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Dine-In - DineDelish


Jimmys Famous American Tavern - Chipotle Ketchup2Jimmy’s Famous American Tavern, JFAT for short is one of those establishments turning out solid cuisine for a slightly higher price point. With the rapidly eastward growing city of Brea, JFAT is a nice addition to Village at La Floresta. Joining heavyweights like Mendocino Farms, Slapfish, Urban Plates, and Whole Foods, JFAT fits right in. We were lucky enough to get hosted by JFAT and had a chance to try some of their dishes. We also took home a bottle of their chipotle ketchup. No joke, this stuff is really delicious. I’d call it more of a BBQ sauce than a ketchup, and the sauce actually has a nice kick to it. It isn’t too sweet or smokey like a BBQ sauce, and it has some reminiscence of a ketchup. The kick from the chipotle peppers is really pronounced and is good with almost everything they have.

Jimmys Famous American Tavern - Santa Fe Caesar2The Santa Fe Caesar salad was interestingly delicious. I usually like traditional caesars (with sardines and all), but the addition of the grilled corn gave a nice texture. Contrastingly, the avocados gave a nice creaminess. The southwestern flavors really punched up this salad. One thing I would change is the salad presentation. The dressing was on the bottom of the whole stock of Romaine and there wasn’t a lot of it. Either a half cut of the Romaine or more drizzle of the dressing on top and bottom would have helped.

Jimmys Famous American Tavern - Burger2This burger was massive and the flavors worked amazingly. The patty was cooked to a perfect medium. The bacon and onion rings gave a nice smokiness and depth of flavor — Shout out to the Double Western! The best part of this burger was that Anaheim chili. The pepper gave a nice flavor throughout the burger and balanced it out nicely. Honestly, we took some time finishing up other dishes and of course, taking pictures. Even so, the fries were crispy and the burger was juicy after sitting there for some time.

Jimmys Famous American Tavern - Flatbread2The flatbread was quite a treat. The sweetness and saltiness really played well together. The pear and black fig jam made this “pizza” subtly sweet. The sharp blue cheese was needed as it made each bite creamy and funky. My favorite, the prosciutto was nice and salty to flavor the whole thing. The addition of arugula gave a nice rounded flavor to the whole dish.

Jimmys Famous American Tavern - Fried ChickenCould this have been my favorite dish of at JFAT? The buttermilk fried chicken was last of our meal, but not the least. I’d like to have had actual bone in chicken pieces as the filets were kind of boring. What saved this dish was the garlic mashed potatoes and the addition of thyme gravy. The thyme gravy flavored the whole dish perfectly. In hind sight, the dish was missing something — I guess at the time, I didn’t know what it was. I think a nice dab of Louisiana hot sauce would have been a perfect pairing to bring everything together.

Jimmys Famous American Tavern - InsideMy experience at JFAT was an awesome one. The decor was a nice mix of old American tavern with modern accents. The staff was wonderful and the food was spectacular. JFAT is definitely the premiere eatery in the Village at La Floresta center. Their happy hour menu also seems to be something that everyone can enjoy. Their menu changes seasonally, so we definitely would be coming back to see what they have in store.


LA Food Fest 2016

by Franklin on July 29, 2016


Copenhagen Pastry – Danish Baking Perfected

by Franklin on January 28, 2015

Copenhagen Pastry is an authentic Danish pastry shop. They use the best ingredients and their technique is so refined. This creates pastries that are flaky, light, and delicate. Their fillings are traditionally almond paste and custard, and got to try a variety of their treats. My favorite was the Kringle. It was the sweetest of the bunch, but not too sweet. The flaky crust and the custard, almond paste mixture was perfect. I’m not fond of almond extract or the taste of almond in pastries, but theirs was delicate and used sparingly. The Crown and Spandauer was similar the the Kringle, but just in various ratios of custard and almond paste.

I can’t wait to go back and try their other pastries and their rye bread!
The Kringle – almond paste, custard, sugar

The Spandauer – almond paste, sugar

The Nougat Crown – almond paste, custard, hazelnut cream


2015 and Beyond

by Franklin on January 2, 2015

Memories of 2014 will definitely be missed. It’s a good thing this blog helps me to remember all the delicious things that we ate. 2014 was definitely a milestone. Dine Delish turned 3, soon to be 4 in February 2015. I turned 30, and Melanie and I got married. 2014 will always be special.

As Dine Delish grows and becomes more mature, it is difficult at times to determine what this blog is all about. Yes food and cuisine is the center of it all, but what really is the point in all of this? Is it more of a food journal or restaurant review? To be honest, I had no direction — I just went with the flow over the past 3 years, and it kind of developed into patches of wildflowers.

What will 2015 and beyond bring? I know I want to make subtle changes to the grand scheme of things. Maybe more pictures and less words? More words and less pictures? Maybe more of just throwing everything in the air and see where everything falls into place? It’s all possible, but definitely, 2015 will bring on a lot of change — for the better.

Thank you for everyone who has been following this blog. I know it has been a short ride, but the wheels are still turning and the destination is still up in the air. Just remember that good food is what feeds you. When is the last time you celebrated a holiday over a good book? When’s the last time you went out on a date with your special someone and grabbed a bite of nothing? As long as good food is out there, I’ll be there to share it with all of you.
Have an awesome year everyone! 2015 is going to be amazing. I promise.


Commissary at the LINE HOTEL – The Greenhouse

by Franklin on November 17, 2014

The Commissary at the Line Hotel was an interesting dining experience. The the concept here is quite unique and somewhat confusing. The greenhouse symbolizes the freshness of fruits and vegetables, yet this place is not a vegetarian restaurant. Commissary is very much a regular restaurant inside a beautiful greenhouse. The location and interior design is what draws everyone. I think the food could have been more exciting or less pretentious. The menu doesn’t even have a description of what you are getting. If its a fish dish, they just simply put, “fish.” If you are getting a burger, it just says “burger.” It’s kind of like, “you don’t need to know what you are eating, just eat it.”

The corn here was incredible. What we did was shave off the kernels from the cob and just mix it in with the ingredients. Definitely an ode the to Mexican street corn of LA, this hit the spot. The char on the corn really brought out the sugars and sweetness. Mixed in with the chili powder and tart aioli of some sort, it was a classic flavor combination. I liked that there was some cheese, but not a lot — this gave the corn a chance to really shine through.

The asparagus was quite delicious as well. The grilled asparagus paired with a tart lemon sauce was amazing. Some parts of the asparagus was tough, but all around had great flavor. The addition of the Parmesan was another ode to the Mexican style corn.

You order boring, and you get boring. Looking at the menu, we really wanted to give the burger a chance, but really didn’t want to. It really didn’t have much going for it. No side of fries, no perfectly medium rare beef patty, no soft delicious bun. It was just a normal burger. Again, it had a nice contrast of fatty beef and tart sauce, but that is all it had going for it. Come to think of it, all of these dishes had similar properties to it. I am beginning to see a trend here.

Eating at the Commissary was a fun experience, but the food was just average for me. Nothing was exciting, apart from the corn. Nothing stood out and really challenged my palate. The ingredients were indeed fresh and everything was prepared nicely. I just expected a lot more. Definitely though, this would be a nice spot to hang out during daylight to have a few bites and a drink. The atmosphere is perfect and the ambiance is just right.

Commissary at the Line Hotel on Urbanspoon


2014 LAFW – Live on Grand

by Franklin on September 11, 2014

Just enjoy these photos from the Los Angles Food and Wine Live on Grand, Hosted by Chef Michael Chiarello. I worked hard getting these shots, eating and drinking, and eating. You shall appreciate my “hard” work. The Live on Grand is always their premiere show. They had celebrity chefs from Michael Chiarello, to Chef Lorena Garcia with her crispy anise arepas. Nancy Silverton stunned us with her cured meats and terrine via chi SPACCA.

My favorite and the most delectable thing of the night was from Rose. Rabbit. Lie. They had these crispy mini tacos with Yukon Gold potatoes with California Caviar inside. Joe’s Crab Shack’s Andre Bienvenue cooked Reuben sandwiches on actual irons (for clothes) on top of each other. They even served Frito pie with chili and manchego cream sauce. They even handed out tequila-spiked “Kiss the Cook” lip-shaped candy pops. They were definitely the popular group from the crowd. Mastro’s were plating tender and pretty much perfect lamb lollipops.

The Marimba band was good and all, but Common pretty much killed it on stage. He had the crowd bobbin and singing along. Cali’s got love for the rapper/actor from Chicago. The night ended perfectly, with some drinks and of course, the chi SPACCA booth was still serving their cured meats until the end of the event. The star filled night was a delicious one.


Merry Christmas & Happy New Year!

by Franklin on December 24, 2013

Greetings fans of Dine Delish!

Thank you for all the support and for reading by blog, tweets, Instagrams, etc.

I want to wish everyone a Merry Christmas and a blessed New Year. I don’t know what 2014 has in store for me, but I am excited nonetheless. I pray for more delicious food, which will lead to more blog posts! Please enjoy this time with friends, family, and loved ones. Hug your children, parents, and loved ones, eat together, and just enjoy each other’s company.

Merry Christmas!!

-Franklin Park


Jagerhaus – Das Schnitzel

by Franklin on May 24, 2013

German’s are known for many things, but food, I think, isn’t one of them. Every time I go to Disneyland and exit Ball Road, I see Jagerhaus on the corner of my eye. I always wanted to try it, and ever since I saw their huge slabs of jager schnitzel and ham hocs online, I was bound to go. Never really venturing into German food, trying was an experience. The interior seemed dated, but it added to the old school charm I guess. It was a fun experience, and the amount of food was overwhelming.

Bread was served — regular dinner rolls and what seemed to be pumpernickel to be somewhat exact. Both seemed microwaved to appear steaming hot from the oven. I still ate it because I was hungry. Not much to talk about here…

Jager schnitzel should definitely be Germany’s national dish. Everything about it from the name and taste just oozes Germany. A good jager schnitzel should start off with really good schnitzel. Theirs was perfectly chewy, yet light. Each morsel of dough had the perfect al dente feel. The large slab of pan fried pork steak was perfectly seasoned and tender. Topped with a rich gravy like cream sauce, the dish was heavenly. The addition of the sautéed mushrooms was a nice touch.

I ordered the biggest they on the menu. The haveschweine haxe was it. It was a roast ham hoc with a side of schnitzel and red cabbage. The ham hoc was huge, and the size was quite daunting. Bone in, the meat practically fell off the bone. Though the meat wasn’t too dry, I was sick of it after a few bites. I definitely needed some kind of bread or rice with this dish. This could easily be perfect for a couple, and you’d still have leftovers. The ham hoc was full of flavor, and eating it with the pickled red cabbage and sauerkraut was necessary.

To end things, we opted for the bread pudding. It sounded good and tasted good in my head, but this was better off left in the kitchen. The bread pudding was a cold, solid block of wet bread. The vanilla sauce was basically just milk with a hint of vanilla. The raisins in the bread pudding was unavoidable. The bread pudding at Golden Corral was looking quite nice right about now.

I never really have German food. Jagerhaus has really been on the radar for quite some time for me. Now, whenever I pass by this place when I go to Disneyland, I can finally say I’ve eaten there. It wasn’t really the best I ever had, but it certainly was an experience. The schnitzel was the star here, and the old school charm just makes this restaurant what it is.

Gustav's Jagerhaus on Urbanspoon

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Ladybug Fortune Cookie Company

by Franklin on March 23, 2013

Ladybug Fortune Cookie Company was nice enough to send me some of these amazing fortune cookies. To me, a fortune cookie is a folded up cookie with a message inside. Ladybug Fortune Cookie takes it up to the next level. Theirs is dipped, decorated, and yours to enjoy. They offer some awesome flavors like chocolate dipped and covered in M&Ms. Check out their online store here. They can do a custom message for you as well. It definitely is something special when you open the cookie and the message is just for you. That is pretty special.


Scarpetta at the Montage was a night to remember. The food was near perfect and my experience here was a positive one. Who would have thought, as I was making reservations weeks in advance, that I would be meeting Scott Connant on that night? My girlfriend and I were enjoying drinks at the bar as we were waiting for our table to open up. From the kitchen doors walked Scott Connant, owner of Scarpetta and a star from the Food Network. A fan of Chopped and everything Food Network, I was elated to see him in the flesh. After small talk and a group picture, my night was made. I was prepared for a night of good food and great memories.

Things started off at the bar. There, we were given some spice mixed almonds and housemade potato chips. The nuts were quite addicting as the coating was spicy and crusty. It was great with our drinks. The housemade chips on the other hand, weer kind of bland. A litte more salt or a dipping sauce of some kind would have been better. It was complimentary at the bar so I was not complaining. Just the almonds would have sufficed, but the addition of potato chips was a nice touch.

Once we were seated, we were ready for an amazing dinner. To start off, we were given dinner rolls — house made focaccia, filone, and ciabatta. The array of different kinds were a treat, but the best part were the add-ons. The eggplant caponata, mascarpone butter, and citrus-infused olive oil all played a key role in accompanying the delicious bread. Though the eggplant caponata was delicious, my favorite was the mascarpone butter. It was soft and creamy, and had a hint of mascarpone that was subtle.

For my appetizer, I opted for the beet salad. I don’t have enough beats in my diet, so I ordered it. I was quite happy with my selection. The variety of different kinds of beats was interesting. Some were pickled, and some were whole. The port poached pears were bright and had a lot of flavor. My favorite in the salad was goat cheese fonduta and pistachio. It gave a nice creamy, tangy flavor married with a nice balance of the pistachio. I think frisee was a perfect choice for the greens. It had a nice bitter taste that was balanced out by the sweetness of the beets.

The creamy polenta was rich and creamy, and quite possibly the favorite of the appetizers. The bed of polenta was topped with a fricassee of truffled mushrooms. Served with its own sauce, the polenta was perfectly balanced in flavor and texture. The dish was unctuous and addicting. The earthiness of the mushrooms had a nice bite to it and the truffle flavor was full bodied.

Before we dug into the entrees, we decided to try the spaghetti. Scott Contant’s spaghetti from Scarpetta is touted to be the best spaghetti amongst foodies. It was on Food Network’s Best Thing I Ever Ate as well numerous accounts of how amazing it is. It has definately created a fan base for this dish. At $24 or a full order and $12 for a half, it is questionable as to whether it is worth it or not. Well, I was here at Scarpetta and my interest was piqued. Was it worth it? For me, it was worth it, and here is why. The ingredients itself could not have added up to more than maybe $3. The time and technique that made the dish covers the rest. The noodles were cooked perfectly al dente like. It didn’t quite have a bite to it, but more of a chew and made for a nice mouth feel. The sauce was pure in tomato flavor and wasn’t overly complexed. Basil really shined in this dish as it was strong and gave the spagehtti dish a new dimension. The garlic and red pepper flakes are subtle, but there. The spaghetti beats mine out of the water, and any other one out there. This is definately the best I ever had. After looking online, I found the recipe on Serious Eats where Scott Connant shows us how to make this dish. I will definately be making my spaghetti like this from now on.

For the entree, I had some of the short rib agnolotti. Agnolotti are typically smaller than ravioli, and the ones at Scarpetta were house made into almost a tiny dumpling. The sauce consisted of brown butter sauteed with hon shimeji, a Japanese mushroom. Tossed in a little horseradish, each bite had a noticeable amount of “heat” to it. The hazelnuts were a nice addition as the dish needed some crunch. To me, the dish tasted good, but it was missing someting. Possibly tossing with some root vegetables or greens would have colored the dish more and balance everything out more.

I ordered the roasted jidori chicken and was impressed with the dish. Though the chicken was salty, it was balanced out by the puereed parsnips and farro. The currants were a bit missing. The sweet and sour would have made this dish more interesting. The chestnuts gave it a good bite and fished off the dish quite nicely. I liked that the chicken was boneless instead of bone in. It was easier to eat and I didn’t have to saw around the bone. Even with the bone off, it still remained juicy and perfectly cooked. It didn’t have that “chickeny” flavor and may possibly be the best chicken dishes I have had in a while. Granted, I don’t often order the chicken when it comes to high end restaurants, so this was a nice change for me.

To me, dessert has to be killer. A bad dessert can ruin a great dinner — A good dessert can save a so-so dinner. Dessert at Scarpetta was great and an awesome ending to a great night. The chocolate cake was decadent and rich and the burnt orange-caramel smeared on the plate was strong. The warm chocolate cake with the gelato made a nice contrast in textures and mouth feel. Espresso sauce was drizzled and helped balance out he sweetness a little. I liked the chocolate cookie crumbles that housed the ice cream. This dessert was a chocolate lovers dream.

The vanila caramel budino was perfect, and quite possibly the best dessert I had. The caramel was sweet and the custardy vanila pudding was sweet but not too sweet. Taken the extra step to sweetness was the addicting and perfect caramel. This was married perfectly with the gianduja chocolate sable cookies. The gianduja chocolate, containing hazelnut paste gave the cookies a taste of Nutella. The cookeis were perfect and as a proud lover of Nutella, these cookies were dead on. It was soft, chewy, and dense — my kind of cookie. The combination of the velvety smooth budino and the addicting “Nutella” cookies was a perfect combination.

Even eating the food as objective as possible, I still found myself in love with it. I kept telling myself, “you did not just meet Scott Connant, pretend this is just a regular restaurant.” I didn’t want any of these things making me think the food is good in a subjective way. I did enjoy the food and the spaghetti was one of the best I ever had. With the addition of Scarpetta and Bouchon in Montage Beverly Hills, the property is beautiful and has some of the best resraurants inside. I enjoyed the food and meeting the Food Network star was just a plus. That night, I went home quite satisfied.

Scarpetta on Urbanspoon


Palm’s Thai restaurant wasn’t what I expected at all. Their infatuation with Elivs itself is weird to me. No they are not in Thai Town, but yes they are in Hollywood. Maybe the Hollywood in them gives them the urge and need to be a little out there. Hollywood is full of surprises, and this is clearly one of them. A Thai Elvis in Hollywood I guess shouldn’t surprise me, but it does. Aside from the wacky, their food is what is most important. This is a food blog after all.

I ordered the Kee Mau Noodle. It is a rice noodle pan fried in chili, bell peppers, basil leaves, tomato, and beef slices. It is similar to pad see ew but spicier, and in my opinion better. The spicy taste really popped in this dish and the flavors worked perfectly. Pouring some of the vinegary pepper juice from the condiments tray helped cut the greasiness and added some tang. It’s the only way to eat this stuff if you ask me.

I was feeling like curry and rice so I ordered the green curry. I already had the spice from the noodles, so this mellow and sweet curry was perfect to tame the spiciness. Made with coconut milk, the curry was really sweet, maybe too sweet. It had bamboo shoots, bell peppers, basil leaves, and chicken. The best part were the bamboo shoots. They were fresh and crisp and some of the best bamboo shoots I ever had — I’m not even a bamboo shoots loving kind of guy, but these were great. I would have liked less bell peppers and more basil, but this still was a great green curry. The taste is so complex and flavorful. Eating this with rice, I always think to myself that this is all I need to survive.

Palm’s Thai Restaurant was an interesting experience. Coming here late at night, it was fun to be here. I was sad to not have experienced the live performances by Asian Elvis himself, but it was still a fun vibe. The dining area is large and I can only imagine how crazy it gets with a full house with live Elvis music playing. Valet parking is 2 bucks, and is indoors — not bad for Hollywood and a little convenience. All in all, it was a good Thai restaurant — next time, I’m coming for the show.

Palms Thai on Urbanspoon


I don’t know whether it’s a myth or if it is true, but I ponder if cats actually like fish. You always see cartoons portraying cats with an appetite for goldfish, swimming helplessly in a goldfish bowl atop a small table. I always thought cats hated water. And don’t you see cats in the wild (lions, tigers..) munching on some antelope or zebra? When’s the last time you saw a cheeta hunting for salmon at the nearby river? Never. When I saw that The Hungry Cat specialized in seafood, I was a bit amused. Clever name I thought, but so not realistic! I kid of course, and I ultimately was excited to try this place. The freshest seafood creations made by chef David Lentz who knows his way around the kitchen? Great! Along with his wife Suzanne Goin, they own some of my favorite restaurants in LA. Lucques, AOC, and joining the list, The Hungry Cat.

Located in the courtyard at the Sunset and Vine building. It is kind of hard to find as it isn’t visible from the street. The inside was dark and intimate with a casual atmosphere. The white walls and sharp edges in design gave the interior a futuristic look. The open kitchen was an eye opener for me. It was cool to watch David Lentz and his crew make dish after dish. It was like the Food Network, live.

We started off with some oyster crackers. It was interesting. Not your ordinary bread and butter, but unique in its own way.

I only had raw sea urchin (uni) from sushi restaurants (pre-packaged), so naturally, having sea urchin straight from the body was a neat experience.  Difficult to eat, it was food you really had to dig for. Apart from the pieces of shell and spikes, the flavor was exceptional. The essesnce of the sea was embedded in each morsel of sea urchin. Sprinkling it with some sea salt, and a squeeze of the lemon made everything pop. I am a purest and eating the sea urchin without any other condiments is the way to go.

Their Lobster roll was one of the best I ever had. The lobster was packed on and the pieces were large. Perfectly cooked, it left the meat very tender and had a nice bite to it. The lobster mixed with the mayo and other seasonings were perfectly balanced. The celery gave it a nice crunch. The split rolls were nicely buttered and toasted on the side, leaving it crispy on the outside, warm and chewy on the inside. Though this was a delicious sandwich roll, I wish I could have tried their pub burger. Blue cheese, bacon, avocado, and a fried egg are some of many of the ingredients on the pub burger. I originally wanted to to The Hungry Cat for the pub burger, but felt like seafood that night. Ultimately, I was happy with my decision.

My house-made chorizo and braised clams was excellent. Not a fan of clams because of their rubberiness, I was skeptical about this dish. Mindful of not overcooking the clams, they were left tender and soft. The brother was definitely the star of this dish. Filled with shell beans and black kale, the broth was hearty. Mixed in with their house made chorizo, it was meaty, salty, savory, and full of robust flavor. Though the chorizo took away from the seafood essence of the dish, it fortified the broth to the point where it did not matter. This was all topped off with a grilled bread, quite possibly the best bread I ever had. Grilling the bread gave it a nice crust on it and gave it a complex flavor. Topped with aioli, the bread simply delicious.

The cuisine was nearly flawless. Everything tasted as expected — delicious. The atmosphere was great and the staff was on point. They were attentive and helped us choose the many items on the menu. By the name, The Hungry Cat you would expect some fine seafood, and that is what you get. After my awesome meal, I thanked David Lentz for the great meal, and left with a great seafood experience. I’ll be back to try the pub burger though.

Hungry Cat on Urbanspoon


Omelette House – French Everything For Breakfast

by Franklin on January 16, 2012

Trust me. I did not spell it wrong. Omelette House decided to spell “omelet” that way. According to grammarist.com, they are both the correct spelling. Since we are not in France, we will spell it the American way — Omelet. I am not going to lie. I said the word a million times in my head, and now it has lost all meaning. Despite that, I can’t seem to get eggs off of my mind. Once berated for being a cholesterol high food, today’s world doesn’t think so. Eggs are high in protein, and less in fat compared to other “cuts” of “meat”. It’s cheap, it’s tasty, and you can make omelets with it. Omellete House in Garden Grove has a wide variety. They are simple and delicious.

The Forentine had hickory smoked bacon, spinach and Swiss cheese. It was topped with sour cream, black olives, and green onion. The spinach and swiss cheese made for a nice mix of flavors. I know I may sound crazy, but the bacon seemed out of place. I think maybe ham would have been tastier in this dish. Otherwise, I liked the sour cream and black olives.

The Tasso omelet was my favorite, probably because of all the meat. It had Italian sausage, breakfast sausage, ham, and bacon. Inside it also had tomatoes and cheddar cheese. The cheese melted nicely all together with the meat party. I added some hot sauce and I was good to go. Though nothing spectacular, their hash browns were tasty. It had a nice crunch to it — Almost like tiny little french fries all compacted into hash browns. (Yes, I had to incorporate “french” in the hash browns too.)

It isn’t breakfast without french toast. Interestingly, I think Omelette House is known for this dish. They call it the Berry Good French Toast. This thing was huge, and very delicious to look at. The berries and toppings were fresh — they sure do pack on the fruit. The french toast already had a berry reduction (raspberry?) over it, so it didn’t need much syrup. On a side note, it would have been better with some chocolate sauce instead of the berry sauce. Although, they wouldn’t be able to call it the “Berry” Good French Toast. All in all, it was a pretty solid french toast, especially for an omelet joint.

An “Omelette” and french toast, sounds like a French breakfast to me. I had a nice breakfast here. It isn’t as glamorous as the ones in Los Angeles, but it was great its own way. The place is a bit small, so there aren’t many seats. The wait was a bit long, but worth it. They have a lot of omelets to choose from as well as other traditional breakfasts. The question is, what omelet will you get?

Omelette House on Urbanspoon


Mon Ami Gabi, can easily be one of my favorite restaurants in Las Vegas.  It is centrally located in the middle of Vegas, a very important thing.  The atmosphere is nice — right outside your window you can enjoy your meal with the view of the Bellagio fountains.  I remember having dinner here with my girlfriend.  It was a perfect sunset, we were seated smack dab in the middle of the fountains and enjoying our dinner.  It was a romantic and amazing meal. The food is outstanding, and you don’t get any of the snootiness you get from other French restaurants.  The price was just right.  It was magical.  I can go on and on about why Mon Ami Gabi in Paris is the best place to eat in Las Vegas.  Breakfast on the other hand, it was not the same.  There was no magic.

My first experience here was dinner, so I thought I would give breakfast a try.  We shared the bagel and lox plate.  Bagels and lox is one of my favorite breakfasts. Raw fish and cream cheese?  Count me in.  Though theirs wasn’t the best, it was still tasty.  The lox were nice and salty and had a good flavor.  I wasn’t too pleased with the bagel they gave us.  The

We shared a breakfast crepe that had bacon, egg, and cheese.  I am not a fan of savory crepes, but this one was nice and tasty.  The flavor was mild and creamy.  The cream sauce they put over it was flavorful. I wish it was filled more inside — not like a burrito, but maybe like a quesadilla.  Well, that wouldn’t be sensible now would it. (Random though: Breakfast quesadilla a good idea?  I think so!)  Being a sweet crepe person, this dish gave light to other savory crepes out there.

This time around, my Mon Ami Gabi experience was not the same.  The magic was indeed gone.  No sunset, no table by the fountain, no steak.  People say the first impression is always the most important, and I will always hang on to that first memory. The breakfast was good, but the first experience was such a pleasant one, nothing could top it.  Mon Ami Gabi will still be one of my favorite places to dine in Las Vegas.  Next up will have to be lunch.  Until then, Mon Ami Gabi will always be my friend.

Mon Ami Gabi (Paris) on Urbanspoon


Old Vine Cafe – Breakfast And Lunch In One Meal

October 12, 2011

Costa Mesa has some awesome breakfast spots.  Plums Cafe from my older post shows you that there is some good eating at Costa Mesa.  The Old Vine Cafe at The Camp is another great breakfast spot.  Not only is it located nicely in this modern, yet outdoorsy complex, the restaurant feels very comforting once you […]

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Bobby Flay’s Mesa Grill – South West Cuisine @ Caesars Palace

July 15, 2011

An avid fan of all things Food Network, and a personal fan of Bobby Flay, it was a special time at Mesa Grill. My girlfriend took me here for lunch on my birthday and it was special.  I don’t know if I ever ate at a famous chef’s restaurant before. Located at Caesars Palace, the […]

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The Bruery Provisions – Beer, Bread, and Butter @ this Wine and Cheese Shop

June 17, 2011

Walking around the Orange Circle in Orange, CA, I stumbled upon The Bruery Provisions.  Entering, I was amazed by the wall of beer bottles.  They had so much, I don’t know how anyone can choose from such a wide selection. They sold different kinds of wines and drinks.  What fascinated me the most was their […]

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Angelo and Vinci’s Ristorante – Funk meets Delicious Italian

May 23, 2011

I want to start off by saying sorry about the pictures.  Let me explain.  Entering this place, I was a bit at awe.  Things here, things there, all in a weirdly lit restaurant.  Of course the one seat that was available was dark, and under a green fluorescent light.  Perfect setting for taking great pictures […]

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Lunchy Lunch – Canned Meat Sandwiches

April 14, 2011

Meat is so delicious. Beef, chicken, bacon, fish, whatever. It is so good. Meat from a can though? Really? Well, I eat it. I know it’s not gourmet or anything, but that doesn’t mean its not good. Yeah, so I have a little guilty pleasure for Spam. Big whoop! I’m Asian, and I like my […]

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Downtown Brea Farmer’s Market

March 22, 2011

As a lover of fresh food, I love farmers markets.  The diversity of fruits and vegetables, interesting snacks and unique flavors all come in play when you are at the farmer’s market.  Nothing is processed — it goes right from the grower to the consumer and is all organic. I was walking in downtown Brea […]

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