Brea’s Best Hamburger – Is It?

by Franklin on September 6, 2011

I see a lot of burger places touting that their burger is the best.  “Best Burgers in Town”, or “The best in the world.”  I mean really.  How can you state that you have the best in the world?  Have you tried all the burgers in the world?  How do you know that? Not only does Brea’s Best have a sign that says it is the best, their actual restaurant name is stating they are the best.  So the question is, is it the best?

The Menu offers regular burger joint foods.  Cheeseburgers, fries, and onion rings.  I was surprised to see some healthy options as well.  They offered salads and chicken burgers as other options.  The inside, typical as well.  It is cleaner than most hole in the wall burger places. For one, it is Orange County, and it is Brea we are talking about.

The meat is a perfect size and the flavor is on point.  The bread is soft and the produce is fresh.  I really enjoyed this burger.  There was the right amount of meat, bread, cheese, vegetables, and sauce in each bite.  It was so balanced and tasty. The thousand island spread was very “In-n-Out” like of them, and the gooey melted American cheese was classic.  It was basically a Double-Double, but cleaner.  For a hole in the wall burger joint, it really was delicious.

Honestly, it is the best burger…in Brea.  Hence the name, Brea’s Best.  I have been to my share of burger joints in Brea, and I can say this is the best.  I do like the blue cheese burger at Yard House, but this one is more traditional.  And lucky for Brea’s Best, there isn’t am In-n-Out in Brea. With the process of elimination, and as far as an In-n-Out decides not to open on in Brea, this truly is Brea’s best hamburger.



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