Merely Sweets – Gourmet Cupcakes And Treats Lands At Downtown Brea

by Franklin on November 8, 2011

Brea is the place to be when it is Halloween.  Not for the crazy party goers or drinkers, but for foodies and kids.  They hold a nice little block party for the kids and the eateries around Downtown Brea give away little treats.  At Merely Sweets, they gave away free woopie pies.  And right across the street, free small cups of gelato. Not only was Halloween filled with free treats, but we indulged ourselves with sweets.  Merely Sweets surely treated us well.

The woopie pies were really good, and free!  The cake part was chocolate and the filling was orange.  Very Halloween.  It was not too sweet which I liked.

We ordered a chocolate peanutbutter cupcake and a nutella cupcake.  As for the cake part, it seemed to be the same base.  It was dark in color, almost black.  The cake was nice and moist, not too sweet — it was a very mild flavor but chocolatey. I could not taste the nutella much — the frosting tasted only somewhat like chocolate.  The peanutbutter chocolate was more to my liking.  It had a strong pronounced peanutbutter taste which I liked — the chocolate flavor rounded the flavors nicely. All in all, they were moist and tasty.

My favorite were the macrons.  I am not a fan of macrons because they are so expensive and I always get the weird flavors.  The macrons here were really good.  We got the hazelnut and green tea macron.  The hazelnut had a subtle nutella/hazelnut taste and was delicate. The green tea macron was more intense with flavor.  Bother were delicious and the texture was perfect — crusty on the outside, and chewy on the inside.

Merely Sweets was a great treat.  Giving free eats away for Halloween was a plus.   The inside was white with kind of chic designs and modern.  The display counter was full of desserts and the place was clean inside and out. Kind of reminded my of an Apple store, but with edible treats.  It is definitely a place to consider for a special occasion or to treat yourself with indulgence.

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