Morel’s French Steakhouse – A Charcuterie Plate And Some Mac & Cheese At The Grove

by Franklin on February 20, 2012

I go to The Grove only once in a while. The sights and ambiance are cool, and the shopping is pretty abundant. I am more interested in the Farmers Market next door. Walking from the parking lot into The Grove, I always saw Morel’s and wanted to eat there one day. The ambiance was nice and seemed a bit pricey. Not being really dinner time, I decided to get some snacking/sharable items. I opted for the macaroni gratin and charcuterie plate. I almost ordered the cheese fondue, as it is their most popular plate. In hind sight, I think I did okay.

The macaroni gratin was glazed with emmental cheese. The cream sauce that the noodle were in was smooth. It was a solid mac and cheese dish — very classical. I never had emmental cheese before, and it worked very well in this. The best part was the toasted top which gave it a nice textural crunch. This was a great side dish.

A lover of salted cured meats, the charcuterie plate was a must. It included prosciutto di Parma (my favorite), garlic sausage, coppa, duck prosciutto, dry mountain sausage, chicken liver mouse, toasted baguette, and housemade pickles. The plate was huge and the assortment of meats were amazing. My personal and all time favorite, prosciutto was amazingly buttery and fatty. Delicious. The most unique of the meats was the duck prosciutto. It had a dark red texture and the taste was very delicate. The depth of flavor was very intense. The picked vegetables were a perfect match as well.  It helped cut the fattiness of the cured meats.  Everything was very good with the bread and complimentary pesto.

I was glad that I got to try Morel’s. Yeah it is a steakhouse, and I didn’t order the steak. I was close, but I figured it was much too much food. Maybe next time. The ambiance is great. Sitting outside is pleasurable as you gaze upon the busy Grove hustle and bustle. It seams like they have a little bit of everything from seafood, beef, to snacking items. The Grove has some nice eateries, Morel’s included.

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