Angelini Osteria – The Proper Way of Turning Thirty

by Franklin on October 20, 2014

Every man and woman’s journey changes when they turn 30. My 30th was well received, at least better than others’. I didn’t have a mental breakdown or go skydiving to feel young again. Angelini Osteria was the perfect place to celebrate my birthday. It’s elegant, mature, and the food was quite polished — just as a 30 year old should be. I’ve been wanting to go to Angelini Osteria for years now, and finally, the day came. I had high expectations and all were met — Angelini Osteria made turning 30 all too special.

The crisp flatbread was well received. It was light, flavorful and a perfect snack before our wonderful dinner. Back in the day, Angelini Osteria used to serve a variety of complimentary breads. Either it got too expensive or guests were just getting too full on the bread. I think the light crisp flatbreads were good enough. It kept us in check and made sure we didn’t get full before dinner.

We were given a bowl of lentils as an amuse-bouche. The lentils were perfectly prepared and the seasoning was quite nice. It was a little spicy, not in a Tabasco sense, but more like a peppery, fruity sense. Each bite had a nice “al dente” feel. I just wish I had a spoon to enjoy the last bits on the bottom of the bowl.

We started off with the bone marrow appetizer dish. This fatty, rich dish was a good start. A nice mix of gnochetti and saba sauce helped mix the bone marrow together. The near liquid fat and chewy gnochetti was perfect together. It was comforting like a mac and cheese dish, but on a while new level. If you like bone marrow, you will love this dish.

We absolutely loved the polipo dish. The warm octopus with arugula and cherry tomatoes was such a simple dish, but perfectly executed and probably one of my favorites of the night. The octopus was perfectly prepared. It had a nice char on the outside and almost had the consistency of being fried. The crunch from the outside and nice meaty softness on the inside was almost fried pork belly-esque. The bitterness from the arugula and the sweetness from the cherry tomatoes played nicely together. That octopus though — I can’t wait to have it again.

Most would say that the Lasagne Verde is their signature dish. I remember reading up on this dish and seeing how popular it was. I though to myself, “this must be some lasagna.” I never really order lasagna at restaurants or eat it at home. It just seems so casserole-like and they all taste the same. I was really debating ordering this dish. At the end, the rave reviews got to me and had to order it, of course regretting it afterwards. The dish tasted like any other lasagna. The beef and veal rage was tasty, don’t get me wrong. Maybe it needed to be more saucy or creamy? I don’t know what it is, but lasagna is the least sexiest dish to order. Giada De Laurentiis chose this for The Best Thing I Ever Ate? Look below for Franklin Park’s Beat Thing I Ever Ate.

Well, I don’t know if this was the best thing I ever ate in my life. That is a loaded subject all in itself, but this was the best of the night. The Uni linguini was pristine and simple, but all the more delicious. The fresh made pasta made all the difference and was cooked to a perfect al dente. The uni cream sauce was so rich and flavorful. This had a lot of uni and so much seafood essence. I’ve had a few uni pastas from Los Angeles, and Angelini Osteria has them all beat.

Angelini Osteria is an Italian staple for Los Angeles. It’s been around for quite some time now. They have a rich history and definitely consistently delicious. Angelini can easily be one of LA’s best Italian spots. I’ll be looking back and thinking what turning 30 was all about. I don’t know what turning 30 is all about, but I do know what I ate when I turned 30.

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