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Shin Sen Gumi Yakitori & Shabu Shabu – Monterey Park’s Very Own

November 22, 2013

Shin Sen Gumi is one of those places that I always pass by on the corner of Atlantic and Garvey, but never gave it a thought. It might be the location, or it might be the quite plain writing, but I never thought twice about it. I do remember passing by it often though. After […]

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Kamon – Unfair Comparison

November 5, 2013

Excluding Newport Seafood, a handful of Chinese/Taiwanese cafes, and Boiling Crab, it’s slim pickings when it comes to eating out in the City of Industry. I was in the mood some some proper sushi, and besides Akasaka, I couldn’t find any. I heard some good things about Sushi Kamon, and wanted to give it a […]

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Gen Korean BBQ – Top Notch AYCE

October 14, 2013

If you didn’t know by now, I am Korean. I grew up on rice, kimchi, and SPAM. Now in my late 20’s, I don’t get to eat my mom’s cooking as often. I think these days, the closest thing I get to Korean cuisine is Korean BBQ. One of my all time favorite Korean BBQ […]

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Bachi Burger – Oxtail Fries, and Something Called the Ronin

August 23, 2013

Is it? Is it the best burger in Las Vegas? On the strip, you are definitely not going to find the best burger in Las Vegas. Trust me. I tried looking — this means I spent a lot of cash paying for subpar burgers. Luckily, just before you hit Vegas on the 15, exiting East […]

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The Spice Table – Four Courses, and all I Want is the Kaya Toast

August 7, 2013

The Spice Table was on my radar last year, and I was fortunate to have finally eaten here. Thanks to Dine LA, I had a chance to try a lot of their items. Bryant Ng, chef and owner of The Spice Table explores his Singaporean roots with traditional dishes. Arguably one of the best new […]

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Din Tai Fung – Perfection in the form of Xiao Long Bao

August 3, 2013

Like most good restaurants, Din Tai Fung has humble beginnings. In 1958, Bingyi Yang and his wife, workers of a former oil company decided to start their own oil business. After much hardships and trying to make their business grow, they expanded in the 1980s by selling steamed dumplings. Word got out of their delicious […]

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LA Rose Cafe – Breakfast and Lunch All in One

July 14, 2013

When it comes to Filipino food, there isn’t much selection in Los Angeles. Though more than most cities, my go to Filipino restaurants are slim to none. You have Max’s, though very much a chain, still produce pretty good fried chicken and traditional dishes. One little gem I found in Hollywood is LA Rose Cafe. […]

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Salo Salo – Lechon is All I Need

June 4, 2013

Most people don’t appreciate Filipino food enough. Of all the Asian cuisine, Filipino food is the most underrated, and for me, is one of my favorites and my least favorites. I know that makes little sense, but bear with it. As Korean, Thai, Chinese, and Japanese food all have their signature items, so does Filipino […]

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Kobawoo House – Koreatown’s Bossam

May 13, 2013

What can I say about Koreatown? In fact, what good things can I say about Koreatown? I can’t really think of anything, sadly. It’s dirty, over populated, and it’s pretty much the “New Jersey” of Los Angeles. As a Korean American, I grew up eating and breathing Koreatown. My parents, like almost all Koreans, do […]

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Izakaya Honda-Ya – Fullerton’s Very Own

April 20, 2013

When I think of Honda-Ya, I think of Yakitori. When I think of Yakitori, I think of snacks. No meal was eaten on a stick. Never! That is unless you get a lot of grilled meats on a stick, and maybe some rice, and other small items. Yeah, then that can be a meal. Honda-Ya […]

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Hama Sushi – Sashimi Everywhere but not a Camera in Sight

October 15, 2012

You are transformed walking into Hama Sushi. You throw out all of your standards of what you thought good sushi is and allow their sushi chefs to take rein. My experience at Hama Sushi was authentic as can be, and sadly, I am only able to share this with you through words. Their no camera […]

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Chomp Chomp Nation – Singaporean Food Truck Serving Raffles, Not Ruffles

September 25, 2012

This by far is the most interesting food truck I ever came across. Not that the food truck looked different, but I guess it was because they served Singaporean food. I never really had Singaporean food so this was interesting to me. The flavors and style of the food was unique enough to the point […]

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Los Angeles Food & Wine – Asian Night Market Hosted by: Andrew Zimmern

August 13, 2012

The night was a bit warm, but that didn’t stop the thousands from enojoying food and wine at LA Live’s Nokia Plaza. Upon events held on Friday, August 10, 2012, one was the Asian Night Market hosted by Andrew Zimmern. It brought tasted from Asian with a California twist. With 30 different chefts dishing out […]

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626 Night Market – Asian Food Everywhere in Pasadena

August 2, 2012

Night markets in Asia are ridiculous, so I hear. Lines and lines with no end, crowds from should to shoulder, moving along in a slow manner. Food of every kind, from the typical to the not so typical. This is what night markets are, and I think this is what the 626 Night Market brings […]

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SimBaLa – Sausage on Rice with a Side of Stinky Feet

July 15, 2012

How often do I eat Taiwanese food? Not often. When I heard of SimBaLa in Rowland Heights, I made it my duty to give it a try. Looking at the picture of the sausage and rice online, I was looking forward to trying this place. Sometimes, going into foreign restaurants scare me, but this time […]

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Granville – An Organic and Fresh Detour From Shopping

July 4, 2012

The Americana has a hefty amount of restaurants to choose from. Most are on the high end, a few are on the mid to low end. Granville aims to meet the upscale style and atmosphere with down to earth cuisine. I thought of it as a non commercialized Cheesecake Factory, though it sets itself up […]

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Daikokuya (Little Tokyo) – A Quick Bite Turns Into Tradition

June 22, 2012

It’s Friday, the work week is done, and you just a bit to eat with your coworkers. That is how it usually goes down, and I have to say, Happy Hour isn’t in our best interest. Some how, some way, we always end up at Daikokuya. That is officially our go to spot. Someone suggests […]

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Palm’s Thai Restaurant – Asian Elvis is in the House, but not Today

June 1, 2012

Palm’s Thai restaurant wasn’t what I expected at all. Their infatuation with Elivs itself is weird to me. No they are not in Thai Town, but yes they are in Hollywood. Maybe the Hollywood in them gives them the urge and need to be a little out there. Hollywood is full of surprises, and this […]

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Mitsuru Cafe – Hockey Pucks Never Tasted This Good

May 20, 2012

The Japanese Village Plaza in Little Tokyo is such a fitting name for that place. Take away the busy sounds of the city and the tall buildings, and you are left with an actual Japanese village. Central to the plaza is a small eatery called Mitsuru Cafe. Though they serve full on meals from curry […]

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Dim Sum Express – Get Your Shui Mai and Pork Buns Really Fast

May 4, 2012

Where have you been to where the food comes out quickly, and is tastier for that? Never. It is safe to say that the speedier the service, the crappier the food. Dim Sum Express is exactly what it is, and is exactly what you expect. Quick food, which is more convenient than fast, brought to […]

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