La Brea Bakery – The Official Bakery of Los Angeles

by Franklin on June 9, 2012

La Brea Bakery should be known as the bread mecca of Los Angeles — to a degree, it is. Focusing on artisanal breads, they sell breads all around Los Angeles, and even some around the world. La Brea Bakery started it 1989 on La Brea Ave. The architects of a historical building wanted a bakery, and that is when La Brea Bakery started. Interestingly Campanile followed suit 6 months after and became their next door neighbor. Nancy Silverton, co founder and head baker at La Brea Bakery is also the head pastry chef at Campanile. Naturally, Campanile along with dozens of other restaurants in the Los Angeles area use La Bakery for their artisanal breads. That comlimentary bread you got with your meal, the reason it feels and tastes familiar is because it’s probably from La Brea Bakery.

Entering the small shop, you can kind of take a step back in time. The layout and feel of the bakery is definately old school. Nothing high tech or modern was inside — just displays of artisan breads and gourmet cheeses. Hungry for some dessert, I got a Hello Kitty cookie and chocolate covered macaroons. Their selection was amazing, and I’d love to come here again to get some bread and cheese.

It was a pleasure to have entered this bakery. Their bread is known all around Los Angeles. Go to Costo or Ralphs, they have La Brea Bakery available. Go to a nice restaurant in Los Angeles, and you are served La Brea Bakery bread as an appetizer. Anywhere you go, you are surrounded by La Brea Bakery bread. Having a chance to go to where it all started, it was a treat. Not only are their breads tasty and delicious, but they have a historical significance in Los Angeles as well. La Brea Bakery is the official bread baker of Los Angeles, hands down.

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