Once again, Jean-Philippe Pâtisserie delivered the good stuff.

Jean Philippe Patisserie (Aria) on Urbanspoon


Big Man Bakes – Big Man Eats Mini Cupcakes

by Franklin on July 24, 2012

Being male, baking became a last resort. If I was baking something, that meant I was bored — really really bored. Not to be sexist or anything, but baking seems a bit feminine, especially when we are talking about cupcakes. I mean, let’s look at the Easy Bake Oven — nothing manly about that. Yeah, men can bake a mean whole chicken or roast a prime rib in the oven, when we are talking about baking cakes, I am instantly turned off. For William “Chip” Brown, he makes baking manly. Starting off by selling cakes to colleagues, the 6 foot 5 inch man made a business out of baking and Big Man Bakes was born.

For my birthday, a buddy of mine got me some cupcakes. A nice gesture and so fitting. Big Man Bakes? Well, I’m a big man, who doesn’t necessarily bake, but I liked baked things. I had a bite of the Nutella cupcake and was instantly impressed. The cake was moist and the frosting was deliciously sweet. It brought me back to the amazing Nutella shake I had in Las Vegas (Burger Bar). Though the Nutella flavor wasn’t as pronounced, it was still there. The cake was more crumbly than I’d liked, but it as still moist. I took home a 6 pack sampler of mini cupcakes. I had a taste of the lemon, red velvet, white cake with chocolate frosting, chocolate cupcake with chocolate frosting, and carrot cake. All of them were amazingly moist. the frosting wasn’t as decadent as other places, but I always scrape off most of it anyways. The cake, to me, is the most important part. Each bite was so flavorful without an ounce of dryness. My favorite though, was the ever so popular red velvet. The classic flavor is unmatched and the other varieties didn’t hold a candle to this one. I mean, you can’t go wrong with red velvet, can you?

Big Man Bakes is an awesome new concept. Yes, cupcake shops are everywhere now, but the fact that these were made from a ” Big Man” may surprise people. Located in downtown, the place is a popular pit stop for cupcake lovers. I can only hope to soon visit the store myself to try out even more delicious bites.

Big Man Bakes on Urbanspoon


Los Angeles is changing for the better. Downtown especially, neighborhoods not so hospitable a few years back are now going through metamorphosis. Condos are being built all around downtown and the the urban boom is in full effect. This sudden migration of people moving to the city is good for business as well, especially the food business — people have to eat somehow. The Pie Hole in the Los Angeles Art District is exactly what the urbanites needed. They are a little shop that serves coffees, teas, and of course, pies. Located directly across from Wurstküche, it is around some other popular eateries in the area. With the day’s menu written on butcher paper, and with white walls and concrete floors, they really took the minimalistic approach in design. This type of “charm” suits the area well. This is The Pie Hole.

Having eaten lunch elsewhere, I skipped the savory hand pies and went straight for dessert. I ordered their 2 popular pies — Mexican Chocolate and Maple Custard. Of the two, it was difficult to choose a favorite. The Mexican Chocolate had a very unique chocolate flavor. The filling was creamy and thick, and the topping of whipped cream had a coffee flavor to it. Together, it all worked well. The chocolate had a bitter and acidic flavor. The crust was crumbly and cookie like (think cheesecake crust) — it was great with the chocolate filling. The maple custard on the other hand, had a phyllo dough style crust. Drenched in butter, it was flakey, doughy, and dense. The maple custard filling though, was my favorite. It was gooey and sticky, kind of like hardened maple syrup. Though it was similar to the filling in pecan pie (minus the pecans), the filling wasn’t overly sweet. It was a perfect pie. All I needed was some whipped cream. I guess in the end, I liked the maple custard better.

It was a treat to have tried the pies at The Pie Hole. Certain not your average hole in the wall, The Pie Hole is unique and found a nice little niche in the city. Serving hot drinks and desserts as well as savory items, the menu is plenty yet not overwhelming. They definitely serve some delicious pies — don’t expect to go and get a whole pie for a party either. They are more of a place for orders on the go or a small bite to eat with friends. Thank to this spot, pies are cool again.

The Pie Hole on Urbanspoon


La Brea Bakery – The Official Bakery of Los Angeles

June 9, 2012

La Brea Bakery should be known as the bread mecca of Los Angeles — to a degree, it is. Focusing on artisanal breads, they sell breads all around Los Angeles, and even some around the world. La Brea Bakery started it 1989 on La Brea Ave. The architects of a historical building wanted a bakery, […]

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Bouchon Bakery (Venetian) – Not Your Ordinary Nutter Butter Cookie Sandwich

May 28, 2012

After eating at Bouchon, I really wanted some dessert from Bouchon Bakery. After looking around, I could not find it.  Sadly, I gave up and was on my way. Next time around, I was determined to find it.  It was no wonder I couldn’t find it the first time — It was a small bakery […]

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Porto’s Bakery (Burbank) – Gettin’ My Cheese Roll Fix

May 14, 2012

Porto’s Porto’s Porto’s.  Burbank is lucky to have a Porto’s.  Any city to have a Porto’s is lucky — Glendale and Downy included.  The thing about Porto’s is that there is always a line, a long long line.  You will never find yourself inside a Porto’s and be the only one ordering something.  I never […]

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Urth Caffé – Lattes and Teas Become a Celebrity Amongst Celebrities

May 8, 2012

Search for Urth Caffe at Google, and under the Images tab, you will find more pictures of celebrities than actual food. Weird right? Kind of ridiculous if you ask me. They must do a lot of business just on the paparazzi alone. I wonder if normal/regular people go here. I mean, I’m normal — I’m […]

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Joan’s On Third – An Experience with My Gourmet Sandwich

March 27, 2012

I stepped into Joan’s On Third, and I instantly fell in love. The collection of food items inside and the marketplace was abundant, and a bit overwhelming. If you are in the mood for cheeses, olives, bread, and condiments, they offer a variety of the gourmet stuff. In the kitchen, soups, salads, sandwiches, breakfast, and […]

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Alcove Cafe and Bakery – Breakfast, Lunch, And Dessert All In One Massive Meal

November 6, 2011

Halloween was last month, but thinking now, it wasn’t even a week ago.  Having plans to go on the Hollywood Hay Ride, we needed a place to lunch near Los Feliz.  Alcove Cafe was perfect. The seating area was peaceful and the menu was plentiful.  The pay first, then sit was perfect for our group. […]

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