Luna Park – Eat This, And That, And That…

October 13, 2011

Finding out about Luna Park, I always how I missed this place on such a busy intersection, Wilshire and La Brea.  I must have passed by this place hundreds of times and didn’t even notice it.  That is the beauty of restaurant week by Dine LA. It opens up your city with wonderful eateries that […]

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Cucina Alessa – Homemade Pasta On The PCH In Newport Beach

October 13, 2011

Nothing is as comforting as Italian food. The starchy noodles and pasta with a nice warm sauce, and maybe some cheese is all it takes to feel comforted. A pint of ice cream after a bad breakup?  Try a bowl of cheesy, creamy penne.   You will be right back on your feet.  When you […]

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Tito’s Tacos – The West Side Gets Crunchy

October 5, 2011

I was driving east on Washington, going home from the beach.  I don’t know why I was on Washington, not on Venice.  Maybe to avoid traffic, or maybe it was fate.  As I passed the 405 to avoid traffic, I saw a sign that read, Tito’s Tacos. Hearing much about this place, I had to […]

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Wurstküche – Downtown Has The Best Of The Wurst

September 11, 2011

This whole experience eating at Wurstküche was kind of bizarre come to think of it.  First of all, the location is so low key.  It is located just outside of Downtown and Little Toyko.  Aside from a couple of other restaurants, Wurstküche is the only restaurants amongst the vacant lofts and warehouses. Once you weather […]

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85°C Bakery Cafe – Hacienda Heights Won The Lottery

September 1, 2011

Hacienda Heights, I commend you.  You have won the lottery.  Anyone knows the power and might of 85C Bakery in Irvine.  The lines forming and the awesome pastries, amazing!  Put one of these in any city in the San Gabriel Valley, and it will thrive.  With the grand opening of the 2nd 85C Bakery in […]

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Umami Burger – It Just Isn’t My Ideal Burger

August 1, 2011

Well let’s see.  I can say that I have had my share of good burgers.  Some were the huge messy kind, some the simple and delicious kind.  I have tried the burgers at Umami Burger a couple of times. I want to like it because so many people say it is so good, but I […]

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Bouchon (Venetian) – You Can’t Do French Without Thomas Keller

July 29, 2011

A birthday dinner has to consist of two things:  good food and good company.  Luckily, I had both.  I had some amazing food that I would never eat on a daily basis, and my favorite person next to me, who treated me out for my birthday. A birthday doesn’t get any better now does it. […]

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Cafe Vettro (Aria) – Newers isn’t Always Better

July 27, 2011

You are in Vegas.  It is late, and you don’t quite want to call it a night.  A light night snack is in order.  Where do I decide to go?  Aria.  I never seen City Center, and I wanted a cold drink and dessert. I decided to go to Cafe Vettro to kill two birds […]

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The Buffet (Wynn) – My Eyes Are Bigger Than My Stomach

July 26, 2011

There is nothing greater than stuffing your face with everything and anything for 40 bucks. I mean, that is what Vegas is all about right? Prime rib here, some macaroni here, sushi and sashimi here.  Anything you want, you got it. I know everyone has their favorite buffet at Las Vegas.  Some are die hard […]

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Jean-Philippe Pâtisserie – Chocolate Fountains and World Records (Bellagio)

July 19, 2011

Sometimes you enter a place, and you are instantly happy.  The colors and the decor just pop and makes you somewhat feel like a kid again.  This feeling I am talking about is the feeling you get walking into Disneyland or in my case, Walking into Jean-Philippe Pâtisserie. Visually this place is stunning.  The mellow […]

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A.O.C. – Appellation d’Origine Controlee Done the Los Angeles Way

July 5, 2011

Why try one dish for dinner when you can have 5, maybe 6!  It’s all about the tapas at A.O.C.  Small plates, appetizer style — a good amount is about 2 to 3 plates per person.  This place is well known for their amazing wine selection and cheese bar.  Imagine some fine wine, a great […]

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Lucille’s Smokehouse Bar-B-Que – Chain Smoking Up Some Good Eat’n

July 2, 2011

I really don’t want to like Lucille’s.  I mean.  It’s a chain.  Albeit, it is a west coast chain covering only California, Nevada, and Arizona, but still a chain nonetheless.  Even though there are a bunch of these around southern California, I am here to talk about the best one — I am talking about […]

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Bottega Louie – Downtown Los Angeles Shows Us Its Exquisite Grandeur Side

June 27, 2011

Sometimes you anticipate things and everything falls into order.  You imagine how the day will go, how everything will be, and it is.  There are days you hope for the best, and it turns out to actually be the best. I had the highest of hopes for Bottega Louie, and I can honestly say that […]

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Catal Restaurant and Uva Bar – Downtown Disney Cuisine Almost Proves Me Wrong

June 21, 2011

Having a Disneyland Pass has its perks.  Need a little pick up after a long day at work?  Go to Disneyland.  Need some excitement in your usual day?  Ride a ride at Disneyland.  One drawback about this is that there are no good eateries inside the theme park.  None.  So what is a person to […]

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The Bruery Provisions – Beer, Bread, and Butter @ this Wine and Cheese Shop

June 17, 2011

Walking around the Orange Circle in Orange, CA, I stumbled upon The Bruery Provisions.  Entering, I was amazed by the wall of beer bottles.  They had so much, I don’t know how anyone can choose from such a wide selection. They sold different kinds of wines and drinks.  What fascinated me the most was their […]

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BBQ Chicken – Spicy Does a Body Bad, In a Good Way

June 14, 2011

Eating here was just out of luck, chance, random act of randomness.  I always seen this place on Vermont in Koreatown, but we needed to eat dinner in Irvine.  I saw BBQ Chicken and thought I’d give it a try.  I went inside, and it looked promising. The name BBQ Chicken is a bit misleading.  […]

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SGV Food Truck Fest!

March 6, 2011

The San Gabriel Valley is due fora food truck fest. Most food trucks done make its way here. Usually they just hang around Los Angeles or somewhere in Orange County. Its refreshing to have something for the people in the middle. The people at SGV Food Truck will be holding a festival every first Friday […]

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Free Pancakes! (IHOP)

March 1, 2011

Get free pancakes! 7AM – 10PM at any participating IHOP restaurant.  They just ask for a small donation for the Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals.  Hey, it’s for a good cause and it’s free pancakes — you can’t lose. Click here for the website for more details. Tweet

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Earthen Restaurant – Down to Earth Chinese Cuisine

February 24, 2011

Los Angeles is full of Chinese restaurants.  You got your bottom of the barrel $1.99 combo plate in Chinatown.  You also got your “broke after dinner” places like Mr. Chow in Beverly Hills.  Regardless, Chinese food is good.  It’s salty and oily (usually a good indication of something yummy.  Earthen Restaurant located in Hacienda Heights, […]

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Happy Chinese New Year!

February 9, 2011

Chinese New Year starts with the New Moon on the first day of the new year and ends on the full moon 15 days later.  I had the pleasure to experience the celebration first hand.  As me and my girlfriend were sitting at Phoenix Food Boutique in Monterey Park, we were bombarded with loud drums […]

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