Old Vine Cafe – Breakfast And Lunch In One Meal

by Franklin on October 12, 2011

Costa Mesa has some awesome breakfast spots.  Plums Cafe from my older post shows you that there is some good eating at Costa Mesa.  The Old Vine Cafe at The Camp is another great breakfast spot.  Not only is it located nicely in this modern, yet outdoorsy complex, the restaurant feels very comforting once you walk inside.

We started off with dessert.  Well, breakfast dessert.  The Blueberry Brioche French Toast  came freshly baked and was pipping hot.  I was hungry and I could not be patient; I probably burnt my taste buds a little. In hind sight, I should have waited.  Anyways, it tasted more like a bread pudding that french toast. The whipped cream and berry coulis were great with it.

We ordered an open faced sandwich.  It almost was a take on eggs benedict, southwestern style.  It had fresh biscuit, chicken sausage, scrambled eggs, chipotle gravy and queso fresco with a side of roasted potatoes. The chipotle gravy was kind of cheesy and a bit zesty.  It was good with the potatoes, and the dish was all around tasty.

The beef and truffles sandwich I ordered sounded good, but it was a bit salty for my taste.  I usually like salty foods, but this was was too salty.  It had thinly sliced rib roast and Italian white truffle cheese.  I don’t know if it was the cheese of the garlic aioli that was salty. It might have been the beef.  The potatoes though were good as a side dish and were perfectly seasoned.

It was a great breakfast.  The portions were good and the taste was definitely there. I think if they tweak their dishes a little and get it more refined, the food would be perfect. The decor is nice and so is the location. Space is limited so prepare to wait a little. Not to worry. It is quite peaceful at The Camp.

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