Firefly – Snack Time With a Little Tapas

by Franklin on July 11, 2012

It seems to be that everywhere you go, tapas is the hot new topic. Small plates are awesome. You can have as many plates as you want, and variety makes us all happy. You don’t have to order 1 dish and be stuck with it. If you order one wrong dish, you at least have 3 other ones that are good. Tapas is shareable, and at one sitting, you can easily have tried 10 different dishes. For those saving money or not too hungry, its a good way to save money and just get snacking items. It doesn’t seem like tapas is going away anytime soon. Firefly in Las Vegas, not too far from the strip. They have some of the best tapas in Vegas, and the atmosphere is very relaxing. Stumbling upon this spot, I could only wis it were on the strip, inside the comforts of a resort.

Their stuffed dates were on point. Wrapped in bacon, the salty and the sweet was working perfectly together. Also stuffed with smoked almonds, it gave it a nice nutty flavor as well as a good crunch. A sprinkle of blue cheese made everything round out nicely. When you are talking about tapas, stuffed dates is automatically in the conversation. The ones at Firefly were nothing short or spectacular. The red wine reduction was a nice touch to the stuffed dates. This is a must order when you are at Firefly.

The filet minon sliders were surprisingly tasty. Topped with blue cheese and fried onion straws, the sliders were rich. The fried onions gave it a good crunch, and the cheese is what gave it a nice flavor. If the cheese didn’t do it in the flavor department, their south western style sauce topped it all off. With filet minon being the patty, you know it was going to be soft and juicy. The patty had a nice crust on the outside, and the inside was juicy and not dry at all. This was a perfect little slider combination.

My favorite was the tierra y mar skewers. Skewers with grilled shrimp, filet minon, and chorizo sausage was a perfect trifecta of flavors and textures. Drizzled with a nice salsa verde on top, each bite was perfectly different on its own. The filet minon was uber tender and though it didn’t have a lot of fat, it contained so much flavor. The shrimp was grilled to a nice crisp and was a match made in heaven when eaten with the chorizo. Everything seemed to work together in this — as if the shrimp had the beef’s back, and the chorizo had the shrimp’s back. Obviously, pork chorizo sausage can hold its own. This is a must order. Maybe a double up would help so that you can have your own plate.

Firefly was awesome. Despite not being on the strip, it isn’t that bad. Basically a block behind the strip, it isn’t too far off. The food is done right and the tapas allowed me to snack on the cheap. Yes. All that was a snack, not lunch. All kidding aside, Firefly is the place to be if you want small plates. I went during the day so it was quite mellow. I’m sure it gets somewhat rowdy at night as it turns into a lounge after hours. Either way, you will get your tapas the most delicious way possible.

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