Crepes de Paris – No Passport Necessary

by Franklin on October 18, 2011

Crepes are so delicious.  That paper thin pancake like disc, filled with whatever your heart desires — that is what a crepe is all about. Though, I can’t seem to get over the savory crepe.  I prefer the sweet kind, the ones for dessert.  Crepes de Paris in Brea is a quaint little crepe shop.  Once you enter, you feel like you are in Paris.  The cute European accents in the building and cafe style seating really brings you to Paris.

I am a sucker for Nutella. I can eat that over chocolate sauce any day.  Yes, Nutella is better than chocolate.  With that said, my favorite crepe has to have Nutella in it.  Their batter was near perfect.  The crepe was nice and chewy, which I like. It is just simple and delicious.

The strawberry crepe was good too.  The whole strawberries inside the crepe was tasty.    Having a crepe with ice cream is even better. Of course, you need to have whipped cream on top of your crepe, and they put a lot of it.  It was a joy eating this.

This is a cool place, and one of my favorite spots to get crepes in Orange County.  I don’t need to hop on a plane to get to Paris, I just need to go here. I can order my Nutella crepe and eat my dessert in Paris.

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