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by Franklin on October 14, 2011

I’ve heard so much stuff about Taste on Melrose.  I’ve seen that building so many times on Melrose with the words “taste” on it.  “What is Taste?” I would ask myself. Thanks to Dine LA’s Restaurant Week, I took advantage of their 3 course menu.  Looking at their menu, I realized that all or most of the items were the popular dishes. I took my girlfriend, my partner in crime, and had an amazing lunch.

We started off with the white truffle oil mushroom mac and cheese.  This could possibly be the top 10 best Mac and Cheese I have ever had. Not only were the mushrooms tasty inside, but the noodles were cooked perfectly.  What makes this dish is the truffle oil. I know that stuff is expensive, and that’s why it tastes so good.  It gave it that rich buttery and savory flavor.  Honestly, this mac and cheese was top notch.

I also tasted the lobster bisque.  It was delicious and hearty, but I was looking for more of a lobster taste. The cilantro oil was good in it, but might have taken away from the lobster a bit.  Nonetheless, the crostini was good and all around, it was a tasty soup.

When I saw short rib on the menu, I had to get it.  The short rib in the grilled cheese sandwich was so tender and amazing.  I was surprised at how thick and tasty the beef was.  The bread was buttered and crisped to a crunchy state. The horse radish sauce was nice, as I love horse radish on red meat.  The pommes frites were delicious as well.  Some were crispy like a potato chip, some were plump like fries.  I got the best of both worlds.

My girlfriend’s brown rice penne cecca was simple, in the best way possible of course.  The fresh basil, roasted garlic, cherry tomatoes and spinach were so pronounced in the dish. Each ingredient shined through in their own way.  The pasta was cooked to a perfect al dente; it was chewy and delicious.  I never had pasta made out of brown rice, or any rice for that matter, but I loved it.  Who knew such simplicity could be so good.

The long awaited dessert was a short wait actually.  Some say it is the best part of a meal.  My girlfriend’s apple and walnut roulade was tasty, and my personal favorite.  The bread part was kind of like a cinamon twist and not like a traditional roulade. Maybe it was, but fried?  It was more like filo than a cake, but it was delicious.  Believe me.  The ice cream and caramel with apple slices just sealed the deal for me.

The chocolate brioche bread pudding wasn’t sweet enough for me.  Maybe it was because the roulade was so delicious. This did have a nice chocolatey flavor, and the custardy bread pudding was nice.  Is “chocolatey” and “custardy” even a word?  Anyways, the vanilla gelato with the brioche bread pudding made everything great. What a perfect ending to a perfect meal.

I finally ate at Taste on Melrose.  It was a fun experience and the food was fantastic.  If you are more west that west Hollywood, there also is a Taste at the Palisades near the beach. I don’t know if the menu is the same, but if it is anything like the one on Melrose, I wouldn’t worry.  Just remember, I love taste, and I love to dine delish.

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my. October 14, 2011 at 5:18 PM

As a lover of mac and cheese, I’m always in search of new ones to try. I must try this place now. Great review and photos! — Michelle


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