Mi Piace – Mi Non Piace

August 9, 2011

There comes a time where Italian food is all you need.  You got carbs cooked to perfection, oils and sauces of your liking, maybe some kind of protein, and cheese.  Simple goodness.  This is all I want from Italian cooking.   Maybe I totally ordered the wrong dishes, or this place isn’t what its all […]

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Angelo and Vinci’s Ristorante – Funk meets Delicious Italian

May 23, 2011

I want to start off by saying sorry about the pictures.  Let me explain.  Entering this place, I was a bit at awe.  Things here, things there, all in a weirdly lit restaurant.  Of course the one seat that was available was dark, and under a green fluorescent light.  Perfect setting for taking great pictures […]

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Lascari’s Italian Cusina – The Garlic Saves the Day

May 19, 2011

When I think of Italian cooking, I thing of pastas, pizzas, and even salads — I rarely think about sandwiches. When I found out that Lascari’s makes some good Italian sandwiches, I was excited. We started with some bread and butter.  They also gave us this garlic mash spread.  It was really good on top […]

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Pizza Dreams Come True

February 10, 2011

Making my own pizza was a dream of mine ever since I was a little kid.  It could be how the cooks twirl the pizza dough around in the sky, or maybe the endless amount of toppings this food can hold.  Whatever the reason is, I got to build my own pizza and my dreams […]

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