Santouka Ramen (Costa Mesa) – Mitsuwa Marketplace with some Japanese Ramen

by Franklin on February 18, 2014

It has been a while since I wrote a blog post on Orange County eats. Not that I don’t have love for the OC, its just not exciting to eat here anymore. All of the restaurants are too chain like. Except for a small few, all of the eateries are just average. To me, the most exciting thing is when restaurants far away make it close by to me. One such restaurant, a chain nonetheless is Santouka Ramen. With restaurants all around the world, I am happy to have them in LA and Orange County. I don’t have to travel to Japan to have good ramen.

The bowl of ramen was better than most. I appreciated the al dente noodles and the texture of the alkaline noodles at Santouka was perfect. It had a nice bounce and bite feel. The broth was a bit lukewarm, but still tasted amazing. My favorite of course was the char sui pork. It was fatty and deliciously tender. The vegetables were fresh and the bowl of ramen as a whole was balanced. This was a great bowl of ramen and competes with the best of them.

To some, ramen at a restaurant is foreign to them. All they know is the stuff that comes in a package or a cup. Ramen to me is comfort food. The warm broth and the fried noodles turned half pliable is all that I need on a cold winter night. Ramen broth and noodles is such a hard thing to perfect, especially from scratch. I wouldn’t know the first thing about creating the broth. Yes, having ramen from a bag or cup is quite satisfying and delicious. Just pop in a soft boiled egg and you are golden. Once you experience good ramen with legitimate broth, it makes all the difference.

Santouka Ramen on Urbanspoon

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HungryGirl Mills February 19, 2014 at 8:48 PM

I totally agree with you! The ramen was surprisingly good. But I will say Mitsuwa never seems to disappoint with most of their food court choices. What would you say your favorite OC Ramen spot is?


Franklin February 20, 2014 at 9:11 AM

Have you tried Ramen Yamadaya in Costa Mesa? It’s pretty good. I still like Santouka, only because I like to shop at the Costa Mesa Mitsuwa.


HungryGirl Mills February 24, 2014 at 5:39 PM

Oh no I haven’t! I will have to give it a try and write it up on my blog:


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