Intelligentsia – Coffee for Grown-ups, Hidden Inside Culver City’s Akasha

by Franklin on August 5, 2012

I’ve been hearing a lot about Intelligentsia.  Coffee to me is just a daily routine — I need it to wake up.  On hot days, I like it iced.  On cold days, I like it hot.  I am not a big coffee conoissoure.  A simple refill in my coffee mug from 7Eleven with some hazelnut cream will keep me happy.  Though I don’t know “good” coffee, I know what bad coffee tastes like. I had to give this coffee shop a try. Located next to Akasha, actually located inside Akasha, it’s not really a separate building — it is more of having an Intelligentsia inside of the restaurant. I thought this was interesting, and maybe the trend of having coffee shops inside restaurants will start to grow.

I tried the iced coffee and iced green tea.  The coffee was actually really good.  Not overly strong like Starbuck’s coffee of the day, and not too watered down.  The green tea was good too.  Though I don’t like fruit infused tea, this one had a very subtle fruit flavor.  The change from the my normal, straight green tea was refreshing.

The interior was nice and very relaxing.  I liked the dark wood colors and home feeling I got when I walked in. I can see myself sitting down with a nice cup of coffee and working on some blog posts. Filled with books on cooking and other culinarily related reading material, I thought it would be fun to just hang out here and read book while drinking some dang good coffee. Having only been to the one in Culver City, I can only imagine the ambiance of the other locations. Though not an official location, it was nice to get a taste of the Intelligentsia coffee. As my taste buds grow up a bit for good quality coffee, I will graduate to the other locations.

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