Mochilato – Great Gelato, Even Better Mochi

by Franklin on July 2, 2011

Mochilato is gelato inside of mochi.  You’ve seen mocihi ice cream at the stores, but this one takes it a step further and uses gelato.  Whoever thought of these things is a genius.  The mochi around the gelato keeps everything clean with your fingers — it is all in a nice little package. Think of chicken nuggets, but mochi and gelato.

The texture of the mochi is a little weird at first.  It feels like a really thin layer of raw pizza dough. The taste is very neutral, until you reach the gelato center.  I had mochi ice cream from other places, and this place has the best mochi I have ever had.  It is so stretchy and chewy and tasty.  Other places, the mochi kind of breaks off as you chew it.  Mochilato some how made their mochi so fresh and gooey.

Their gelato inside is really tasty.  My favorite is the mango.  I really feel like I am eating a frozen mango, the actual fruit.  It really takes the essence of the mango flavor and puts it in the gelato. The green tea is also one of my favorites.  They offer so many flavors, I want to try them all.

The place is an interesting shop.  It is an ice cream shop and a coffee shop.  They offer coffees and teas and of course, mochi gelato.  Students are there usually studying, taking advantage of their WiFi, or families are enjoying shaved ice. Everyone has their reasons for coming here, but mine is for that tasty mochilato.  Perfect for those hot hot summer days and nights.

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