Cake Mix – Duff Goldman Makes it Our Own

by Franklin on May 20, 2014

This event was an experience all on its own. Not only did I get to eat some wonderful cake, but I got to design my own as well. Once I entered Cake Mix, I was greeted with specialty cocktails. Red velvet cake martini? Yes please! Entering Cake Mix, I felt like I was inside Duff Goldman’s brain. The colors and the smells of the sweet treats was a sensory overload. As we stood around the gorgeous cakes, we got to try some of Duff’s new creations. Delicious as always.

We were then seated around already decorated cakes. We were then given materials to decorate our own cake. We rolled fondant, piped frosting, and sprinkled sprinkles. The winner, the best designed mini cake got to take the center cake home. I would like to state that this whole cake decorating business is hard business. I had a good concept (a macaron cake), but the execution was horrible. Nonethelss, I had a blast decorating the cake. I felt like a kid again.

Duff Goldman came around and judged our creations. I of course, did not win. After a trip to the photo booth, and a quick sticker placement on the cake, I was all ready to go home. Not of course without my swag bag filled with wonderful creations and eats. Twas indeed a sweet night.

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