Neptune’s Net – Fresh Seafood On A PCH Landmark

by Franklin on October 28, 2011

On my way to Neptune’s Net, I couldn’t help but notice how expansive Malibu is.  I was driving almost 30 minutes north on the PCH, and I was still in Malibu?  Crazy right?  So why would anyone want to drive so far for some seafood?  Well, it’s “The Net” — people from all walks of life come here just to be a part of it. It’s far enough to feel like you went away, but close enough because it’s still Malibu.

Upon arriving, it was just like I imagined it.  Hoards of people in line, motorcycles parked in the front, and the smell of fried seafood.  People from all walks of life were there –families with children, couples, bikers, and all were sitting together, enjoying some delicious seafood. The beer selection they have is amazing.  Half of the stuff were beers I had never heard of before.  All in all, it was a great and new experience for me.

We ordered the fried fish and shrimp combo plate, and the calimari plate.  Honestly, the shrimp and calimari were amazing, and the fish was even more so. It was the best fried fish I have ever had.  I was surprised.  Most of the time, the fried fish I get is always either too greasy or tasteless.  The fried fish at Neptune’s Net was so crispy and had so much flavor.  I would order that all the time.

I was sad to find out that they did not have the lobster rolls anymore.  I was in the mood for some lobster and couldn’t have my lobster roll fix.  On the other side of the restaurant is their fresh seafood section.  There you can get whole lobsters and crabs and oysters. I wanted to get some fresh raw oysters, but the line for that side was much too long, and my fried goods were getting cold every second I stood there, so I bailed.  Finding a seat is kind of difficult, but a group of bikers were friendly enough to share their table with us.  They formed a wall of beer bottles between us — we all need borders right?

All in all, I am glad we made the trip up here.  The scene is great, and eating fresh seafood near the ocean is always fun.  This place always reminds me of the The Fast and the Furious.  Vin Diesels character and Brian O Connor race down PCH against a black Ferarri, and after beating it, they enjoy some food at Neptune’s Net. Except, in the movie, nobody was there except those two. Don’t ask me why I know that movie so well. Let’s just say I wrote a paper on the movie back in college.  Anyways, before I go off topic any further, Neptune’s Net is a cool place to have lunch or dinner.  Imagine driving down with your bike crew or friends before sunset, eating fresh seafood and drinking some beers.  That is what Neptune’s Net is all about.  Cheers.

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