Jewel City Diner – Standard Issue Burgers and Fries

by Franklin on May 12, 2012

I am pretty sure someone mentioned that Jewel City Diner had good burgers. Maybe I was hearing things. I always told myself, “I can’t wait to try it and see what all the fuss is about”. Well, whoever implanted that thought in my head, I am forever mad at you. After a day of shopping at Americana/Galleria, window shopping rather, we stopped by for a bite to eat. In short, Jewel City Diner is a prime location, but the actual food is far from prime.

Going down the menu, I wanted the bacon avocado burger. Bacon? Good! Avocado? Good! Sadly, they didn’t have avocados anymore and ordering that burger for the same price didn’t seem right to me. Instead, I went with their classic cheeseburger. Their patties are all cooked the same, well done, and my rare juicy patty was out of the question. the bread was standard, the cheese was standard, everything was just normal.

The fries and the onion rings were alright, and a good company to the burger. They just weren’t special. Again, just a standard french fry and standard onion rings.

I blame all of this restaurant’s short comings to that person who implanted the idea that this place was magnificent. Good when you are hungry, this spot is a shoppers trap. Nothing was exciting about this place. Passing by on any given “Americana” run, curiosity did indeed kill the cat. To be honest, if at least something was special, maybe their sauce is amazing, or their beef is top notch, something, this place would be considerable. I guess since they have their location down, they don’t need to be over the top delicious. I’m sure they get thousands of passerbys a day, someone is bound to be hungry. On that note, eat here if you are curious — other than that, pass on by.

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