Jean-Philippe Pâtisserie – Chocolate Fountains and World Records (Bellagio)

by Franklin on July 19, 2011

Sometimes you enter a place, and you are instantly happy.  The colors and the decor just pop and makes you somewhat feel like a kid again.  This feeling I am talking about is the feeling you get walking into Disneyland or in my case, Walking into Jean-Philippe Pâtisserie.

Visually this place is stunning.  The mellow pastel colors just make you melt as you walk in.  It is almost like walking into a fantasy cartoon land.  All the treats and desserts displayed behind the window just makes you want to eat them all. The most fascinating thing is the chocolate fountain.  Not only is this a grand fountain of sweet melted goodness, it is record breaking.  It is the largest chocolate fountain in the world, circulating 2 tons of chocolate! Interesting to know that the largest chocolate fountain in the world is a the Bellagio in Las Vegas.  Check out the short video to see it all in action.

The decor and design is amazing, how are the pastries?  The selection they had was too much, not a bad thing.  I wanted to try them all, but only stuck with 5 things: dulce de leche brioche, nutella brioche, cheese danish, chocolate macaroons, and banana muffin.  My favorite were the brioche. Inside was a gushing amount of dulce de leche or nutella — almost too much.  By far, the nutella was better than the dulce de leche.

I was sad that they did not serve the gelato in the morning.  I just got some pastries for the road before checkout.  These pastries made the drive back to Los Angeles a little better.  AC on my face, taking a little bite of everything as I drove back home. The cool thing is, you can get a lot, and just stash them at your place back home.  Every pastry is a memory of Vegas.

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