Truck Norris – Not Even Chuck Norris Can Help You

by Franklin on November 23, 2011

Truck Norris, an obvious play on words from Chuck Norris — It is an awesome name for a food truck.  I don’t know what Chuck Norris has to do with food trucks, Filipino Asian fusion even, but I guess it is catchy and epic. Makes you think that Truck Norris can count to infinity twice, or that the food can cure cancer.  At any rate, the name gives great anticipation for what the food will be like.  In all honesty,  the food doesn’t even come close the the epic-ness of Chuck Norris.

I ordered the bbq short rib bowl.  It had bbq short rib, rice, shredded cabbage, and kimchi.  For 9 bucks, I was expecting an actual meal, or at least some kind of sustenance.  The bowl had a thin layer of rice, bbq beef bits, cabbage, and kimchi.  Right when I got it, I knew it wasn’t worth it. Though the short rib was tasty, there just wasn’t enough rice to enjoy it with.  If it were a mound of hot rice to enjoy it with, I’d be happy.  Something about the dish wasn’t fulfilling.

I still don’t get the name.  Does Chuck Norris like Filipino Asian fusion?  I don’t see the relation.  I guess it’s just a cool name for a food truck.  But really, what good is a name when the food disappoints? I enjoyed Tapa Boy because the prices were reasonable and the food was good.  Yeah, I only tried one of the items on the menu, but according to them, it is one of their popular ones.  If they can’t get that right, not even Chuck Norris can help them.

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