Afters Ice Cream – And the Milky Bun Happened

by Franklin on June 24, 2014

Oh the milky bun. Being one of the food trends of 2014, the milky bun is a hit that started in Orange County. AFTERS Ice Cream shop in Fountain Valley started it all. Started by two trend setting clothing designers, the milky bun is a simple recipe. A somewhat warm donut stuffed with cold ice cream. That is all. Honestly though, ice cream and donuts is the golden combination. It’s like brownies and ice cream, but better? Yeah, I would say so.

I had to get two milky buns. I waited in a somewhat short line for it, though still out the door, I had to get my wait’s worth. I got the jasmine milk tea milky bun and cookie monster milky bun. The cookie monster is cookie monster blue, and has chunks of Oreo and chocolate chip. The ice cream itself was very good. I especially liked the jasmine milk tea ice cream. It had that clean taste and wasn’t too sweet. I wasn’t a fan of the cookie monster. It had a very chemically taste to it that wasn’t pleasant.

The Milky Bun is a good concept, but I rather have good ice cream just by itself than it inside a doughnut. The doughnut itself is quite unimpressive. I would rather have really good ice cream and top it off with a regular donut from my local donut shop or a Krispy Kreme. I like the concept a lot, and it seems to be quite popular with the crowd. I’m telling you though, if someone figures out how to make really good donuts and ice cream, that will steal the show.

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