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by Franklin on June 30, 2011

Think of your most delicious seafood meal, and imagine having it in front of an ocean view.  That is what Geoffrey’s is all about.  Located right on the PCH, this Malibu eatery has some of the best view from any restaurant. The fine dining experience was just amazing here.  I took my girlfriend here for brunch to celebrate and we both had a great experience.  Though the sun wasn’t completely out, it was just relaxing to share a meal in front of the calm ocean water.

The bread they served in the beginning was great.  It was warm, and chewy and wonderful.  The rosemary baked within the bread was great and the aroma was even better.  Lather on some of their soft butter, and I was happy. Waiting for our dishes, we just gazed out at sea.  Something about getting lost at sea from ashore was just relaxing.

We started off with their mussels.  The Maine mussels were sauteed in an ale butter sauce with some whole grain mustard.  Nueske’s gourmet bacon really made this dish so delicious.  I felt like the bacon was just as good as the mussels. I would grab the mussel meat, eat it with some of the broth and bacon, and then sop up some more broth with the bread.  The broth was almost like a soup, full of bits and pieces of bacon, tomatoes, and onions.  The mussels were a bit sweet and bacon was meaty and fatty — it added that salty aspect to the dish.  It was a great starter.

The best was their pan seared Chilean Sea Bass.  It was flaky and soft inside.  The meat tasted so delicate — it was such a pure experience. The pesto potatoes were amazing as well.  It was pureed and the texture was like mashed potatoes.  The taste went so well with the sea bass.  Surrounding the potatoes and fish was their heirloom tomato marmalade and basil oil.  I definitely ate with our eyes first, as the dish was very beautiful.  This is probably the tastiest fish dish I have ever had.

I was intrigued to see a lobster eggs Benedict on the menu.  Instead of a traditional English muffin, they use a toasted croissant.  Sadly, the lobster taste was really lacking, and the pieces were really small.  I would have liked to have some actual lobster chunks in there. I would not order this again, but the regular eggs Benedict with the prosciutto looked great.  Nonetheless, their hollandaise was excellent, and the eggs were poached perfectly.

How can one have a bad time at Geoffrey’s?  You have the great Pacific Ocean in front of you, waves and seagulls and all.  Having a meal here is very special and the sights are just beautiful. It is a special occasions type of place though, as the prices are a little high.  Trust me though, it is well worth your dollars.  If you love the beach like I do, and if you like food like I do, Geoffrey’s in Malibu is where you want to be.

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