Fluff Ice – Snow In L.A. County, The Eating Kind Anyways

by Franklin on November 23, 2011

Having eaten shaved snow at Class 302 and other restaurants, I was surprised to see a shop dedicated to just shaved snow.  Basically, it is frozen blocks of ice and sweetened milk. They shave it into shreds and put toppings on top.  It’s not really icey, but more of a waterless, creamy frozen shave of ice.  Difficult to explain what it really is, it is cool to look at, and eat.

The snow was delicate in texture.  It was very light and minimal.  My favorite was the mochi.  I usually get mochi balls when I go to Yogurtland, but theirs is usually the poor quality kind. The ones at Fluff Ice was nice and chewy, but soft as marshmallow.  The soft texture with the gentle snow was tasty.  It was surely a treat.

Fluff Ice is banking that froyo is out and snow is in.  Though froyo is here to stay for now, those who want a little something different might want to give it a try. You pick a flavor of ice, and your toppings, and enjoy.  The process of how they make it seems a little cloudy, but it is fun watching them shave the ice into the bowl.

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