Auntie Em’s Kitchen – Uber Thin Chocolate Chip Cookies and Red Velvet Cupcakes

by Franklin on February 13, 2012

I remember watching The Food Network with Duff Goldman from Ace of Cakes. He did a feature on Los Angeles in the show Sugar High. He visited Auntie Em’s Kitchen in Eagle Rock and tried these really thin chocolate chip cookies. Since then, I have been itching to visit this place and try the cookies, so I made a day of it. Long past due, I felt it was better late than never. Painted red on the outside amongst somewhat dull looking buildings, the restaurant stood out like a sore thumb. Inside, the seating area was casual, yet you know it wasn’t your typical breakfast and lunch spot. I was here for the cookies, red velvet cupcake, and a sandwich.

We started off with the cookie. This as ever, the cookie was crunchy. Though Duff Goldman said it was chewy on the inside, mine was just crunchy all around. His was probably straight out of the oven. The chocolate chips were squished down, and I realized this could be the thinnest chocolate chip cookie in the world. Each crispy bite was sweet and delicious, though I wanted that chewy and crunchy factor really badly. If only I could get them straight out of the oven as well. It was a good start of a meal — typical of me to start with a dessert cookie first, but I had something a little sweater at the end.

I shared the BLAST sandwich. BLAST was an acronym for apple-wood smoked bacon, lettuce, avocado, sprouts, and tomato. And no, it isn’t technically ALAST, as the bacon is key here. They stack that stuff on, and its not too salty either. It is in between rosemary focaccia and the bread is lathered on with a lot of mayo. I typically don’t like heavy mayo, but this pseudo-BLT sandwich was delicious with it. I am a sucker for sprouts inside of sandwiches, and this one hits the spot.

My dessert, the sweetest cupcake I ever had, was their red velvet cupcake. This thing had as much cream cheese frosting as the cake. The cake was moist as ever, and the frosting was thick and gooey. The taste almost reminded me of the red velvet cupcake at Sprinkles, but I liked the texture of the frosting here better. It was gooey, almost like caramel, but still held its shape. I’d come here again just for this cupcake.

I had a nice time here. The location is a bit away from everything, and to be honest, Auntie Em’s Kitchen is not on the way to anything. Close to Eagle Rock and Glendale though, it was worth trying out. I was impressed with their lunch items and turned into a fan of their cupcakes. I would like to think that this place is more of a dessert and bakery shop that does sandwiches. With that said, going with their sweets is the way to go.

Here is a video I found of Aunti Em’s Kitchen on Food Network I mentioned in the beginning. See how they made those uber thin chocolate chip cookies.

Auntie Em's Kitchen on Urbanspoon

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