Fonuts – Fake Donuts & Fake Doughnuts

by Franklin on November 5, 2012

Fonuts? What in the world is a fonut? On Their website, it give a definition. [Fo•nut] n. – A doughnut that is baked and/or steamed, never fried. The origin is from faux-donut. Well, faux means false or fake, so I guess a fonut is a fake donut. A wannabe? No. Don’t make the mistake of calling these things donuts, because they are not! Fonuts are baked, not fried. Score for those watching their waistline. They more more cake than anything else — cakes that are in the shape of a donut. Don’t let that detract you from trying these bad boys. They are good in their own way.

In this mix, you can see chocolate hazelnut (GF), maple bacon, rosemary olive oil, peanutbutter and jelly, chorizo cheddar, and red velvet. The chocolate hazelnut, for being gluten free was one of my favorites. Though it broke and fell apart in my hands, the hazelnut crumble was quite nice. The maple bacon to me had the most intense flavor. Topped with a lot of bacon, the sweet maple and salty bacon made a nice combo. The weird ones were the olive oil rosemary and chorizo cheddar. The olive oil rosemary was bland and bready — it might have well been rosemary bread. The chorizo cheddar was interesting — it had a nice spice with cheddar, but still more bread than, dare I say, “donut”. The peanutbutter and jelly was familiar and a good take on the fonut experience. And of course, you can’t go wrong with red velvet, though, you are better off getting the cupcake next door at Doughboys.

The experience at Fonuts was a positive one. When I ate them at Taste of LA event was much better. Their fake donuts were addicting and rich in flavor. This time around though, only the sweets were considered — the savory fonuts were a total miss. Maybe my brain is geared to think that donuts, I mean, fonuts are supposed to be sweet and the thought of a savory donut is totally rejected by my brain. Honestly though, they are quite tasty. Considering these are baked not fried (super healthy) and still sweet and tasty, that is a feat in itself. I can see myself drinking my morning brew with fonut in hand. Maybe fake isn’t so bad after all.

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