Ice Cream & Frozen Yogurt on the Boardwalk – Summer is at Long Beach

by Franklin on July 8, 2011

Yeah, there is nothing like having ice cream on the boardwalk.  It is as American as apple pie.  On a nice warm day, with the ocean in front of you, what is better than a nice big ice cream cone?  Nothing. I was at Long Beach — I was literally just driving around LA, and before you knew it, I ended up at Long Beach.  Enjoying the nice weather in this crazy city, I decided to get some ice cream.I treated myself to the biggest thing they had.  It was a chocolate covered, chocolate sprinkles covered waffle cone.  I chose rocky road, cookies and cream, and pistachio.  Those were pretty good together, and I think I made a good choice on the flavors. I could have lived without the sprinkles though.  I realized that I am not a huge fan of sprinkles on anything.

Long Beach is a great city and has one of the best boardwalks in the Los Angeles County.  Maybe someday you will end up here and who knows, maybe you will be in the mood for some ice cream. Summer is officially here, and ice cream is perfect to cool you down.  A bunch of ice cream on a huge waffle cone?  Yes, please.

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