Toast – A Day in LA, and French Toast Makes All the Difference

by Franklin on August 23, 2012

Sometimes, I want plan a day and become a tourist in my own city. I want to sign up for The Price is Right, be an audience member of The Tonight Show with Jay Leno, hit the beach, and go eat at all of the popular restaurants. A day in LA would’t be complete without a nice start of a hearty breakfast. In need of an early breakfast before my Los Angeles adventure, Toast on 3rd street was a perfect spot for this. Located in the Mid-Wilshire district, it was central to all of our popular destinations. This also meant that Toast is a celebrity hot spot, or used to be at least. Though we didn’t see anyone famous, a quiet breakfast was more enjoyed.

In the mood for something creamy, I ordered the Eggs Florentine. The bottom of the dish was sourdough bread — layered on top was sauteed spinach and poached eggs. This was then topped with mushroom spinach cream sauce. The spinach scream sauce was piping hot and nearly burned my tongue. The creamy mixture with the rich egg was a treat, but the whole dish was kind boring — it was single noted. In hind sight, I think a bit of hot sauce would have jazzed up the dish a bid. The side of sweet potato fries helped with the crunch factor. Toast is known for their sweet potato fries, and they somewhat met their reputation. It was crispy and flavorful, and not too overly sweet. I don’t know if that is a good thing or not, but I liked that it was more savory than sweet.

With all this savory, we needed something sweet. The perfect remedy for this was their stuffed french toast. Layered with banana pudding and topped with caramelized bananas, and walnuts. Possibly eating the best french toast ever, this was more of a dessert than a traditional french toast. Eating this in the morning, I knew I was doing something wrong. It was rich, sweet, but not too sweet. Decadent, yes. The banana pudding was perfect with this. Having the taste of banana cream pie from the pudding and fresh bananas was amazing. The caramelized bananas gave it a nice brulee flavoring. The walnuts were much needed as it gave it a nice textural crunch and were my favorite part. This dish would have failed if it wasn’t for the walnuts. Syrup is not needed at all either. Any regular french toast with syrup just doesn’t seem special anymore. This is the real deal.

No, I didn’t try the toast at Toast. We didn’t to do any of the Los Angeles stuff either like going to the Price is Right. We didn’t see any stars, witness any gang activity, or an earthquake. What we did do was experience Toast. It had the right amount of casual dining and upscale service. The food was delicious and at times, exceeded my expectations. I do want to try their brunch on the weekends though. I heard great things, and if it is anything like their normal menu, I have no doubts about it. As for the whole LA tourist experience, we will leave that for the visitors.

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