Sweet Lady Jane – Oreo Tiramisu, That Is All, Thanks

by Franklin on January 19, 2012

I am a sucker for dessert. Cakes, pies, ice cream, you name it. Sweet Lady Jane has something special. In this small coffee shop and bakery, they offer gourmet coffees and dessert items. Walking in, it was a bit quaint and could only sit a handful of people. I just got some desserts to go to enjoy after dinner. One dessert, I shall forever put on my favorites list. The other, I would probably pass on it next time around. At the end of the day, Sweet Lady Jane is an awesome stop for a sweet treat.

It doesn’t look good, but it is so amazing. The Oreo Tiramisu was exactly what it is — Oreo and Tiramisu. This might be my most favorite dessert ever. There were Oreo chunks inside as well as some kind of chocolate cake/cookie. The cream was an indulgence in itself. The best part was the hint of coffee taste. Each bite led me to the next, which led me to want more and more. It was addicting — kind of scary. The cream mixed in with some cake bits, mixed in with some cookie, mixed in with some more cream — this was just pure bliss.

The triple berry cake was kind of a disappointment, though it was tasty. The cake was moist, yet crumbly, but overly sweet. The fruit was fresh and delicious in itself. Sadly though, the cake didn’t entice me as much as the Oreo Tiramisu. I’d say the berry cake at Alcove Cafe & Bakery was more desirable.

I bough a chocolate covered macaroon and ate it in the car. I couldn’t wait to take a picture, but I will say, it was delicious. Kind of oily and sweet like a baklava, but good. I’ll stop by Sweet Lady Jane when I am in the area for some more of that Oreo Tiramisu though. I might want to try some of their other desserts as well, especially some of Jane’s favorites. But of course, the Oreo Tiramisu will always be an item to order.

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Vegas and Food January 19, 2012 at 11:37 PM

Oreo tiramisu? oh my.. I want it so bad


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