Kimmie’s Coffee Cup – Orange County’s Very Own Top Breakfast Spot

by Franklin on June 14, 2012

Whoever Kimmie is, I never tried her coffee. I don’t even think the restaurant specializes in coffee. I do know that if you are in need of a sensible breakfast with a feel of a diner, Kimmie’s is the place to go. They are all about good food and service all at a place where you can call home. Everything is cooked to order with the freshest ingredients — nothing pre-packaged. Their love and care for the food shows in their food. Once you walk in, you know you will be taken care. It is peaceful, and the yellow color scheme really makes you smile and want everyone to be your friend. Maybe I was in a good mood that morning, but it was just a feel good place. The food was down to earth and everything was genuine and from the heart.

I am a breakfast sandwich degenerate. McDonald’s in the morning with the sausage egg McMuffin, or the 2 for $2 biscuit sandwiches from Carl’s is my easy breakfast. It’s salty, fattening, and who knows that is in those once frozen sausages. It is a guilty pleasure of mine, and I don’t care what you say, those things are great. It’s warm, it’s salty, it’s what every man wants in the morning. My girlfriend ordered the country patty sandwich and I realized what I was missing all my life. My fast food sausage biscuit sandwiches started to taste like crap in my mind. Their home made patty sausage was the best part! The scrambled eggs, lettuce, tomatoes and mayonaise, served on rye with that home made sausage patty made all the difference. Maybe it was the vegetables that made it fresher and healthier. At first, I thought the rye would have been a bit off putting for a breakfast sandwich, but it perfect. The hash browns were great too. It was crispy on the outside and nice and warm on the inside. None of these grease balls of hash brown nuggets. This was the real deal, and since then, my morning visits the drive through window have been put to rest.

I ordered the eggs over easy and bacon with the country style french toast. I normally don’t order french toast, but their country style french toast was hard to pass up. The eggs and bacon was a nice side dish and good on its own. The star here though is the french toast. It seems like these days, a regular egg battered french toast isn’t special. People are coming up with new and inventive ways of having that perfect crust on the outside. Some may use a favorite cereal or just straight brulee the outside, but Kimmie’s uses the best method in my opinion. Using rolled oats, they’re crust on the outside of their french toast was perfect. It was sweet enough to be eaten without syrup, but not too sweet. I, for one, used syrup. What can I say? The eggs and bacon was my savory — this was my dessert. The crust on this thing was crunchy and had a nice bite to it. The mixrure of the rolled oats and syrup made a chewy like consistency — kind of like a chewy gronola bar. This did make it a little harder to eat, but it was a good change from all the “mushy” french toast out there. I wouldn’t mind getting these again, this is for sure.

I didn’t get coffee at Kimmie’s Coffee Cup, but I did try their hot chocolate. Warm and chocolatey with a nice foam of whipped cream on top, it was a sweet treat. Too bad I drank it all before the french toast came out — that would have been a nice little combo. This small breakfast spot is hidden in a corner — It is easy to miss. Once you find it, you will be glad that you did. It is refreshing to see a breakfast spot with such character and heart. Though they have multiple locations, the original is still number one.

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