Village Pizzeria (Larchmont) – NYC Style Pizza from SF to LA

by Franklin on May 23, 2012

Larchmont is a weird, yet charming little area of Los Angeles. The shops and clientele are a bit on the high end. The food choices and shopping choices are all over the place, and even the parking is done not parallel, but facing the sidewalk. One part of Larchmont though is always the same, and that is Village Pizzeria. Located near the notorious Larchmont Bungalow, the pizzeria has some charm and unique presence here. Known for their New York style pizzas, it is a favorite among the Los Angeles community. Their jumbled, unplanned decor gives the restaurant it’s flavor and character. One step inside, you would assume the owner is from the East Coast. The original Village Pizzeria actually started in San Fransisco in 1979. The Larchmong location opened in 1997, and things were left unchanged since. The historical pizza joint is what Village Pizzeria is and has become — genuine.

Not a fan of red sauce on my pizza, I opted for the clam and garlic. The pizza was really hot at first — I even burned my tongue a little. The clams were plenty as was the garlic. The pizza had a nice rounded flavor of seafood. Though seafood is rarely served with cheese, this was one exception. To please my other red sauce loving companions, I had the other half of the neapolitan pizza Greek style. The tomatoes, black olives, oregano were nice, but the fetta on the pizza really made the Greek style pizza stand out. We added sausage to the Greek side because, well, we all need to eat more meat. Their crust on the pizza was better than most, and the neapolitan style made for a thin, crispy crust. My favorite of the two sides? Clam and garlic.

Village Pizzeria is geinuine, plain and simple. It doesn’t try to be something it isn’t. It is what it is, and people like it that way. Whenever I think of Larchmont, I think of Village Pizzeria, and vice vera. They are a popular spot and known to have the best pizza in all of Los Angeles. Though I wouldn’t say it is the best, I would say it is one of my favorites. It is a perfect spot for a quick and casual bite to eat, and who knows, you might run into David Schwimmer here.

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