Hash House a Go Go – So Much Food, And Too Much Food

by Franklin on February 26, 2012

Everything about Vegas is over the top.  One of the most over the top breakfasts can be had at Hash House a Go Go.  They are known for their crazy concoctions of burgers stacked high, pancakes larger than pizzas, and breakfast plates big enough for three, four maybe. I have been to the one in San Diego, and the long wait was rewarded with plates of impossible to finish food.  Delicious at that.  Going to Vegas, knowing there was a Hash House off the strip and on the strip, my breakfast was set.

We ordered the iced pistachio mocha to start things off.  It was milky and ice cold.  The pistachio taste was subtle, but there.  It was similar to the Nutella shake at Burger Bar. The chocolate was a nice background flavor.  Imagine chocolate hazelnut (nutella) but then replace the hazelnut with pistachio. It worked!  Tasty!

The craziest dish I have ever seen was the sausage gravy pot pie.  It had scrambled egg and mashed potatoes which was normal.  This was I guess their version of sausage and biscuits, but mutated to a giant monster.  The bottom was a bowl formed by an upside down hat made of a biscuit type bread.  Inside the bowl was massive amounts of mashed potatoes which kind of sucked. There was even a bunch underneath the makeshift bowl.    I was looking for more sausage pieces, though there were some.  After a few bites of this dish, it was a bit tiring.  I don’t see how anyone can finish this dish.  Carb overload is an understatement.

My chorizo hash was sensible, but still came in a skillet.  It had jalapeno, red onion, cheddar cheese, and fresh tomatoes.  The kick from the jalapeno was a wake up call, especially compared to the monotone of the pot pie.  Chorizo is spicy as well, so this dish had a lot of flavor. The eggs were perfectly cooked over easy.  Though there was nothing special about this one, it at least kept me interested.

Hash House a Go Go is a place to go eat.  They make sure you are full, and you leave with a doggy bag every time. This is the opposite of tapas small plates.  You get one big plate, and a lot of it.  The food isn’t boring for sure.  They try to keep it interesting with interesting combinations and portions that are too big to make sense. I guess that is the fun of it all.  Vegas is all about buffets, but with Hash House, you will get enough — don’t worry.

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