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Scoops – Happiness is…Two Kinds of Ice Cream | DineDelish

Scoops – Happiness is…Two Kinds of Ice Cream

by Franklin on June 23, 2011

Ice cream can cure anything.  It can cure a bad day, make a good day even better, or cure a aching heart.  In this day and age, just regular vanilla or chocolate won’t do.  It seems like everyone is doing something different, something outside the box.  People are pushing the flavor envelope further and further, and the people at Scoops really push it to the edge. The flavors they think of is kind of funky, yet they work, some more than others.  I had a pleasure trying this place out and had a few of their creations.  Some I liked, some I didn’t like.  Either way, they have some cool flavors that expand your taste buds senses.

My favorite was the dulche de leche salt and pistachio wasabi.  It sounded like a good idea in my head to mix the salty dulche de leche (think salty soysauce) with the pistachio wasabi (think stinging wasabi).   The dulche de leche was kind of salty and a bit sweet.  I really like the salty/sweet combination and this ice cream flavor was great.  The Pistachio wasabi was a bit nutty and had some wasabi flavor without the sting. Each flavor was good in it of itself, but the two flavors together were magical.  It was more savory, that sweet, and all this from an ice cream.  It was funky, and interesting.

I also tried the vanilla rocky road with coffee cardamom.  The vanilla rocky road was really tasty.  It was exactly like a traditional rocky road, except it was made with vanilla ice cream instead of chocolate.  I was not a fan of the coffee cardamom. The flavor of the cardamom was a bit too overpowering.  Its distinguishable and familiar aromatic taste was just not for me, though, I can understand what they were trying to do.

The decorations inside was a bit neutral, quite “vanilla” actually.  Nothing really popped out at you with wild colors or funky designs. I think the whole Pinkberry scene is dying down, and quite possibly, the ice cream is having a come back. Scoops, for what it is, is just a simple little ice cream shop.  Locals seem to like the flavors they conjure up — Their most famous flavor, brown bread, was nowhere to be seen.  Something to look forward to for all you foodies out there I guess.  Try to mix and match your favorite flavors, or suggest your own creation.  One things for sure, you won’t find just vanilla here.

Scoops on Urbanspoon

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Lilly June 23, 2011 at 9:51 AM

I would love to try some funky flavoured ice cream. Here in Holland we are not that adventures. No flavours outside the box.

On a different note: do you know any good Korean restaurants in California? I’ll be there for 3 weeks in January and I need to satisfy all my cravings =)


Franklin June 23, 2011 at 7:24 PM

Where in California will you be? I can only give good recommendations in Los Angeles and Orange County. Koreatown in Los Angeles is filled with Korean cuisine. My all time favorite Korean BBQ is Hae Jang Chon on 6th St (Koreatown). Ham Ji Park has some good traditional Korean food. For some Korean fusion, check out Chego or catch the Kogi BBQ Truck. Hope CA treats you well, and eat well too.

Dine Delish


Eftychia June 26, 2011 at 1:25 PM

This ice cream really looks delicious! Can I have one please? 🙂


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