Joan’s On Third – An Experience with My Gourmet Sandwich

by Franklin on March 27, 2012

I stepped into Joan’s On Third, and I instantly fell in love. The collection of food items inside and the marketplace was abundant, and a bit overwhelming. If you are in the mood for cheeses, olives, bread, and condiments, they offer a variety of the gourmet stuff. In the kitchen, soups, salads, sandwiches, breakfast, and other items are available. I opted for the short rib sandwich, and I became a fan instantly. This sandwich, is the best sandwich.

Stating that it is the best sandwich was a bold statement — maybe I should have said one of the best. In reality though, the sandwich was superb. The short rib had a nice “pulled pork” consistency, but tender. It wasn’t dry at all, and had a nice mouth feel to it. The melted jack cheese was nice and not too over powering. My favorite were the arugula and sweet red onions. The arugula was a perfect green to go with this sandwich, and the sweet red onions gave it a nice crunch and tang. With the grilled country white bread, the short rib sandwich was delicious. Such a simple sandwich, with good ingredients — it’s one of my favorite sandwiches of all time.

I wouldn’t mind coming here for the other market items. Their cheese selection seemed plenty as well as the other foods. A market full of gourmet foods and a place to eat is what Joan’s On Third is all about. You can have a bite to eat, shop for yourself, and bring it home all at the same place. How deliciously convenient..

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