Gladstone’s – Long Beach’s Waterfront Dining Disappoints

by Franklin on August 1, 2011

I hate to write a negative blog post, but this one will be it.  People don’t only need to know what is delicious out there, but they also need to know what isn’t. Sadly, Gladstone’s in Long Beach was not.  Every quality a good restaurant should have, this one did not have it.  Not only was the food terrible, the service was just as bad, if not, worse.

The prices on the menu were so high.  The atmosphere was not fitting to the price of the food. Waiters were in shorts and shirts.  Something about that was kind of tacky.  With their high end prices, this place sure didn’t feel high end.  Service was a joke.  We had to honestly stop 3 different people for bread — and finally given bread in the middle of our meal.

Their clam chowder was thick, but had no taste.  The one at Yoshinoya is way better, and cheaper too. I felt like I was eating white tasteless soup.  If I were blindfolded and had the soup, I wouldn’t say “That’s clam chowder!”.  I would kind of guess with uncertainty and answer, “clam chowder?”

The poke bowl was so so.  It looked good, but it wasn’t really amazing.  The raw poke was good, but I am a sucker for raw fish. The rice is what makes sushi items like this what it is.  It has to be cooked al dente and needs that special touch.  The rice for this dish was weirdly sticky and mushy, yet seemed undercooked.  All in all, this was okay as an appetizer, but not a full entree.

I am a seafood pasta fan, but Gladstone’s doesn’t specialize in pasta.  At least they supposedly specialize in seafood.  The noodles were kind of over done, and the seafood didn’t taste like seafood. It was as if they washed away all the seafood essence of the clams and shrimp.  All you were left with was a tasteless sauce, stale noodles, and bitter chopped basil leaves.

Honestly, they need to change their whole restaurant upside down.  The one thing going for them?  It is at Long Beach, with the view of the water.  The service needed to go up a few notches, the food could either stay the same or the price could go down — If I had it my way, the place would get a bit classier.  The price could stay the same, or a little higher with smaller portions with a much tastier menu.  I am sorry.  The ice cream at the boardwalk was much better. Gladstone’s at Long Beach, never again.

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