Porto’s Bakery (Burbank) – Gettin’ My Cheese Roll Fix

by Franklin on May 14, 2012

Porto’s Porto’s Porto’s.  Burbank is lucky to have a Porto’s.  Any city to have a Porto’s is lucky — Glendale and Downy included.  The thing about Porto’s is that there is always a line, a long long line.  You will never find yourself inside a Porto’s and be the only one ordering something.  I never at Porto’s right when it opens, but I would guess there is a line for the door.  This is what makes Porto’s so special.  Their bakery department pumps out amazing pastries and breads along with elaborate cakes and sandwiches.  For me, I get the usual.

I must, you must, we all must get a dozen cheese rolls.  I don’t care if I ate dinner, or I am about to go eat afterwards, I am getting my dozen. Two dozen? 🙂  I can always eat them the next day, or share it with my family.  The cheese rolls are a must.  Especially warm, they are nice and custardy inside with a sugary, flakey exterior.  This savory yet sweet pastry shouldn’t be dismissed.

If you remember back from my Porto’s Bakery Glendale blog post, I wasn’t a real fan of the potato balls. Granted, I will never eat them one after another (like the cheese rolls) — they are more enjoyable this time.  They grew on me, or I was hungry that day — either way, I enjoyed them.  I even ordered the meat pies out of impulse and as a safety net of the potato balls.  The dough was chewy and meaty on the inside, flakey on the outside. There is hope for these meat filled goodies I guess.

Porto’s is a must visit wherever you are.  They have pastries and sandwiches for savory or sweet lovers.  The Burbank location was a lot more roomy and less chaotic than the one in Glendale (at least that day).  Two lines helped the crowds disperse and have everyone going happy with their boxes of treats.  After trying the Glendale and Burbank locations, I can only imagine what Downy has to offer. A definite visit when I venture to the first McDonald’s in history.

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