The Best Day of My Life

by Franklin on January 10, 2015

The best day of my life wasn’t my wedding day. Before you go and start judgin’ me, you should hear when the best day of my life was — it was my first date with my now wife. We went out for some green tea and talked while looking out at the view on top of Summit House. That is why Summit House is such a special place for us and naturally, decided to have our wedding reception there.

The most fun day of my life was my wedding day. Not only did I get to marry the love of my life, but I got to spend the whole day with my closest friends and family. We celebrated with good food and with the people I love. As a service minded individual, I wanted to cater to our guests as much as possible, and food was the center of it all. I made sure our guests ate everything that we liked — a small scaled food event if you will. A food blogger’s wedding has to be centered on delicious food right? I expect to plan a wedding only once, so I made sure it was a dang good one.

The Pre-Party
Guests enjoyed vegetable crudités cups, cheese, crackers, and an open bar. What was on the bar menu? Midori Melanie and Franklin Old Fashioned. Sadly, I wasn’t around to enjoy the delights, but Summit House did a great job in getting everything in order.

The Party
Guests enjoyed quite possibly the best prime rib in Orange County. Well, at least my favorite. Summit House was probably Non red meat eaters had a choice from chicken or fish. I wish our photographer took pictures of the food, but as far as wedding food goes, it was pretty amazing. Not only did our guests get to eat delicious food, but they were able to share a spot that is near and dear to us.

The Dessert Table
Thanks to Beverly’s Best based in Fullerton, CA. They hold a special place in our hearts as well. Fullerton was our stomping ground and it was nice to have one of our favorite bakeries in the area to cater our desert table. From delicious cake pops, lemon bars, macarons, cupcakes, and cookies, the desserts were a hit. Guests gobbled them up and we were left with a barren table at the end of the night.

The Cronut
Joining the dessert table were the cronuts. Well, not really a cronut, but a crullant (croissant/cruller). Semisweet Bakery in Downtown was awesome enough to make us a large order of some of their crullants. Topped in a blueberry (purple) glaze, the crullants were amazing. These were special to us because they were our first encounter with the “cronut” and we fell in love. Believe me when I say that I contacted Dominique Ansel Bakery in New York for the real thing. Them catering our wedding was pretty much impossible, but I tried for myself and our guests. 🙂

The Cold
A special thanks goes out to Creamistry! They were kind enough to come out with their nitrogen tanks and serve our guests with nitrogen frozen ice cream. Our flavors were taro (the purple went with our theme and we both love taro) and Cap’n Crunch (because it’s my favorite). There definitely was a line for this one, but luckily we got to cut in line. By far, Creamistry is our favorite nitrogen ice cream and if you already didn’t know, I am a Cap’n Crunch addict. 🙂

The Cake
A special thanks to King’s Hawaiian for making the perfect wedding cake for us. The flavors included Hawaiian Paradise (passion fruit, guava, and lime) and a traditional white cake. I wanted to have the whole thing with the Paradise flavor but the wife wanted two flavors. Hey, compromise is the key to a happy marriage. The Paradise cake is probably my favorite cake in all of Los Angeles, and to have a 3 tier cake like this was perfection. Not only was it decorated perfectly, but the cake is always delicious from King’s Hawaiian.

The End
The best day of my life was our first date, and that culminated to the most fun day of my life. It was a celebration of love with everything food.

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