The Counter – This Is My Burger, The Way I Want It

by Franklin on February 17, 2012

Build your own burger.  That is The Counter way.  You sit down and fill out a form.  Yes.  You build your own burger and they bring it to you exactly how you want it. You want eggs? You got it.  You want a different kind of cheese?  You don’t want pickles? That’s cool.  The Counter lets you fill out a form, with many ingredients to choose from, and that is how they bring it to you.

My perfect burger was easily made.  I had sprouts, garlic aoili, sprouts, greens, and you can’t forget the runny egg.  I had my patty cooked to a perfect medium rare. The juices were flowing all over the plate.  It made the bottom bun a bit soggy, but that was fine by me.  Each bite was such a flavorful, nicely balanced mouthful.  Sometimes, I like to think the burger is good because I chose those ingredients to be together.  It makes the customer feel good, that the burger was their creation.

The parmasan fries were alright.  I think I will stick with the regular fries next time.  After a while, the parmasan cheese cooled off and just formed a web of shredded cheese over the fries. Though, it did taste really good, I would have liked it to be more crispy.

The chocolate shake was really creamy and delicious.  What is better than eating burgers and fries with a nice milk shake? I even busted a Wendy’s and dipped some of the dry fries into the milk shake.  Amazing.

The second burger was a combination made by my girlfriend.  It was special because it had double onions — grilled onions, and onion strings. The burger also had chipotle mayo and made it more of a south western burger.  The taste was rich and flavorful, a bit intense, but still very good.

Both burgers were delicious — because we got it exactly how we wanted it.  This reminds me of a Slaters 50/50 where they also let you fill out a form of how you want your burger.  Nonetheless, The Counter wants us to have our burger the way we want it.  No set menus or pre-decided ingredients — You get what you want, and how you want it. Simple.  Delicious.

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