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Dine-Out - DineDelish


After eating at Bouchon, I really wanted some dessert from Bouchon Bakery. After looking around, I could not find it.  Sadly, I gave up and was on my way. Next time around, I was determined to find it.  It was no wonder I couldn’t find it the first time — It was a small bakery stand.  I assumed it was a large bakery of some sort.  Happy to find some of my favorite treats here, done their way, I was pleased.  Of all the coffees and cupcakes, and other pastries, This is what I got.

The carrot cake sandwich was my least favorite, though it was moist.  I guess I’m not a true fan of carrot cake.  It is either too sweet or too dry.  Theirs was perfectly not too sweet nor dry. The cream cheese frosting in the middle was perfectly sweet. It just wasn’t memorable.

Their macarons were expensive, but I had to give it a try.  It can’t be as good as Bottega Louie in Los Angeles, can it?  The coffee macaron was actually pretty tasty. The outside had a nice crunch, and the inside was soft and creamy.  The coffee taste was prevalent, but was a bit too sweet.  Nonetheless, it was delicious.

I saved the best for last.  My favorite, the nutter butter cookie was amazing.  The cookie part was crispy and buttery.  The inside peanut butter filling was creamy. It was like an actual nutter butter sandwich cookie, but a hundred times better.  The taste was definitely memorable.

This bakery and sweets shop is really hard to find.  Once you find it though, you will be glad you did.  Their baked goods are of the highest quality. They offer other dessert options as well as sandwiches.  It is perfect for a quick bite to eat or for dessert.  They are underneath one of the escalators.  Try to find them and get your goodies.

Bouchon Bakery (Venetian) on Urbanspoon


It is not every day you get to eat Vietnamese at a sit down, and it’s not pho.  Usually its spring rolls or a bahn mi sandwich to go, or a nice big hot bowl of pho at a hole in the wall. Brodard in Garden Grove has some of the best Vietnamese food around, especially the rolls.  They even have some french pastries as well.  I wasn’t a real fan of Vietnamese food, until I gave it a chance. Coming here though was a challenge. Their main entrance is actually in the back. You will get lost, like I did, if you assume the entrance is in the front. I don’t even think they have an entrance in the front. Even if they did, the sign wouldn’t read “Brodard Restaurant”. It was all in Vietnamese — or maybe that was an entrance to something else. Either, way, the entrance is difficult to find, and it is in the back. Once you find this place though, you will be glad that you did.

We ordered the Cha Gio (egg rolls).  The crispy rolls willed with pork, shrimp, crab meat, clear vermicelli and vegetables.  It was served with and array of Asian greens and lime chili fish sauce. I wrapped the egg rolls in the Asian lettuce, put some mint and cilantro inside, and dipped it in the sweet and sour sauce.  To say the least, my taste buds were having a party.  Every flavor was present, and the cilantro and mint leaves gave it that depth.  Texturally, it was a treat as well.  This was an all in one flavor packed appetizer that is a must order.

The Nem Nuong Cuon (pork spring roll) is what they are known for.  The grilled pork paste was wrapped in rice paper with lettuce, cucumber, carrot, daikon, and mint.  It was  served with house special sauce.  In my opinion, the sauce made this dish shine.  The spring rolls in itself were tasty, but the sauce is what makes this dish. The house special sauce was some sort of shrimp paste sauce.  It went very well with the rolls.

As a hot dish, we ordered the Bo Luc Lac (Shaken beef)  The dish had filet minon chunks, mixed with onions, mushrooms, scallion and spices.  It was served with tomato rice with a salad.  The filet minion was very soft and tender — not an ounce of chewiness. The vegetables were fine and the rice was alright.  I didn’t really like the sauce it was in as much.  It kind of tasted like bean paste, but milder in flavor.  It would have been nice to have more meat, but we all know how pricey filet minon is.

At the end, we ordered our Vietnamese coffee and it completed the meal.  Not as good as Lee’s, but still very good.  I realized how much flavor Vietnamese food has.  It was fun to see the spring roll making station as workers almost endlessly rolled each one.  It’s no wonder that they need so many people making these things, everyone orders them. If you are in the area, and want some Vietnamese food, Brodard is all you need. There is a Brodard Chateu down the street. I don’t know if it is related or not, but this one is the real deal.

Brodard on Urbanspoon


LA Street Tacos – Nameless

by Franklin on April 10, 2012

On my way home from work, I sometimes see a Mexican taco stand on the sidewalk. This is not a truck mind you, it is straight up set up on the sidewalk. They even had lights for when it became dark. This is totally illegal as they do not hold any permits or licenses — no health and safety inspection, nothing. I see them grilling and selling tacos and what not all the time. This one particular day, I took the bait and I finally stopped for a bite. Let me tell you, this was not a mistake.

I looked around and saw what they had. They had a flat top grill station, charcoal grill, table full of condiments, and even home made horchata. I asked the guy for 2 carne asada tacos and 2 chorizo tacos. The cook grilled up my meats on an open grill, then finished them off on the flat top. I then laid on the sauce along with onions and cilantro — all which were prepared at their home or somewhere else. I ordered a horchata to make it an even 5 bucks. Home made everything tacos and a drink for 5 bucks is amazing.

These tacos were delicious beyond words. The bite of the meat and the onions and cilantro was perfect. Even the hot sauces were good. I liked the smoky flavor that the meat had from the grill. Usually the chorizo I buy at the market is like a paste, but theirs was sausage like. These guys really knew what they were doing.

I was so proud of my find, that I came back the same night with my cousin and brother. My brother got a humongous burrito, and my cousin and I got some more tacos. I liked that they put the rice and meat in the burrito, gave it to my brother to add whatever he wanted — they wrapped the burrito afterwards for us. At this point, I was full, and happy that I had a chance to try this food.

There was one thing that caught my eye. As I gave the guy my money for the food, he was thankful for the business he was getting. He took the money, looked up to the sky, and thanked God for it. Then and there, it really allowed me to appreciate everything I had. To me, it was a measly 5 bucks, but to him, it was a blessing. This really opened my eyes. Food wasn’t just something “delicious” anymore — it was more than that.

Every time I pass that spot and look, they aren’t there anymore. Maybe they were given a citation or warning from law enforcement. I don’t know what happened to them, but I always hope that they are there. Either way, I still hold on to the memory of those tacos. I think it’s the place where these tacos come from that make it so delicious. It’s not from some business driven chain or money hungry restaurant owner. These tacos are homemade, brought to the streets, from hard working individuals. They know the true value of the dollar and their passion for food is evident.

I guess I’m not too distressed from their disappearance. I know Los Angeles will lead me to another street tacos once again.


Everything about Vegas is over the top.  One of the most over the top breakfasts can be had at Hash House a Go Go.  They are known for their crazy concoctions of burgers stacked high, pancakes larger than pizzas, and breakfast plates big enough for three, four maybe. I have been to the one in San Diego, and the long wait was rewarded with plates of impossible to finish food.  Delicious at that.  Going to Vegas, knowing there was a Hash House off the strip and on the strip, my breakfast was set.

We ordered the iced pistachio mocha to start things off.  It was milky and ice cold.  The pistachio taste was subtle, but there.  It was similar to the Nutella shake at Burger Bar. The chocolate was a nice background flavor.  Imagine chocolate hazelnut (nutella) but then replace the hazelnut with pistachio. It worked!  Tasty!

The craziest dish I have ever seen was the sausage gravy pot pie.  It had scrambled egg and mashed potatoes which was normal.  This was I guess their version of sausage and biscuits, but mutated to a giant monster.  The bottom was a bowl formed by an upside down hat made of a biscuit type bread.  Inside the bowl was massive amounts of mashed potatoes which kind of sucked. There was even a bunch underneath the makeshift bowl.    I was looking for more sausage pieces, though there were some.  After a few bites of this dish, it was a bit tiring.  I don’t see how anyone can finish this dish.  Carb overload is an understatement.

My chorizo hash was sensible, but still came in a skillet.  It had jalapeno, red onion, cheddar cheese, and fresh tomatoes.  The kick from the jalapeno was a wake up call, especially compared to the monotone of the pot pie.  Chorizo is spicy as well, so this dish had a lot of flavor. The eggs were perfectly cooked over easy.  Though there was nothing special about this one, it at least kept me interested.

Hash House a Go Go is a place to go eat.  They make sure you are full, and you leave with a doggy bag every time. This is the opposite of tapas small plates.  You get one big plate, and a lot of it.  The food isn’t boring for sure.  They try to keep it interesting with interesting combinations and portions that are too big to make sense. I guess that is the fun of it all.  Vegas is all about buffets, but with Hash House, you will get enough — don’t worry.

Hash House a Go Go on Urbanspoon


The Counter – This Is My Burger, The Way I Want It

by Franklin on February 17, 2012

Build your own burger.  That is The Counter way.  You sit down and fill out a form.  Yes.  You build your own burger and they bring it to you exactly how you want it. You want eggs? You got it.  You want a different kind of cheese?  You don’t want pickles? That’s cool.  The Counter lets you fill out a form, with many ingredients to choose from, and that is how they bring it to you.

My perfect burger was easily made.  I had sprouts, garlic aoili, sprouts, greens, and you can’t forget the runny egg.  I had my patty cooked to a perfect medium rare. The juices were flowing all over the plate.  It made the bottom bun a bit soggy, but that was fine by me.  Each bite was such a flavorful, nicely balanced mouthful.  Sometimes, I like to think the burger is good because I chose those ingredients to be together.  It makes the customer feel good, that the burger was their creation.

The parmasan fries were alright.  I think I will stick with the regular fries next time.  After a while, the parmasan cheese cooled off and just formed a web of shredded cheese over the fries. Though, it did taste really good, I would have liked it to be more crispy.

The chocolate shake was really creamy and delicious.  What is better than eating burgers and fries with a nice milk shake? I even busted a Wendy’s and dipped some of the dry fries into the milk shake.  Amazing.

The second burger was a combination made by my girlfriend.  It was special because it had double onions — grilled onions, and onion strings. The burger also had chipotle mayo and made it more of a south western burger.  The taste was rich and flavorful, a bit intense, but still very good.

Both burgers were delicious — because we got it exactly how we wanted it.  This reminds me of a Slaters 50/50 where they also let you fill out a form of how you want your burger.  Nonetheless, The Counter wants us to have our burger the way we want it.  No set menus or pre-decided ingredients — You get what you want, and how you want it. Simple.  Delicious.

The Counter Irvine on Urbanspoon


The White Rabbit Truck was a pleasant surprise.  I heard about them a lot online and in the media, so I was excited to try their food.  This truck, a Filipino fusion truck, serves their take on tacos and burritos as well as rice bowls. A fan or Asian fusion with Mexican, I was inclined to try their most famous item on the menu, the pork sisig burrito.

The pork sisig burrito had garlic rice, pork sisigs, egg, and cheese.  This was a perfect balance of flavors and textures.  The pork was nice and tender.  Their pork sisig is deep fried pork belly, fried in onions and jalapenos.  The almost runny egg and cheese was a perfect creamy and velvety texture. Their garlic rice was perfect as well.  My gripe about some burritos is that the tortilla is not soft. I liked the tortilla from the sisig burrito — it was soft and chewy, almost silky.  This burrito was perfect because each individual item inside the burrito was perfect — together, it was exponentially more delicious.

The White Rabbit Truck offers a food eating challenge, which they are known for.  The burrito is almost 2ft long, and contains, 6 eggs, 3lbs of any choice of meat, 6 scoops of rice, 12 cheese slices, wrapped in 6 tortillas. That equates to 6 pounds! — Definitely bigger than my single tortilla burrito.  Here is the video of Adam Richman from Man v. Food on the White Rabbit Truck. Watch to see them make this monster, and see someone eating it. Does he actually finish it?

Honestly, I was happy to eat the burrito (the regular one of course).  Each bite gave me a smile.  Though I only had the normal one, one day, I shall attempt and possibly finish the challenge. Am I crazy? Maybe a little. Until then, the regular one will do for me.  Just like the chef on the logo, White Rabbit Truck is a thumbs up!

White Rabbit Fusion Cafe on Urbanspoon


Sometimes you want to be bad.  That is what Vegas is for right?  What if you already are in Vegas.  Where do you go to be bad?  Well, Cosmopolitan of course. As they say, they have the right amount of “bad”.  I don’t really know what the right amount of bad is, but if it’s anything like Wicked Spoon, they got it right.  I’ve been to my share of Las Vegas buffets — Wicked Spoon just raises the bar.

I was first impressed with their carving station.  They had bone marrow! I took two.  Shhhhh.  Eating those things with some horseradish and chimichurri, smeared on a crostini.  It was great.  Rich in fat, and delicious.

I was lucky enough to grab the freshest crab legs they had, straight out of the steamer.  Conveniently next to the carving station, they poured mounds of crab legs all for me. Great timing Franklin.

I made my way to the mac and cheese bar.  How awesome is it that I got to have my mac and cheese however I liked.  I had them put some bacon and jalapenos.  Of course, I had to have blue cheese and parmasan. They prepare it all right in front of you and it comes out bubbling hot.  It tasted so delicious.  The blue cheese was strong, which I liked and the jalapenos gave it a nice spiciness — the bacon just topped it all off.  All in my personal copper pot.  Perfect.

My favorite food item that was not at a station was definitely the polenta.  It was really creamy and fulfilling.  It tasted kind of like grits — less of a bite, yet more firm.  It was cheesy and delicious. I also liked the fried chicken wings and duck.  I tried some pretty good Peking duck in SGV, and theirs was amazingly close to good duck.  Impressive.

I was kind of disappointed with their dessert options.  This was all because of my assumptions in my head.  I had a misconception about Wicked Spoon — I always thought it was a dessert only buffet. So when I thought this through, I thought to myself “This place must be a dessert sugar rush paradise.”  Though their desserts weren’t what I imaged it would be, it still was a good experience.  I didn’t really have a favorite one like I did at The Buffet at the Wynn, but it was all a great ending to my massive meal.

Buffets are almost all the same at Vegas.  Meat station, crab legs, and other food items.  Wicked Spoon impressed me.  Not only was most of the food good, but they offer cuisine that is not common in all buffets.  Bone marrow, Peking duck, gourmet cheese bar, I can go on and on.  I did see a less of a sushi/sashimi menu — I guess it is a small price to pay. Though I do like sushi, it was well worth it.  It was refreshing to eat here.  Trendy and a bit over the top at times, it was all delicious and I had a lot of it.

Cosmopolitan is young, hip, and very much part of the in crowd right now.  They are close to City Center, but I don’t think they are part of it.  Heck, they probably went all out and against the City Center.  Something about Cosmo doesn’t exude the classic Las Vegas, but the new — this is good and bad. I can see the direction they are taking this.  Everything flash, over the top, and gaudy.  Sinful, sin city, and wicked to say the least.  Las Vegas is evolving, and the Cosmopolitan is a testament of that.  Wicked Spoon is so different from the other Vegas buffets — refreshing I would say.

Wicked Spoon (Cosmopolitan) on Urbanspoon


Malo – Bad Is Not So Good If It’s Bad

by Franklin on January 2, 2012

Located in the hipster town of Silver Lake, Malo serves up Mexican food with a little twist. Though the traditional tacos and chips are in order, they are known for their beef and pickle crunchy tacos and chewy chips. The location was perfect for our Christmas dinner party. The lower half was the bar and seating area — the upper was the private rooms and extra seating area. The atmosphere was fun and intimate.

The ground beef and pickle was what I wanted to try. On paper, it was interesting, but after eating it, it basically was just a burger inside a hard taco shell. Maybe the hype too large for its own good. It was just average for me. I also had a bacon and shrimp taco as well. This was a nice balance of fatty bacon and seafoody shrimp. I am just not a fan of crunchy tacos. The sauce did save the taste a bit.

There was a lot of hype about the chewy tortilla chips, and I can see why. Those things were dangerously addicting. The texture of the chewy tortilla chips was all just new and interesting. For those who think they are going to be like stale tortilla chips, you are wrong. You just have to try it for yourself. What made these chips better was the sauces they had. My favorite was the mole. It was rich and complex in flavor. Though, they had 4 different kinds, and they were all good.

I also ordered the Cast Iron Fried Chile Relleno. This was a battered and fried poblano chile with jack cheese inside. It was then smothered in ranchero sauce. The batter on the outside tasted kind of funny. Maybe bad oil? The poblano and the cheese inside was nice. The chile was sweet and the cheese was smooth. I was sad to see a lack of queso fundito on the menu.

To be honest, I did not enjoy the food too much. I wouldn’t come here for a specific dish. Despite that, I would come here again for the atmosphere. It is a great place for large groups. the location and setup was perfect. Next on the agenda, Mas Malo, their second restaurant in Downtown LA.

Malo on Urbanspoon


What is a theme park without cotton candy, popcorn, and corn dogs?  Well, without it, you don’t have yourself a theme park.  Corn dogs is on a stick, and is easy to eat on the go.  It is no wonder that there is almost always a line for the Corn Dog Cart at Disneyland. Good to know that this American classic snack can be had at America’s favorite theme park.  But is it my favorite corn dog?  It’s hard to say.  As for as classic corn dogs go, they are one of the best.

Waiting in anticipation, I was never this excited about a corn dog, ever.  It might have been the Disney magic people keep talking about.  The cart is a small wagon type food stand towards the end of Main St.  The corn dog was deformed looking — this was interestingly a plus for me. I never understood how corn dogs have that perfectly balled tip.  The batter was light and crispy, a bit greasy, but delicious.  Most importantly, the batter stuck to the hot dog.

It was a bit pricey, as all things are at Disneyland.  The corn dog was nicely sized though, and you can get chips or fruit as a side.  If you are ever at Disneyland and need a bite on the run, get your corn dog on.

Disneyland Corndog Cart on Urbanspoon


This is where it all started. Beverly and Rampart — this was the birthplace of the the Original Tommy’s hamburger. Tom Koulax founded Tommy’s in 1946, and the rest is history. Their menu hasn’t changed much. Chili burgers, being their signature item, is what I always get. Can’t mess with a classic. There are a bunch of Original Tommy’s in LA and OC — a few in NV. Future plans include AZ, but this one was the first.

I remember when I was a kid, my uncle would take me here all the time. Having been pretty big for my age, I prided in the fact that I could finish a whole chili cheese burger by myself. Albeit, half of it spilled on my shirt and face, it was surely a feat. That taste, even until this day reminds me of that little boy. All because of that messy chili. At this location, you can order from the original stand on the corner, or the expantion right next to it. The special thing about their burgers, is that there is nothng special special that they do to it. They are just pure ingredients at their freshest. Of course, the chili is what they are known for. It is velvety smooth and delicious.

Tommy’s is chili cheese burgers — the first thing when I think of a chili cheese burger.  I’m proud to be an Angelino, and I’m happy to have Tommy’s.

Tommy's Original World Famous Hamburgers on Urbanspoon


Thai Patio – Night Time Chow At Thai Town

by Franklin on December 13, 2011

Where else can you get authentic Thai cuisine other than in Thai Town.  Located near Hollywood, Thai Town in Los Angeles offers some great food.  Thai Patio had some really well prepared Thai food.  Something about the spices in Thai food keeps me wanting more.  This restaurant does it perfectly.  The live music and open dining area is very inviting.  Those in seek of a hip night life and good Thai food can appreciate this place.

We ordered the crab fried rice.  I am absolutely in love with crab fried rice, especially this one restuarant near CSUF. Thai Patio’s, though good wasn’t as good as the one in Fullerton.   It wasn’t seafood like enough for me.

Though the crab fried rice was just normal, the grilled beef was amazing.  The taste was like no other.  It was a bit sweet and so very tender.  At first, I thought it would be on the tough side.  However they prepared it, it was a perfect texture. I liked the bbq marks that was on the beef.  It gave it a nice char flavor.  and whatever spices they use on these, it was delicious.

Their chicken Pad see Ew was by far my favorite.  It is quite possible that they have the best.  The noodles were thick and chewy — al dente. It wasn’t mushy at all.  The sauce and fresh vegetables brought the whole dish together.  Definately, the texture of the noodles is what makes this dish.  If I didn’t know any better, I’d think they made their noodles in house from scratch.

Thai Patio was authentic.  Maybe it was all in the name, or the fact that it was in Thai Town.  All of the food in Koreatown isn’t always good, so it can’t be the location.  It must be the food.  Everything was delicious, and they give you a lot of it. Asking for to go boxes is a must after your meal, because you will have left overs.  Next time, I would like to try more of the exotic (heavily spiced) dishes.

Thai Patio on Urbanspoon


Known for their breakfast and as a coffee shop, I didn’t know what to expect for dinner.  Upon arriving, I was swayed between the two ends — hole in the wall diner or fancy date restaurant. The wine bottles and dim lighting give it that date atmosphere.  Low priced menu and siner style food give it a diner feel.  I like to see Foxy’s as an upscale diner, with diner like prices.  In short, the food was good and the price was cheap.  Good in my book.

At first, we were given some bread and butter.  There were individual toasters on each table where guests can toast up their own bread. I thought this was a nice touch, and who doesn’t like warm, freshly toasted bread?  It was a nice start.

I ordered the chilaquiles plate.  I had try at least something breakfast like.  It was decent, but not the best.  The sauce was good, and I liked the salsa and guacamole.  I didn’t care for the beans and rice.  A nice plate of chilaquiles would have been good for me.  The star of this dish was indeed the sauces.

I had a few bites of the tuna melt quesadilla.  It was tuna, cheese, lettuce all wrapped inside a tortilla.  It was like an over stuffed quesadilla with cheese and tuna. Interestingly, it was tasty, but I don’t know if the tuna was fresh.  The fries were normal as ever, possibly frozen, but addictive.

After my meal, I wish I had gotten a normal breakfast plate to see how good it was.  I felt like pancakes after my meal, but was too full.  They are known for their sticky cinnamon buns, but was too full.  I would say this fancy, upscale diner is a perfect spot for a date, for breakfast. That may seem like a lot of a description, but that is what this place exactly is.  It’s good, it’s bad, it’s fancy, but cheap.  It is all of the above.

Foxy's Coffee Shop on Urbanspoon

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The burger in it of itself is a classic.  More than a sandwich, it is a complete meal all in the grasp of your hands.  It is safe to say that everyone has had a lot of burgers in their life time — it is a go to item at any restaurant.  BLT Burger, located at the Mirage is a popular burger spot.  Known for their grass fed, Certified Angus Beef (CAD), their patties are amongst the freshest.

The Tex Mex Burger was a messy one, but still good.  The spiciness from the jalapenos and salsa weren’t really noticeable.  Probably because I like spicy food really spicy.  The messy part, the chili, was made with corn and beans.  The avocado, jack cheese, and sour cream made this burger very rich and creamy. Almost everything you’d find in a nacho was inside this burger.  And speaking of nachos, they offer that one the menu.  It looked good, but opted for the fries instead.

The fries were very good, especially the waffle fries.  It was crispy and perfectly seasoned.  Even after cooling off, it still remained crunchy somehow. As for the sweet potato fries, that was a different story.  They were somewhat soggy and not warm when it came to the table.  The waffle fries are the way to go here.

My favorite burger here wasn’t made of beef, but lamb.  The Lamb tandoori burger was made with Colorado lamb.  That is a good thing I assume.  Mint cilantro yogurt sauce, cucumber, olives, red onion, tomato topped this burger and complimented the meat very well. I usually don’t like the taste of lamb as it is too gamey, but this one was just right — not too gamey and the flavors of the meat and yogurt sauce went really well together.  If the bun wasn’t cold, this burger would have been perfect.

Of course, every burger needs a milkshake.  We ordered the nut job milkshake.  This was their version of the Nutella shake.  It had vanilla ice cream, Nutella, and slivered almonds. I wanted to compare this Nutella shake with the one from Burger Bar in Mandalay Bay.  Without a doubt, the one from Burger Bar is far superior.  The  Nutella flavor wasn’t prevalent enough at the one from BLT.  At times, I couldn’t even taste the Nutella.

BLT Burger had solid burgers.  Some were classic, and the specialty burgers were great.  Knowing what to order, one can find a tasty burger.  They have the classic BLT burger (of course), to other sides, and even alcoholic shakes. The decor is nice and relaxing.  If they worked around their little kinks, this could be one of my favorite burger joints in Vegas.

BLT Burger (Mirage) on Urbanspoon


What ever happened to the good old days?  Ice cream was a quarter, soda was a nickel.  So simple.  Fosselman’s is a classic ice cream shop, like the ones they had in the olden days.  We are talking about the classics.  They date back since 1919. They definitely are an old-fashioned soda fountain.  They offer seltzer made sodas, taffy, and amazing ice cream concoctions.  Entering, you are brought back to simpler times. The wooden fixtures and flooring really bring you back in time.  This, in a sense, makes the ice cream taste that much better.

Their ice cream is like no other.  It is creamy and thick.  And most importantly, it is delicious.  After trying so many flavors, I chose dulce de leche and cappuccino.  My friend didn’t like the taro so he gave me his.  The taro was actually really good, one of my favorites.  Their flavors range from the classics, to exotic ones like horchata and chocolate covered strawberries.  Besides the flavor, the texture of the ice cream is that stands out.  It is rich and creamy.  It has the perfect consistency. Not too soft, not too hard.  Perfect.

Fosselman’s is truly a gem in Alhambra.  It is very unassuming amongst the car dealerships on Main Street.  They offer traditional and classic style ice cream from an ice cream parlor.  They don’t take card and is cash only. Lucky for me, my friend paid because I didn’t have cash.  It seems to be that the good places only take cash.  Anyways, this is officially the best ice cream ever.  Try it, and be happy you did.

Fosselman's Ice Cream Company on Urbanspoon

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Ocean Star – One Of Many Dim Sum Spots In The SGV

December 2, 2011

Dim sum is Chinese food served in bite size portions.  Kind of like tapas plates, but Chinese food. The interesting part is that it is only served in the mornings and lunch times.  You will see ladies push metal steamer carts around with stacks of yummy deliciousness.  Often times, you will find some interesting (weird […]

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Pizza Place (Wynn) – The Esapanade Is Spectacular – Where’s The New York Pizza?

November 25, 2011

I want to say, for a regular pizza place, the interior was amazing.  The seating was very cafe like, located at the Wynn — everything was impeccable.  The couches, the flat screens, and cealn atmosphere was what attracted to me to this place — other than the fact that I was in the mood for […]

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Cha Cha Chili – Korean Tacos And Burritos Test My Patience

November 24, 2011

Gosh Cha Cha Chili.  Why did you do this to me?  You got me so excited, and now I am caught in the middle.  I ordered my food, but you made me wait 30 minutes for 2 tacos and a burrito.  At first you excited me because I got the last of the short rib. […]

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Fluff Ice – Snow In L.A. County, The Eating Kind Anyways

November 23, 2011

Having eaten shaved snow at Class 302 and other restaurants, I was surprised to see a shop dedicated to just shaved snow.  Basically, it is frozen blocks of ice and sweetened milk. They shave it into shreds and put toppings on top.  It’s not really icey, but more of a waterless, creamy frozen shave of […]

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Truck Norris – Not Even Chuck Norris Can Help You

November 23, 2011

Truck Norris, an obvious play on words from Chuck Norris — It is an awesome name for a food truck.  I don’t know what Chuck Norris has to do with food trucks, Filipino Asian fusion even, but I guess it is catchy and epic. Makes you think that Truck Norris can count to infinity twice, […]

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Mon Ami Gabi (Paris) – Everything Magical Comes To An End

November 17, 2011

Mon Ami Gabi, can easily be one of my favorite restaurants in Las Vegas.  It is centrally located in the middle of Vegas, a very important thing.  The atmosphere is nice — right outside your window you can enjoy your meal with the view of the Bellagio fountains.  I remember having dinner here with my […]

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