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Peppermill – A Ten Egg Omelet and Water that Makes Fire | DineDelish

Peppermill – A Ten Egg Omelet and Water that Makes Fire

by Franklin on May 19, 2013

Peppermill Restaurant is amazing and it’s such a unique place. One section of the restaurant is a lounge, called the Fireside lounge. Inside is a bar and seating area for drinks and food. In the middle sits a fire pool where guests can gather and sit around. Neon lights are everywhere. On the main dining area side, you have a typical diner that is flashy and designed to the maximum. The neon lights are a bit toned down and the natural light is able to come in. Waitresses in a skirts a little too short come around in diner style uniforms. The whole experience was quite special.

As we were waiting for our table, we decided to hang out at the Fireside Lounge. Sitting in front of a fire and bubbling pool of water, we enjoyed a nice cup of hot cocoa. Not only was it relaxing, but the neon lights and fire water craziness was kind of trippy. With lights and mirrors everywhere, you get a bit lost in this place.

Not only is the diner aesthetically spectacular, but the food is great too. The one thing everyone mentions about Peppermill is the portions. Never have I ever complained about having too much food, but really, Peppermill over does it on the food. I mean, one dish can probably feed up to 3 hungry girls, or just 1 Frank. I wasn’t able to finish my food, and I was full to the maximum. Nobody has ever eaten here and said, “Hmm, I’m still a little hungry. Who wants dessert?” That is crazy talk. I have never seen portions this big! I guess that is what the Peppermill is all about — good diner style food with huge portions.

I ordered the Maserati omelet. Maserati being an Italian car company, this omelet was done Italian style. Filled with sausage, jack and cheddar cheese, mushrooms, and Italian meat sauce the omelet had a lot of flavor. I never thought of putting meat sauce on a omelet, but it made sense. The mushrooms were hearty and the sausage and meat sauce made this full of protein. If that wasn’t enough protein, this omelet packs it in with 10 eggs. Yeah. This omelet was made with 10 eggs. 3 eggs is enough for an omelet — 4 or 5 eggs is a lot — this one had TEN! Even so, this omelet wasn’t “eggy.” The jack and cheddar cheese melted nicely, but the sprinkled of parmesan cheese made this Italian to the max. It was hearty and after a few bites, I was tired of it. It was just a lot of food. Just to add to the madness of a lot of food, there was a huge heap of hash browns on the side. Unfortunately, they were good — crispy on the outside and tender on the inside. A perfect mix of ketchup and Tabasco made them even better. Oh what a breakfast.

To add to the gorge fest was the Southern Fried Steak and Eggs. I had to get the southern fried steak — we were in a diner after all. The steak was fork tender and I didn’t need a knife. The breading was perfect and crunchy, but the country sausage gravy was a bit tiring. I jazzed it up with some more Tabasco. And yes, I put some on the hash browns and eggs as well. This was a lot of food, almost to a point where it was sickening. A lot of fruit and vegetables is one thing, but a lot of starchy potatoes with a lot of fried beef lathered with much too rich country sausage gravy was just horrifying. I packed all the food in a to go box and left.

This place is for the hungry — really hungry. Actually, the really hungry still won’t finish this stuff. Only athletes and swimmers like Michael Phelps will finish these meals. Definitely over 2000 calories, (> 3000?) these meals are definitely meant to be shared. Though the food was memorable, only because of the size, it was still a fun experience. The lounge was relaxing and different, and the dining area was fun to be a part of. And of course, it was crazy to see all of these oversized plates with mounds and mounds of food. Peppermill is open 24-7, so you can enjoy this place any time. I’m pretty sure the crowd is different at night and might consider it next time.

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