Boca Del Rio – It’s Raining Cheese And Lengua Is King

by Franklin on October 27, 2011

Why is it that the dirtier and grungier the establishment, the better the food?  I’m not talking about having a C rating for food health and safety.  I mean those hole in the wall mom and pop joints.  Boca Del Rio is one such establishment. Their Mexican food is so street food and so “unhealthy”, but really tasty.

I noticed they put cheese on everything.  The cook literally shaves a block of monterey jack cheese through a shredder.  He makes the tacos, then just starts shaving cheese all over the tacos. It literally snows cheese over the plate.  That is what makes this so delicious.

I ordered carne asada tacos.  It started off like a regular taco — tortillas, meat, onions, cilantro.  It doesn’t stop there.  They shave large amounts of cheese over the tacos, then top each one with red or green sauce.  These tacos were packed to the fullest — no room for anything else. The tacos were really good and the carne asada was seasoned well.  I never had cheese on a taco like this, and thought it was a bit weird at first.  After the first bite, I knew what I was missing.

The lengua quesadilla was the best.  Lengua is beef tongue, and could possibly be the best part of the cow. The texture of it is so different and beefy.  It was even better inside a large flour tortilla and copious amounts of monterey jack cheese.  The quesadilla was a bit greasy, but that was fine by me. The grease was flavor, and this had a lot of it.  It was so simple, but so delicious.  Lengua is king.

Boca Del Rio is a small Mexican spot.  They have a nice menu full of the favorites.  I would want to try the burritos next time I go.  Cheese on everything.  That is their secret.

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