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November, 2011 - DineDelish

November 2011

I’m not much of a punk rocker, hard rock kind of guy.  Metallica, Kiss, and all the rest, I never got into it. But that in itself attracted me to this burger food truck.  Grill Em’ All makes some crazy burgers, and I just had to see what they were all about.

I ordered the Molly Hatchet.  It had seared fennel sausage gravy, bacon, maple syrup, and a thick patty, all between two buns.  I can safely say, I ordered the wrong thing. Though this is one of their famous items, the flavors weren’t working for me.  The sausage gravy, which sold this burger, to me was more of a disappointment.  The maple syrup somehow coagulated with the gravy, and made a rue of sweet buttery goop. The patty and bacon was my favorite.  It was juicer than ever and thick as ever.  The lack of cheesy goodness and other ingredients made this a mistake, on my part.

Next time, I should and will order better.  Something more along the lines of the the behemoth, and h-100s.  The behemoth has grilled cheese buns.  Yes, the top bun is a grilled cheese sandwich, and the bottom bun is a grilled cheese sandwich. Between these two sandwiches is cheddar, bacon, beer soaked onions, pickles, and bbq sauce.   The H-100s are cheddar cheese and  jack cheese filled hand rolled tator tots.  Yeah, and I chose the weird and quirky maple gravy burger instead.  Again, I messed up.

These guys know what they are doing.  The grill was always full and the lines were long.  I wish I had their other items. That is where you come in I guess.  Learn from my mistake and get the above mentioned monsters.  Let me know how it goes.  Until then, Grill Em’ All will surely grill do that — grill them all.

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I want to make it clear that I do not support this restaurant in any way.  I understand of their actions to the community and I am only blogging about the food.  To my understanding, Larchmont Bungalow is in a legal battle with the city.  Back in 2009, they agreed not to make it a sit down restaurant, and only make it a take out restaurant.  Since then, they still have chairs and tables, and the legal battle is prolonged until January 2012.  We will see what happens soon.

Larchmont is one of those areas where you know you are amongst the rich.  Having luckily gone to an elementary school nearby, Larchmont almost hits home.  Unique boutique shops flood the area as well as nice eateries. One in particular, Larchmont Bungalow, is a nice breakfast and lunch spot. It reminded me of a home style of a Panera Bread or Corner Bakery. You pay first, and you get served after being seated. Because of this, it is a nice place for a weekend breakfast or groups. Being situated in Larchmont, it gets a bit busy in the mornings.

I ordered the seafood omelet.  I am not much of a fan of seafood in the morning, but I was still attracted by the popularity of the dish.  Inside it had, lobster, shrimp, blue crab, spinach, and truffle hollindaise.  The seafood meat was a nice mixture of flavors and was fresh for the most part.  The hollindaise was nice and creamy, and the truffle made it very rich in taste. It complimented the seafood quite nicely.  The potatoes that came with it were really good — perfectly cooked.

I usually like sweets in the morning, and the red and blue velvet pancakes were a perfect option for my craving.  It had cream cheese spread and home made whipped cream served with warm maples syrup — topped with walnuts.  More cake than pan cake, the cream cheese spread was sandwiched between each slice.  The contrasting red, white, and blue was very patriotic. The taste was amazing.  The cake was somewhat dense for its size, but still fluffy as a pancake should be. The frosting was sweet already, so the maple syrup was used sparingly and the walnuts gave it a nice textural crunch.  This was a great dessert breakfast, and should be ordered when eating here.

Breakfast in Los Angeles is one of my favorites.  The people, the aura of Los Angeles is exuded in the food here.  It is wholesome and filling — So Los Angeles to have red and blue velvet pan cakes on the menu.  At a joint like Larchmont Bungalow, you expect good food.  Breakfast here was pleasurable and relaxing.  They offer a lot of classic breakfast items, and they are known for their pastries and desserts. Shop a little, swing by and get some snacks, and you will be set.

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I want to say, for a regular pizza place, the interior was amazing.  The seating was very cafe like, located at the Wynn — everything was impeccable.  The couches, the flat screens, and cealn atmosphere was what attracted to me to this place — other than the fact that I was in the mood for pizza for breakfast.  The best part about this place is the outside seating.  Located right next to the water and waterfall, it was an impressive location for such a low profile restaurant.  Unfortunately, the praise stops there.

They are known for bringing New York style pizzas to Las Vegas.  Their large slices baked paper thin was what attracted me to this place.  I opted for the cheese pizza so that I can taste the pizza in its purest form.  Short and simple, I did not like it. The cheese was tasteless and the crust was uninspired.  The sauce wasn’t zesty — the pizza was monotone.  I certainly hope that New York pizza is not like this.

Their most famous item on the menu, the meatball sliders were not satisfying as well.  The “meatball” was more of a disk of sliced meat loaf.  It was mushy and creamy, not in a good way. It didn’t have that herb taste that is important in good Italian food.  The bread was over bearing to the tasteless meatball slice.  It needed cheese and maybe a better sauce.

Pizza Place didn’t disappoint — I guess I didn’t really have high expectations in the first place.  Well, maybe a little.  The food was just uninspiring.  Something is definitely missing in their food. They got their interior design and food philosophy right, but not the cuisine itself.  Maybe they can step away from trying to be more New York and be more Italian.  At any rate, pass on Pizza Place,  but do visit inside and check out their outside.

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Once in a while, you come across a place and the food is the star.  Not the decor, not even the service, but the food just out does everything.  Anepelco’s Cafe is just that place — it’s definitely a hole in the wall.  Breakfast was impressive at this unassuming restaurant. The place was small, and the atmosphere wasn’t really all that impressive, but the food was incredible.  The menu consists of Mexican dishes influenced by French fare.

Having breakfast here, I had the huevos divociados and chilaquiles.  Both were exceptional and delicious.

Huevos divorciados translates to divorced eggs.  One side of the dish, you have an egg omelet with red sauce, and the other side has the same with green sauce. This dish was amazing,  The best part was the red sauce.  It had such a deep flavor, similar to mole.  The flavor was similar to harissa, a Tunisian chili sauce — it had so much depth. It wasn’t really smokey as I thought it would, but the eggs with these were very delicious.  The cheese on top, probably cotija, seasoned the dish with a nice salty flavor.  It was new and interesting, and I will always yearn for that flavor profile.

The chilaquiles was no different, and quite possibly, the best chilaquiles I ever had.  The same red sauce was used for this dish, and the plate was drenched with it.  The tortillas were mushy, and though I like a little crunch, it did not matter — Flavor and taste was just exceptional.  The egg on top with the sour cream really topped off this dish.  But that red sauce, so deep in flavor — it was unforgettable.

Anepelco’s Cafe is an exceptional establishment.  The French Mexican food really pops at you.  The oily and greasy Mexican food can be good, but they do it with a bit more quality and class. The dishes were so refined — it must be that French influence.  It was quite possibly one of my favorite breakfasts.  The food was the star, as it should be.  Flavor is exuded in all of the dishes and I am glad I ate at Anepelco’s Cafe.  Here is to one of the best breakfasts ever.

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Gosh Cha Cha Chili.  Why did you do this to me?  You got me so excited, and now I am caught in the middle.  I ordered my food, but you made me wait 30 minutes for 2 tacos and a burrito.  At first you excited me because I got the last of the short rib. Score!  But why didn’t it taste like anything?  Why did I feel I should have gotten the far superior spicy bbq pork tacos?  I hate you, and I like you.  But for the most part, I like you.  Just don’t make me wait over 30 minutes for my food.  Thanks.

This place is located in the weirdest neighborhood ever.  Situated in between Lincoln Heights and the low lands behind Cal State LA, the location is awkward, but I guess it works. This Asian Mexican fusion makes Korean style tacos and burritos, as well as bowls.  As a fan of the Kogi Truck, I had to give it a try.  As You may already know, I clear like the food truck better.

The tacos were flavorful and huge.  They don’t use the tiny 2 inch tacos, but the ones they sell at the market. It was packed with flavorful pork, and the salad they put on top worked really well in the tacos.

The short rib burrito, which I assume caused the 30 minute wait, was a turn off for me.  The beef was chewy and tasteless.  The rice inside was mushy, and added to the blandness. Even the flour tortilla turned stale and hard, not warm and chewy.  The burrito, simply put, was not good.

Would I be stupid to come back?  No.  I wouldn’t mind getting a few Korean tacos.  I would be scared for the wait, so I would call ahead. Definitely, when the Kogi Truck is nowhere in sight, at least I know that this brick and mortar will stay put.

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Having eaten shaved snow at Class 302 and other restaurants, I was surprised to see a shop dedicated to just shaved snow.  Basically, it is frozen blocks of ice and sweetened milk. They shave it into shreds and put toppings on top.  It’s not really icey, but more of a waterless, creamy frozen shave of ice.  Difficult to explain what it really is, it is cool to look at, and eat.

The snow was delicate in texture.  It was very light and minimal.  My favorite was the mochi.  I usually get mochi balls when I go to Yogurtland, but theirs is usually the poor quality kind. The ones at Fluff Ice was nice and chewy, but soft as marshmallow.  The soft texture with the gentle snow was tasty.  It was surely a treat.

Fluff Ice is banking that froyo is out and snow is in.  Though froyo is here to stay for now, those who want a little something different might want to give it a try. You pick a flavor of ice, and your toppings, and enjoy.  The process of how they make it seems a little cloudy, but it is fun watching them shave the ice into the bowl.

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Truck Norris – Not Even Chuck Norris Can Help You

by Franklin on November 23, 2011

Truck Norris, an obvious play on words from Chuck Norris — It is an awesome name for a food truck.  I don’t know what Chuck Norris has to do with food trucks, Filipino Asian fusion even, but I guess it is catchy and epic. Makes you think that Truck Norris can count to infinity twice, or that the food can cure cancer.  At any rate, the name gives great anticipation for what the food will be like.  In all honesty,  the food doesn’t even come close the the epic-ness of Chuck Norris.

I ordered the bbq short rib bowl.  It had bbq short rib, rice, shredded cabbage, and kimchi.  For 9 bucks, I was expecting an actual meal, or at least some kind of sustenance.  The bowl had a thin layer of rice, bbq beef bits, cabbage, and kimchi.  Right when I got it, I knew it wasn’t worth it. Though the short rib was tasty, there just wasn’t enough rice to enjoy it with.  If it were a mound of hot rice to enjoy it with, I’d be happy.  Something about the dish wasn’t fulfilling.

I still don’t get the name.  Does Chuck Norris like Filipino Asian fusion?  I don’t see the relation.  I guess it’s just a cool name for a food truck.  But really, what good is a name when the food disappoints? I enjoyed Tapa Boy because the prices were reasonable and the food was good.  Yeah, I only tried one of the items on the menu, but according to them, it is one of their popular ones.  If they can’t get that right, not even Chuck Norris can help them.

Truck Norris on Urbanspoon


Mon Ami Gabi, can easily be one of my favorite restaurants in Las Vegas.  It is centrally located in the middle of Vegas, a very important thing.  The atmosphere is nice — right outside your window you can enjoy your meal with the view of the Bellagio fountains.  I remember having dinner here with my girlfriend.  It was a perfect sunset, we were seated smack dab in the middle of the fountains and enjoying our dinner.  It was a romantic and amazing meal. The food is outstanding, and you don’t get any of the snootiness you get from other French restaurants.  The price was just right.  It was magical.  I can go on and on about why Mon Ami Gabi in Paris is the best place to eat in Las Vegas.  Breakfast on the other hand, it was not the same.  There was no magic.

My first experience here was dinner, so I thought I would give breakfast a try.  We shared the bagel and lox plate.  Bagels and lox is one of my favorite breakfasts. Raw fish and cream cheese?  Count me in.  Though theirs wasn’t the best, it was still tasty.  The lox were nice and salty and had a good flavor.  I wasn’t too pleased with the bagel they gave us.  The

We shared a breakfast crepe that had bacon, egg, and cheese.  I am not a fan of savory crepes, but this one was nice and tasty.  The flavor was mild and creamy.  The cream sauce they put over it was flavorful. I wish it was filled more inside — not like a burrito, but maybe like a quesadilla.  Well, that wouldn’t be sensible now would it. (Random though: Breakfast quesadilla a good idea?  I think so!)  Being a sweet crepe person, this dish gave light to other savory crepes out there.

This time around, my Mon Ami Gabi experience was not the same.  The magic was indeed gone.  No sunset, no table by the fountain, no steak.  People say the first impression is always the most important, and I will always hang on to that first memory. The breakfast was good, but the first experience was such a pleasant one, nothing could top it.  Mon Ami Gabi will still be one of my favorite places to dine in Las Vegas.  Next up will have to be lunch.  Until then, Mon Ami Gabi will always be my friend.

Mon Ami Gabi (Paris) on Urbanspoon


As you may already know, I go to Disneyland more often than I should.  And you probably already know that Disneyland has nothing good to eat.  Seeking something good to eat, I had a chance to eat at Napa Rose, their most expensive restaurant on the property available to the public. They are touted for their amazing wine selection and fine cuisine.  It is definitely a step above the Blue Bayou — it doesn’t exude cheap pirrates and theme park rides.  Napa Rose is classier, quieter, and the experience is just more like fine dining.

We were given complimentary bread.  I like it when restaurants give you different kinds of bread to eat, not the same boring rolls or slices. The parmasan crisps were really savory, and the bread was soft.  It was a great starter.

Other than the bread, we started off with the Smiling Tiger salad.  This was a great start of the meal, and a very decadent and tasty salad.   For one, it had tempura fried lobster.  The lobster flavor was all packed inside the batter and it was crunchy and delicious. On the bottom had spicy beef, which was more of a marinated beef.  The Asian greens mixed in with the coconut lime vinaigrette was tasty.  A bit on the sweet side, but sour as well.  This was a great salad with a lot of flavor.

As we were waiting for our food, we were given portabello cream bisque in a tiny pot, compliments of the chef. To our amazement, though the wait wasn’t that absurd, we enjoyed this soup.  It was cream of mushroom, but obvious not from the can.  It was rich in flavor and warmed the belly up.  Service like this really makes eating meals so fulfilling.  After that, we felt good.

We wanted keep the Asian theme continuing from the smiling tiger, so we ordered the Sizzling Beach Rock — It was a a combination appetizer of garlic seared shrimp, soy glazed spare ribs, and lemon grass chicken skewers, and large tiger shrimp cooked on a hot beach stone. The appetizer was for sharing.  the spare ribs and chicken skewers were kind of dry.  My favorite were the garlic shrimp, though, the tiger shrimp on the beach rock was even better.  All the little sharable appetizers was such an amazing thing to look at, as well as to eat.

I ordered the grilled Kurobuta pork rack chop.  This was a Berkshire pork chop stuffed with spanish chorizo on a rustic summer garden (okra) ragu.  The pork chop was thick and the chorizo inside was amazing. Though some bites were kind of dry, the chorizo and ragu helped make each bite be juicier.

Eating here, though not inside Disneyland, it still has some magic inside.  The tall ceilings and masterfully designed interior really make this place special.  They are all about service and good food. The wine selection is impressive and food is elegant.  Napa Rose is a nice place to celebrate a special occasion, or maybe have a glass of wine.  It has all of the whimsical and magical essences of Disneyland, but for adults.

Napa Rose at Grand Californian on Urbanspoon


Hainan chicken — it looks so bland and regular, I didn’t understand it at first.  Knowing that Savoy Kitchen makes a killer Hainan chicken rice, I had to give it a try. But once I got to the restaurant, I was skeptical.  Savoy, which for the most part felt like an Italian restaurant, did not seem like a place to get authentic Hainan chicken.  I was wrong.

The Hainan chicken came out, and from the looks of it, it looked bland.  The plate was white and beige, and lacked color.  I surely did not eat with my eyes.  Once I took a bite, I was pleasantly surprised.  The chicken was moist and had a rich flavor. What makes this dish though, are the sauces.  My favorite was the ginger sauce — it just went perfectly with the chicken.  Mixing it with the soy sauce was good too.  Taking a bite of rice and chicken with sauce was a perfect mix of flavors.  Such a simple dish, but delicious.

The shrimp rolls were good too, but kind of small.  It had a nice crunch and seafood flavor. Dipping it in the sauce was even better.  I would order these again as they were a nice appetizer.

I was impressed with the creme brulee.  I didn’t know Asian restaurants had creme brulee, but I must have forgotten that this was also an Italian restaurant. The dessert was perfect.  The custardy inside was gooey.  I love breaking that caramelized hardened top.  This is a must get after a nice meal at Savoy.

In hind sight, this is a weird restaurant.  It’s more of an Italian restaurant than anything else, but they serve some of the best Hainan chicken rice around. I don’t understand it — I just accept it.  Don’t ask questions, clear your mind, and just eat.  There is a wait sometimes, as the inside and outside seating is small and cramped.  I am curious about their Italian dishes though.  I hear good things.

Savoy Kitchen on Urbanspoon


Houston’s (Irvine) – Ribs, Ribeye, And #1 Tuna

by Franklin on November 12, 2011

This may be one of my favorite restaurant chains.  Houston’s offers a home feel with a bit of class and sophistication.  It doesn’t try to be pretentious and is not image driven.  They let the food speak for itself. It is a step above Yard House, which is a large step above TGIFriday.  Though I didn’t really know what to expect, I was impressed with the food.

We ordered the spicy tuna roll salad.  On the menu, it said “inside out #1 tuna roll”.  We didn’t know what the whole #1 thing was about, so I asked the waitor.  Supposedly, that meant it was top grade tuna. The tuna was indeed fresh and wrapped with greens avacado.  I liked that the tuna was whole and not chopped up.  Well, why would anyone chop up #1 tuna anyways? The mango and lettuce salad was a nice touch. The ponzu sauce was delicious with it.  It looked too good to eat, but guess what — I did anyways.

The Hawaiian ribeye is a sure thing here.  I like my steaks rare, and they cooked mine perfectly.  It is marinated in a subtly sweet sauce and the then grilled over hardwood. The taste was amazing.  The sweetness was a nice change to a lot of steak I had in the past.  It was juicy and had a perfect fat to meat ratio.

The barbecue pork ribs were good as well.  It had a nice sauce which is important to any BBQ dish.  There was a lot of meat and flavor was definitely there, though a bit more meat would have been better — the ribs were kind of skimp. The best part of this dish was the cole slaw with parsley.  It was such a simple side dish, but it made all the difference.  The crunch from the cabbage and chew from the meat was a great combination.

Houson’s in Irvine was a great dinner.  The atmosphere was friendly and sophisticated at the same time. Food was perfect.  The price is a bit on the steep side, but you get what you pay for.  In hind sight, it was worth it.  I still dream about that ribeye.

Houston's on Urbanspoon

Houston's on Urbanspoon


I was walking and talking, and shopping along at the Miracle Mile — no, not Wilshire, but in Las Vegas inside Planet Hollywood.  I came across Lobster Me.  Lobster, undoubtedly one of my favorite seafood, stopped me in my tracks.  Right then and there, I wanted lobster — I read Lobster Me, and I wanted them to lobster me too. Walking up to the counter, I saw something even more fascinating.  Lobster ice cream!  Curious and intrigued, I had to sample some.

The lobster ice cream was not really sweet as I thought it would be.  It didn’t quite taste like lobster.  It had a seafood like taste, more of any underlying salty flavor than anything. A better name for it would have been sea water ice cream, thought it was somewhat creamy.  Interesting, yes, but I wouldn’t be able to eat a whole cup of it.  Free sample for the win!

I’d want to try their chowders and lobster roll here next time.  Having already had lunch, I wasn’t really hungry.  This is a cool spot to visit while shopping at the Miracle Mile.  It has an East Coast vibe and an old school seaport feel to it — something we don’t see in Vegas often. Stop by and try a sample of Lobster ice cream.  Where else can you get that?

Lobster me on Urbanspoon


When choosing what food trucks to try, I go by a lot of things. I see what I am in the mood for, if I heard some buzz about them, and the affordability and taste factor of their menu. Frysmith Truck serves fries that you can eat as a meal. They are all about quality and being humane. All of their meat are from free range, and they only use kurobuta pork. All of their utensils and drink containers are all biodegradable. They even reuse the fry oil to run the truck. Amazing. They go the extra mile to be better to the Earth and the animals. That kind of care shows in their food.

It seems like everyone is heading towards the Korean craze, especially with food trucks. At the Frysmith Truck, I could have had the regular chili cheese fries, or poutine, but I wanted something different. Fries and gravy? Been there, done that. I had a choice between the kimchi fries or the rojas fries.

Being Korean and all, and wanting to see what this is all about, I opted for the kimchi fries. The fries were freshly cut — it reminded me of the fries at In-n-Out. On top, they melted cheddar cheese and put a generous amount of kimchi. Though they could have added a little more pork on top, the quality was superb. The kimchi had a sweet, not too spicy aspect which was perfect with the crispy fries. The green onions brought everything together.  This hit home, yet it was so different for me. From the looks of the empty plate, it was delicious.

It was a great experience to try this food truck. Fries loaded with some of my favorite foods. What isn’t there to love? I wish I had room in my stomach to try the rojas fries which consisted of chilis, steak, and cheese. Definitely something for the future. Though the menu is small, they know what the people want. Fries with a bunch of tasty stuff on top. It doesn’t get any better.

Frysmith (food truck) on Urbanspoon


There comes a time in a man’s life where sliced bread and meat and cheese won’t work.  Regular baloney and American cheese, microwave lasagna, Lays potato chips, soup from a can — all of this won’t work.  One would need more.  Bay Cities Italian Deli is what Los Angeles needs more of — a gourmet deli market with a sense of knowing what they are doing. It needs to be a little messy and chaotic in there, but the food has to be on point.  Bay Cities Italian Deli is what every salted cured meat enthusiast wants.  Santa Monica, you are one lucky city.

So here is the short story of why we decided not to eat there, and make this into a little beach picnic.  Waiting in line, I busted out my camera.  I took one shot, and the guy behind the counter says, “no photography”. He continues to explain that since there are a bunch of paparazzi and celebrity activity there, they have a no camera policy.  See that guy in black, looking at the camera?  That was him. I quietly put my camera away in embarrassment, and moved along.  Though I did luckily get one shot of the inside, we decided to take our food to-go.

First, I will start off with the Godmother.  This is their most popular sandwich, and it comes in spicy, or mild — in which I had the latter.  I had high expectations for this sandwich, and it delivered for the most part. This thing was huge, and quite a deal for 8 bucks.  Get the works like I did, and you are looking at mayo, Italian dressing, mustard onions, pickles, lettuce, tomatoes, and a chopped pepper salad.  That’s a lot of ingredients, and we didn’t even touch upon the meat and cheese yet. You got Genoa salami, mortadella, coppacola, ham, and prosciutto. With that, layers of provolone sealed the deal.  This sandwich packs a lot of flavor.

Taste wise, this thing has a bunch of it.  A little too much maybe?  The pepper salad is very tart and vinegary.  I tend to like picked and salty things, but to others — I can see why this would be a bit much for them. The bread was another factor — by itself, probably one of the best.   It was too chewy and hard to bite through, which made the sandwich messy to eat.  Trust me, I love a nice chewy, dense bread with a crispy crust.  Eating it as a sandwich bread wasn’t functional.

We ordered some chicken wings just to try.  I would pass on these.  They were cold, salty and breaded.  The breading wasn’t crispy, but just packed with salt. The spice was there as my mouth was burning after one wing.  Try other options, as they have a lot of other stuff.

We ordered the bocconcini because we were feeling a bit like cheese. This was really tasty.  Each ball of the fresh mozzarella was delicious.  It was spiced with pepper flakes and was marinating with peppers in oil.  The texture of the fatty, buttery cheese was delicious.

I wanted some prosciutto.  Prosciutto is probably my favorite deli meat.  It is delicate and butter in texture, and it has the right amount of saltiness.  The little don Lorenzo was perfect for my craving.  It was a small torpedo sandwich stacked full of prosciutto. Inside it also had fresh mozzarella and peppers.  Though it did get boring after a while, it was deliciously meaty and salty and buttery.  Honestly, I would have just been happy with a pile of prosciutto.

For dessert, we had the mini cannoli.  This was not to my liking.  The filling tasted a bit off and outer cookie part was stale. It soaked in all of that cream and formed weird texture and taste that I can’t describe.  And the green stuff, not a clue.  I heard that they were good, but I guess I was misinformed.  Good thing I had more fresh mozzarella to wash out the taste.

Los Angeles can use a lot more markets like Bay Cities Italian Deli.  They have the right recipe.  Everything deli, they offer it.  Stay away on Mondays, because they are closed.  Their sandwiches are one of the best money can buy in Los Angeles. Relaxing at the beach, with all that good food was the best.  They really stay true to their roots.  They don’t try to change much — the just do what they usually do, and they are good at it.  The products are good as a result of that.

Bay Cities Italian Deli & Bakery on Urbanspoon


Merely Sweets – Gourmet Cupcakes And Treats Lands At Downtown Brea

November 8, 2011

Brea is the place to be when it is Halloween.  Not for the crazy party goers or drinkers, but for foodies and kids.  They hold a nice little block party for the kids and the eateries around Downtown Brea give away little treats.  At Merely Sweets, they gave away free woopie pies.  And right across […]

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Alcove Cafe and Bakery – Breakfast, Lunch, And Dessert All In One Massive Meal

November 6, 2011

Halloween was last month, but thinking now, it wasn’t even a week ago.  Having plans to go on the Hollywood Hay Ride, we needed a place to lunch near Los Feliz.  Alcove Cafe was perfect. The seating area was peaceful and the menu was plentiful.  The pay first, then sit was perfect for our group. […]

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¡Loteria! Grill (Farmers Market) – Mexican Cuisine For Winners

November 3, 2011

Trying to kill time, I made a little trip to The Grove.  Crowded as usual, we decided to watch a movie. Feeling hungry after shopping a bit, I wanted to eat something. The Grove has a few restaurants, but I wanted something quick and delicious.  The Farmers Market was my best bet.  Searching for something […]

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Burger Bar (Mandalay Bay) – Nutella Shake Is All I Need

November 2, 2011

Burger, shake, and fries.  Nothing is more American.  My cousin raved about the burgers at Mandalay Bay’s Burger Bar, so I had to give it a try. Upon walking in, it reminded me of a sports bar slash Irish pub.  It even had accents of a classic American diner.  The TV on each booth even […]

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Clancy’s Clubhouse – A Sports Bar Heading In The Right Direction

November 2, 2011

Hungry before going out to Disneyland, we needed a bite to eat. Knowing of course that Disneyland had not a single decent place to get a good meal, we decided to eat outside, but near by.  Clancy’c Clubhouse was just around the corner, and it was one of those places I always pass by, and […]

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BoHo Gastropub – Cirque Du Soleil Front Row, And No Time To Eat

November 1, 2011

This is a story of success.  It is about a perfect night that went as planned — the stars aligned, and most importantly, the food was surprisingly good.  Hungry before a show at Kodak Theatre, and barely having any time to eat, I was sad.  Nobody wants a quick hot dog or boring burgers from […]

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