Gordon Ramsey at The London – A Michelin Star Well Deserved?

by Franklin on October 14, 2011

DineLA’s Restaurant Week really lets people try many different kind of food.  After looking and what they had to offer.  I was caught between so many choices.  After a few reservations being booked, I was left with Gordon Ramsey at The London.  I am not saying this was a second best or last resort.  I love watching Gordon Ramsey lash out to the contestants of Hell’s Kitchen and restaurant owners in Kitchen Nightmares. For someone so intent on having perfection, I had to try his food and his restaurant to see if he practices what he preaches.  And the fact that this restaurant has a Michelin Star didn’t hurt.

We all started with bread and butter, which was great.  The butter was a perfect temperature and almost cheese like. The bread was soft on the inside and chewy on the out side, just how I like it.  As You know, Dine LA restaurants offer 3 courses for a set price.  Here is what we had.

The Charred octopus salad was tasty, but was missing something.  I liked the charred flavor of octopus, but I would have liked it with some sort of sauce. The pee wee potatoes, celery hearts, and parmasean were a nice addition to the dish, and brought the dish together.  The char on the octopus is really the star of the dish.

My favorite appetizer has to be the crispy veal sweetbreads and apple.  I never had veal before, and kind of felt bad for eating a baby cow.  I gave it a moment of silence, and then I dug in.  This piece of meat was delicious beyond words. It was tender and fatty and juicy.  The peas on the bottom and the crispy fried carrot on top was amazing.  The carrot had a nice salty taste which was perfect with the veal.  For all of the animal lovers out there, I am sorry to inform you that I like veal.  Please accept my apology.

One of the main courses we chose was the chanterelle mushroom risotto.  It had sauteed scallops and a quail egg on top.  This was a tasty dish.  Though the risotto was a bit bland, the mushrooms were delicious. Though, my favorite were the scallops.  They were perfectly cooked and I could cut through them like butter.

I don’t get to eat Wagyu beef, but when I do, I enjoy it. I savor it and wish that every bite of beef will be like this one. For those who know, wagyu beef is one of the best quality.  Each bite of the Wagyu beef brisket was amazing.  One bite in particular was amazing beyond words.  It was easily 50% fat, 50% meat.  The fat on the brisket was so gelatinous and amazingly flavored, and the mixture with the tender meat was just perfect. Eating it with the horseradish potato puree and mizuna salad was a great trinity of flavors.

Desert for the third and final course was a pleaser.  The pear and almond tart with dulce de leche ice cream was my favorite.  The almond tart crust was reminiscent of the holiday butter cookies we all eat during the holidays. It was dense and cookie like, but as you got to the center, it became more custard like.  The transformation from cookie to custard was almost seamless.  Eating the tart and the ice cream together was pure joy.

Lastly, the valrhona chocolate fondant was chocolatey.  It wasn’t as dense I would like it to be, but the salted caramel inside the cake was a nice surprise.

Eating at Gordam Ramsey at The London was a great experience.  The quaint little hotel on Sunset and San Vicente was a real shocker.  Who knew something so great would be in such an unassuming building. Gordon Ramsey is a world renowned chef, and it was an honor to try his restaurant.  Though their dinner was exceptional, I think their afternoon tea would be even better; Something I would like to consider for the future.  Nonetheless, Michelin Star well deserved.  On a side note, let’s bring back the Michelin Guide back to Los Angeles.

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