Malibu Seafood is a small stand situated on the Pacific Coast Highway, just at the start of Corral Canyon Park.  People cruising down PCH can stop at this small shop and find some of the freshest seafood. There is a small fish market inside as well as a tank of lobsters and crab.  Everything looked fresh — No wonder there was a line almost out the door.

I always try to get the clam chowder.  If it is on the menu, I will most likely get it.  You would think that a seafood spot right next to the beach would have the perfect clam chowder. That isn’t always so.  Though the clam chowder was tasty, it lacked a good thickness that I like.  Maybe I am being too particular, but I like my chowder thick, almost like the consistency of oatmeal or grits.  Anyways, it was a good start nonetheless.

We could not resist the fresh dungeness crab.  Just recently, I enjoy eating this stuff.  Before, it was a chore and didn’t even bother trying to eat it.  After learning how to dissect the legs and body, and figuring out how to get into all the nooks and crevices, I learned that crab is delicious. At Malibu Seafood, the meat was fresh and cooked perfectly.  I was a little disappointed that the flavor of the crab was missing.  It was as if the salty seawater flavor was gone.  Luckily, we had butter to save the day.

What I did like was their fried oysters.  Popping them in my mouth, it was an explosion of ocean flavor. The breading could have been a bit crispier, but the oysters were definitely fresh.  It had an amazing flavor, and I have to say, oysters are so good.  They are like highly concentrated sea flavor in a shell.  Awesome.

What is better than fresh seafood off the side of the PCH?  The cool breeze with the view of the ocean and eating good seafood.  This is what the beach is all about. Los Angeles has some good beaches, and Malibu is one of the finest.  The beach and seafood go hand in hand.  If you are on the PCH and see this establishment on the side of the road, stop and see what all the fuss is about.

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I feel bad for those who are allergic to shellfish.  You can’t eat crab? lobster? shrimp? Wait, is shrimp considered a shellfish? I think so.  Anyways, I do feel bad for you, because that stuff is some of the best stuff the ocean has to offer.

I love Boiling Crab — I also love to boil crab.  Maybe that’s because I love crab and because seafood is good stuff!

The vibe you get at Boiling Crab (BC) is a Cajun seaport theme serving up seaside fare.  For some reason, I feel like someone in a pirate outfit would fit in nicely.  It’s very casual, and very messy.  They even let you write on the walls.  The one in Alhambra has every inch covered with writing.  One bad thing about coming to BC is that there is most likely a wait.  I remember one time, my family and I had to wait almost 2 hours! For a restaurant that has so many people wanting to eat there, it has to be good.

The food is exceptional.  What’s on my table?  If I am a little tight with my budget, I usually go for the shrimp and some corn.  Maybe throw in some clams in there with some Cajun fries.  The fried catfish basket is great too.  On days I want to splurge, I splurge.  I order the dozen raw oysters and finish it off with some dungeons crab.  I tried the craw fish (crayfish), and I realize that I am not a fan of it.  It’s pretty much a small lobster that is yields little meat for a lot of work.  I’ll stick to my shrimp.  All of this seafood won’t be what it is without the sauce — the reason why this seafood is so good is because of the sauce.

Sauce is important in your meal.  It is the main flavor element.  At BC, you can choose from Cajun spices, garlic butter, or lemon pepper.  Most people get the “whole sha-bang” — this is a combination of all three sauces.  This place is a fan for those who like spicy food because they can go from really mild, to “XXX” spicy.  You can get this seasoning for your fries as well. I tried the most spicy level, and it is really spicy.

You have to be careful because you may regret eating “all that spicy spice” the next morning.  You will reek of garlic and spices.  Your friends will plug their noses when you talk to them, and vampires will stay away.  You will constantly reminded that you ate at Boiling Crab last night.  Is that a bad thing?  I don’t think so. 🙂

The Beginning

Eating at Boiling Crab is really a great experience.  You wait  for  hours, put on a bib, and make a mess.  You get fresh fish and seafood with amazing flavor.  It is a seafood lovers paradise and is definitely a go to spot when I need my seafood fix.

The End

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