Burger Bar (Mandalay Bay) – Nutella Shake Is All I Need

by Franklin on November 2, 2011

Burger, shake, and fries.  Nothing is more American.  My cousin raved about the burgers at Mandalay Bay’s Burger Bar, so I had to give it a try. Upon walking in, it reminded me of a sports bar slash Irish pub.  It even had accents of a classic American diner.  The TV on each booth even gave it a high tech modern feel.  Either way, the burgers what I came here for, and burgers are what I had.

I had the wagyu beef burger.  It was vegas, so I had to splurge a little.  I wasn’t going to go all out with their Rossini burger which costs $60.  That one has froi gras and shaved truffle. As rich and good as that sounds, I was happy with my wagyu burger.  Though the wagyu was juicy, it was too plain.  I always felt grinding up wagyu beef for a burger was a waste. The meat was definitely the star of this burger as it was fat and dripping with grease.  The cheese blanket was pleasant too.  Can’t complain I guess.

The star of this meal was definately their milkshake.  It wasn’t an ordinary chocolate or strawberry shake.  It was a Nutella milkshake.  Once I saw Nutella on the menu, I had to have it.  The shake had chocolate ice cream, Nutella, chocolate sauce, chocolate whipped cream, topped with toasted hazelnuts. The flavor of Nutella was so pronounced and even the chocolate whipped cream was good. It was delicious.  Not “Wow, that is tasty.  This milkshake is delicious”, but “Oh my my, this thing is freaking the best-thing-ever in life delicious”.

The chef’s classic burger was a classic burger.  It had black Angus beef, crispy bacon, tomato, onions, and American cheese on a sesame bun.  This was dripping in juices and the burger was a classic.  The addition of the grilled onions made this burger awesome. It was good with the fries and sweet potato fries.

I guess my cousin was right in that the burgers were good.  I kind of didn’t like how they nickel and dime you for a slice of cheese and toppings.  Maybe the burgers were shadowed by the awesome Nutella shake.  Either way, the burgers here are worth trying, and the Nutella shake is a must order. It is a nice lunch spot near the shops.  Even though Mandalay Bay is located all the way south of the strip, I might have to stop by next time just for a shake.

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Tiger January 2, 2014 at 10:05 PM

Tiger luvs the wagyu burger with zucchini fries!


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