Luna Park – Eat This, And That, And That…

by Franklin on October 13, 2011

Finding out about Luna Park, I always how I missed this place on such a busy intersection, Wilshire and La Brea.  I must have passed by this place hundreds of times and didn’t even notice it.  That is the beauty of restaurant week by Dine LA. It opens up your city with wonderful eateries that you might have missed along the way.

Though Luna Park suffers from an identity crisis, I had a somewhat pleasant meal.  The part, fonedue, part bar, part artsy, yet classical restaurant offers an eclectic menu, and I got to try most of them. Before we go on any further, I want to apologize in advance for my poor photos.  It was pretty dark in there, and we were in those private booths so the lighting was a bit lacking.  Romantic nonetheless.

We started off with the warm goat cheese fondue.  It came with grilled bread and sliced apples.  The cheese was really creamy, and not as strong as I thought. Usually goat cheese is pungent in taste, but this was mild.  The apples and the goat cheese fondue was perfect together.  Whoever thought of cheese and apples together was a genius.

The marinated Hawaiian tuna poke with fried wanton chips was great too.  I am a sucker for raw fish, and this hit the spot. The wanton chips were fryed perfectly and was light and crispy.

We ordered the ham and broccoli mac and cheese.  This thing was solid.  It had a good creamy base, and the ham cubes were huge and tasty. They used mini seashell pasta, which was interesting.  Though really tasty and comforting, I wish it was a bit more tasty.  I did like the crispy crust of Parmesan on top.  That was a plus for me.

I haven’t had pork as a main dish at a restaurant in a while, and the breaded pork cutlet was a nice change up.  It was stuffed with mushrooms, gruyere, and white cheddar cheese.  The crust was nicely breaded and fried to a crispy crust. The inside was perfectly melted and oozing out with every cut of the knife.  The cranberry sauce on top was a good reminder that Thanksgiving was near.  The taste was perfect and the crispy, crunchy, gooey, and meaty textures were delicious. I didn’t care for the lemon green beans, but the mashed potatoes was a good starch for this dish.

The steak frites were delicious.  If I had it my way, I would have steak frites for every meal.  The marinated flat iron steak was topped with salsa verde.  I had mine medium rare, and my steak was cooked perfectly.  The salsa verde seasoned the beef really well.  This is one of my favorite cuts of beef, as it is has a bit to it and has a nice rich beef flavor. The fries were nice and crispy, and the arugula salad was a nice veggie side dish.  This dish was pretty solid.

A 3 course meal is nothing without dessert.  At Luna Park, they let us make our own s’mores. The molten marshmallow and bittersweet chocolate hung over a small fire. I took my spoon and put a generous amount of marshmallow and chocolate sauce on the home made graham cracker.  Each bite was delicious.  I get sick of marshmallow so 2 bites was enough for me.

I also tried the warm truffled chocolate cake with chocolate ice cream and blueberry sauce.  The cake was similar to a chocolate souffle.  It was hot and custard-like on the inside.  It was really good and had a nice crust to it.  The best was the chocolate cake.  It was pure chocolate at its purest. The blueberry sauce was a bit of a miss; I didn’t taste any blueberry at all.  It would have been perfect if the blueberry flavor was more present.  Nonetheless, it was a chocolate lovers favorite.

Eating at Luna Park was an interesting experience.  After eating all that food, I realized I had eaten a lot.  Yes a lot as in pure mass because I was stuffed, but a lot as in many different kinds of food.  Cooked stuff, raw stuff, melted stuff, and stuffed stuff, we had it all. The experience was fun, and it was an enjoyable time in that private booth of ours.

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