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Secret Pizza / NNPK (Cosmopolitan) – I Play a Game of Hide and Seek with Food | DineDelish

Secret Pizza / NNPK (Cosmopolitan) – I Play a Game of Hide and Seek with Food

by Franklin on September 14, 2012

Secret Pizza is just what Cosmopolitan is about — Mysterious, a bit of deviant. I mean, where else will you find a pizza joint with no markings or signs of any nature. No Name Pizza Kitchen? Check. This place isn’t even in the resort directory — not on the Cosmopolitan website, nothing! How I came across this place, I have no clue, but I sure am glad I stumbled upon this place. After a journey around the Cosmopolitan, up and down elevators, back tracking and such, the mission was complete. At first, I couldn’t find it and thought, “maybe it doesn’t exist”. Walking through the hallways, I smelled the scent of freshly baked pizza dough. Thinking it was an oasis of some sort, I convinced myself I wasn’t going crazy. Literally following the scent of that yeasty goodness, I was finally at the small little hallway entrance that led to Secret Pizza AKA NNPK (No Name Pizza Kitchen).

The Inside was interesting. The hall way was filled with framed pictured, side by side. A relatively small place, the inside had a few pinball machines, flat screens, white walls, and hungry diners. Not a hint of Cosmopolitan’s design cues bleed into the restaurant — You are no longer at the Cosmopolitan, not even Vegas for that matter. You are totally transformed into this small hole in the wall pizza joint in New York City.

With each slice near 5 bucks, we opted for a whole pizza. We ordered it half white and half meatball with pepperoni. The white pizza was my favorite which had mozzarella, ricotta, and garlic. The garlic was fragrant and savory and the mozzarella and ricotta gave it a smooth texture. It didn’ have any meat, but I preferred the white pizza over the meatball and pepperoni. The meatball and pepperoni was tasty, but it tasted to normal for me. It was a bit salty, but still very delicious. The crust on both pizzas were very impressive. Though not cooked in a wood burning oven, it was as close to a Neopolitan style pizza as can be. The slices were large and thin, and could hold its own compared to any pizza from New York City.

If there were to be a secret pizza joint with no names, no marque of any kind, Cosmopolitan would be the place to have it. But then again, with word of mouth, and the scent across the hallways, people won’t have a hard time finding it. I think looking for the place is half the fun of it all. The excitement of trying the pizza, getting your pizza in unmarked white pizza boxes, its all part of the dining experience. I was amazed by their pie, probably some of the best I ever had. All you have to do is go find it. You may be wondering, exactly where is this place exactly? There isn’t a sign, but you will find a “Marquee”. You can always message me for the exact location, or just do some Google searching. I, for one would like to it a secret, and leave that adventure in your hands.

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