Bruxie – Belgium Waffle Sandwiches for Me & You

by Franklin on August 15, 2011

Once in a while, you come across something so cool and delicious.  You eat it, and realize what you are eating, and you ask yourself, “why didn’t I think of that?!”  Bruxie is a gourmet waffle sandwich shop located in Orage, CA. It is close to Orange Square where we have Felix Continental Cafe, Rutabegorz,  and The Bruery Provisions.  It looks like Chapman University students, who are only steps away have no problem having to choose where to eat.

They offer a huge variety of waffle sandwiches.  Savory treats include a play on salmon & lox, cheese burger, and bacon & eggs.  For the sweet tooth, smores, PB&J, nutella & bananas, and even red bean with sweet cream.  It was hard to choose, and impossible to eat them all.

We ordered the prosciutto & Gruyere, buttermilk fried chicken & Waffle, lemon cream & berries, and a strawberry lemonade to top it all off.

Prosciutto is my all time favorite cured meats.  It’s fatty, salty, and so buttery delicious.  How much better is it on top of melted Gruyere cheese and inside of a nice crispy waffle? Nothing tops that.  The best part was the whole grain mustard and chives.  It had the perfect acidity to cut the richness of the prosciutto.  The amount of meat they put in the sandwich makes this worth every penny.

Next in line was the buttermilk fried chicken and waffle.  I am a sucker for sweet and savory — This definitely hit the spot.  The chicken is a huge piece of breast meat, and the flavor is so clean.  The slaw they put inside gave the sandwich a nice contrast of flavors and textures. I wish the chicken was a little crispier, but after drenching the whole thing in the syrup, it all doesn’t matter.  What matters is all that sweet and salty goodness going in your belly.

For dessert, we had the lemon cream and berries.  The best part was the cream.  It had a little zing from the lemon, but not overly sour. There was no pucker factor, which was a good thing.  The berries were fresh, good in itself, but each bite having a little of the fruit, the cream, and the Belgium Waffle made this an instant classic.

That is the think about Bruxie.  They have traditional ingredients all packed inside of a Belgium Waffle.  They are easy to eat — kind of like a giant taco.  It is unique and different and better than any old sandwich shop or breakfast diner. This is how I see it.  Breakfast: Bacon, egg, cheese Bruxie.  Lunch: Prosciutto Bruxie.  Dinner: Fried chicken Bruxie in one hand, Nutella Bruxie on the other.  Next day, repeat with different ones, and so on.

Also, be on the look out.  A new location will open in Brea, CA in November!

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Lora Higdon August 16, 2011 at 1:52 AM

I LOVE Bruxie! I no longer live in SoCal, but whenever I’m am, I have to hit up Bruxie’s! Last week I was down south for my high school reunion and even though my time was jam-packed with events and spending time with old friends, I had to make time for Bruxie’s…which I did twice! I can’t wait for the next chance I get to there and top off my meal with a Creme Brulee’ with strawberries Bruxie!
I know they’re opening another one in Brea in November…when can they come up to Sacramento?!?


Franklin August 16, 2011 at 5:00 PM

Yes. I heard there will be a new one opening in Brea Downtown. As for Sacramento, I’m sure it’ll reach those markets sooner than later.


SinoSoul August 29, 2011 at 9:42 PM

understand this is where all the OC young’uns hang out these days but… “I. Don’t. Get. It.”


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