Blu Jam Cafe – Kamil’s Breakfast and the Best Eggs Benedict?

by Franklin on March 7, 2013

I always wanted to give Blu Jam Cafe a try. I always see massive lines outside on the weekends and heard so much about their breakfasts. As you may already know, breakfast on the weekends is my favorite. It gives a great feeling and gets you through the day of whatever fun things you have planned on Saturday or Sunday. It just wakes you up. Finally eating at Blu Jam Cafe on Melrose, I got exactly what I expected. The food was down to earth and the ambiance was friendly and comforting.

I am a sucker for eggs Benedict. It is probably because of the runny egg yolk. Scratch that — I am a sucker for runny egg yolks, and what better dish to have it that eggs Benedict. The Blu Jam Benedict had poached egg on a toasted English muffin. Amidst all that was black forest ham and crispy bacon. Drizzled with a heaping portion of the tastiest hollandaise, this dish was nearly perfect. The side of potatoes were great with the hollandaise. Everything was just creamy and delicious.

Owner, chef, and sommelier Kamil Majer has something special on the menu. It is her breakfast! Kamil’s breakfast is a pasta style breakfast bowl — It had pan roasted macaroni scrambled with eggs, smoked bacon, ham, garlic, chives, and topped with cheddar. The blend of ingredients was perfectly balanced. The flavors were just hearty and comforting. After a few bites, it got a bit boring — I added a dash of hot sauce to keep it interesting. Maybe adding some tomatoes would have livened it a up a bit. On top maybe some sour cream? Maybe I am just making this into a breakfast nacho bowl aren’t I? Anyways, the bowl is jam packed with ingredients. Just remember the hot sauce.

In a word, Blue Jam Cafe is awesome. The food is so down to earth and it has just enough class to be comfortable. Think of The Griddle Cafe with less “traffic” and more room for your elbows, and of course, smaller portions. Breakfast is such an important part of the day, especially on the weekends. Blu Jam Cafe has the right food and the right ambiance to keep me happy and satisfied throughout the day. Usually packed for breakfast, I can only imagine how it is for lunch and dinner — the latter two would definitely be part of the agenda for the future. Until then, breakfast is always king.

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